10 RV Rentals in Lakewood That Are Bang On The DOLLAR!

About Lakewood RV Rentals 

Are you looking for RV rentals in Lakewood? Look no more! We researched and located the top 10 RV rentals in Lakewood, which range from affordable to opulent, from off-road travel trailers to enormous Class A motorhomes. Get ready to start planning your trip in your rented RV in Lakewood. Your rental unit is ready for you!

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The Best Kinds of RVs to Rent in Lakewood, Colorado

2014 Coachmen Freelander 29 Inches (74 Centimeters)

Price: Around $215/night 

Pet friendly: Yes


This wonderful 2014 Coachman Freelander is the final RV or motorhome you can rent from at RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals! This recreational vehicle has an automatic slide-out in the living area, which provides an abundance of additional space. 

There is also a back bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a bunk bed above the cab, a couch that folds out to accommodate an extra sleeping space, and a dining table that you can convert into a bed. Even the basics, like beds, dishes, towels, and toiletries, are available for your convenience in this completely furnished home.

2016 Jayco Precept 32 Inches (81 Centimeters)

Price: Approximately $286/night 

Pet friendly: No


This 2016 Jayco Precept is among the excellent RV rentals Lakewood options for a large family seeking to take a vacation and rent an RV or motorhome. This is because it has enough space for everyone. This motorhome rental includes several extras, such as toilet paper, hygiene goods, cooking utensils, and camping chairs. Full service!

In addition, a small outdoor cookware set, a propane grill, and a propane tank are available in the outdoor kitchen.

2019 Into The Wild Overland Boreas XT 15 Inches (38 Centimeters)

Price: Around $140/night 

Pet friendly: Yes


This 2019 Into the Wild Overland Boreas XT is completely off the grid and equipped with features that will let it go practically anyplace your vehicle is capable of pulling it. It also provides luxuries that very few overland campers are capable of matching.

Imagine yourself using this outdoor kitchen to prepare a delectable meal. Good things come in small packages. I have been looking at many camper rentals, and they are easily in the top three.

This camper features a galley kitchen with all necessities, an outdoor shower fitted with a water heater that operates on demand, and a bespoke roof rack that can hold various attachments.

There includes

  • A queen-size memory foam mattress.
  • Cabinets for storage.
  • An integrated fan.
  • A forced air furnace for use on those chilly evenings within the cabin.

2017 Winnebago Travato 59k 21 Inches (53 Centimeters)

Price: Around $245/night 

Pet friendly: No


You’ll love this 2017 Winnebago Travato 59k! This rental camper van provides excellent driving visibility, maneuverability, easy parking, and a dry sleeping environment. It has a fuel economy of up to 21 miles per gallon (33.7 kilometers per liter), which is a huge benefit when on a driving trip. 

You even have the option to include Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance with this rental for more peace of mind. The inside features a rear bathroom and a sleeping area big enough for two people.

2015 Airstream Serenity International 27FB 28 Inches (71 Centimeters)

Price: Around $225/night 

Pet friendly: Yes


This 2015 Airstream Serenity International 27FB is the epitome of enticing style, thanks to its slick and vintage appearance. When you go to different Lakewood camping resort rentals and RV parks, everyone will be green with envy because of you. This is a favorite to many of the various camper rentals that are available. 

Thanks to the apartment’s sleek and contemporary decor, you’ll feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel from the moment you open your eyes. These amazing and luxurious Lakewood RV rentals come furnished with a full walk-around queen-sized bed. Don’t forget to get a cup of coffee and relax beneath the shade in the middle of the afternoon! 

2013 Little Guy Silver Shadow 10 Inches (25 Centimeters)

Price: Around $120/night 

Pet friendly: No


How can it be so light and easy to pull? Enjoy an experience you’ll never forget at the campground with this 2013 Little Guy Silver Shadow RV rental in Lakewood!

You and your significant other will enjoy a cozy night under the stars in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado thanks to the inside’s king-size memory foam mattress. Then, first thing in the morning, make some bacon and eggs utilizing the outside clamshell kitchen.

2006 Fleetwood Americana Bayside 25 Inches (64 Centimeters)

Price: About $105/night 

Pet friendly: No


When you go on your next camping trip, bring along this 2006 Fleetwood Americana Bayside RV rental Lakewood, sometimes known as “Rosie.”

This roomy tent camper features one double bed and two king-sized beds. In addition to that, it features a slide-out eating area, an outdoor shower, and a water heater. Cooking utensils, a coffee maker, board games, and two decks of cards are just some of the amenities the owners will provide for you during your stay at their vacation rental.

2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 20 Inches (61 Centimeters)

Price: About $195/night 

Pet friendly: No


Do you ever want to run away from all the problems in your life? Yes? This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from 2017 allows you to travel completely off the grid and escape it all. It is one of the best Lakewood campground rentals. This camper vehicle is going to disprove whatever preconceived notions you have about the amount of space available in a camper van. 

Inside is a galley kitchen unit with a sink, swivel front bucket chairs, and a platform bed that is large enough for a queen and has lots of storage space underneath it. The proprietors will even provide you with a few travel necessities at no extra cost!

2013 Tiger Adventure Vehicles Bengal 22 Inches (63 Centimeters)

Price: Around $300/night 

Pet friendly: Yes


If you want to rent Lakewood RV rentals capable of managing anything and everything, there is no need to look any further! Take this 2013 Tiger Adventure Vehicles Bengal off the main path and see where it takes you!

Utilizing this fully outfitted truck camper, you may venture into the unknown and blaze a trail! It has a variety of amenities, like a refrigerator, stovetop, microwave, backup camera, and awning, to name just a few of them. 

A generator, a bike rack, and a DeLorme InReach Satellite Communicator are among the add-ons that the proprietors make available to guests to enrich their camping time.

1997 Winnebago Eurovan Camper Rialta 22 Inches (56 Centimeters)

Price: Around $159/night 

Pet friendly: Yes


You can rent this 1997 Winnebago Eurovan Camper Rialta as a recreational vehicle to travel to your preferred snowy mountain campground while enjoying home comforts.

This camper van rental is like having your mobile studio apartment! It contains a fully-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and couches that you can convert into a giant bed. When you use the restroom, you should know that you might have to spit, shower, and shave simultaneously. In addition, it offers fantastic mileage!

Recreation vehicles in the RV park

Top Rated Activities in Lakewood

Bear Creek Lake Park

You can find Bear Creek Lake less than an hour’s drive west of Richmond, Virginia, and it is in the Cumberland State Forest in the state’s central region. This is the ideal place to go away for those who enjoy being outside. The 40 acres (16.2 hectares) lake has a center for recreational activities with a swimming beach, a boat launch, and fishing pier rentals. 

A conference center, cottages, a camping area, a picnic area, an archery range, and playgrounds are also available as additional attractions. Guests have access to the 6,474 hectares (16,000 acres) of Cumberland State Forest, which is adjacent to the park. 

They may take advantage of the park’s trails, including the 14 miles (22.5 kilometers) Cumberland multi-use trail, which you can use for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Note that the campground offers free Wi-Fi during the entire year and is also accessible near the maintenance facility for the cabin area, which is conveniently adjacent to adequate parking.


You may find the park to the north of the town of Cumberland. You can reach the entrance to the park by traveling west on Route 622 from U.S. Route 60, then south on Route 629.

Drivers approaching from the west who rely on GPS may get directions down a gravel-covered stretch of Oak Hill Road that passes into the Cumberland State Forest. They must stay on Route 60 East through the Cumberland Courthouse area and turn left onto Trents Mill Road (Route 622) to get to the park’s primary entrance.

Drive time is as follows:

  • Three hours to Northern Virginia.
  • One hour to Richmond.
  • Two hours to Roanoke.
  • Three hours to Tidewater, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach.



Hiking is the only activity permitted on any of the park’s paths. In addition, the Willis River Trail, located within Cumberland State Forest and spans 16 miles (25.7 kilometers), is accessible from within the park. 

In addition, the Cumberland Multi-use Trail extends for 15.7 miles (25.3 kilometers) and is open to walkers, cyclists, and equestrians (this trail does not loop back to the park and is in the state forest). 

To ride horses or mountain bikes in the Cumberland State Forest, interested parties must get a State Forest Use Permit; for further information, interested parties can phone or visit the website of the state forest department.


You can swim at guarded beaches between the Saturday of the holiday weekend that falls on Memorial Day and the holiday that falls on Labor Day. There are times when swimming with lifeguards has to be on hold because of the weather or other factors. 

Whenever there are no lifeguards present, people are welcome to swim at the designated beach area; however, they do so at their own risk. It is against the rules to swim in any other part of the park.

Before you come, look at the “know before you go” part of the General Information page for any new information regarding swimming.

The Lakeside Snack Bar at the swimming beach has sandwiches, snacks, and beverages. The swimming beach also has bathrooms. Seating is available on the deck. To view the park’s fee schedule, click here.

Fishing, Boating

Largemouth bass, crappie, bream, and channel catfish may all be in a lake that is 40 acres (16.2 hectares) in size. The Willis River is a narrow and slow-moving tributary of the James River and weaves its way through the Cumberland State Forest. Those with access to a canoe or other small boat can enjoy fishing there. 

Two canoe launches in Cumberland State Forest provide access to the river. Bear Creek Lake features a boat ramp accessible to vessels that do not run on gasoline. The park also features a fishing pier accessible to people of all abilities.

Boat rentals are available between Memorial Day and the end of the summer. Shoulder season rentals are only available on weekends beginning May 1 and continuing through the weekend of Columbus Day. Every single rental requires the presence of a responsible adult.

There are various watercraft available for rent, including canoes, rowboats, paddleboards, kayaks, and paddle boats with trolling motors. Get pricing information by calling the park. When fishing in Virginia, you should have a valid fishing license. Those who are 16 and older must carry a valid driver’s license. 

In addition to being obtainable via the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, you can purchase permits from a hardware store in the Cumberland Courthouse area. You can access Wi-Fi in the park.

Those interested in fishing in the lakes inside the Cumberland State Forest, such as Arrowhead, Binbrook, Oak Hill, and Winston lakes, need to get a State Forest Use Permit (in addition to a regular freshwater fishing license). Please get in touch with the State Forestry Department or visit their website.


You can find none inside the park. The Cumberland Multi-use Trail, which is 15.7 miles (25.3 kilometers) long and is popular for equestrian riding, has a trailhead that is easily accessible. This trail is only open during the day. 

Those interested in riding horses could get more information by calling the state forest department or visiting their website. When entering the park, riders must have a copy of a negative Coggins report for each horse they bring.


In the surrounding Cumberland State Forest, you can go hunting. For more precise information, contact the state forest.


You can find a 10-lane archery range complete with excelsior bales and 3D targets in the park. The firing range is available for use beginning the first weekend in March and continuing through the first weekend in December. It is under the park and the Friends of Bear Creek Lake State Park. There is no archery equipment available for rent at this time.

William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park

Do you want to go on an exciting trek or a trip with your family and discover the best paths that William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park offers? There are 17 fantastic paths on AllTrails, perfect for walking, hiking, birdwatching, and more. 

Enjoy trail maps that have been hand-curated, together with reviews and images contributed by other wildlife enthusiasts like yourself.

Are you prepared for your upcoming mountain climb or bike ride? Explore one of the four kid-friendly and easy hiking routes in William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park. These trails are perfect for the whole family. Are you looking for a hike with more of a challenge? They have great paths with an elevation rise. 

You can find the ideal path for your next excursion to William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park, regardless of your plan for the day’s activities.

The William Frederick Hayden Park atop Green Mountain is the city of Lakewood’s second largest park, and it features more than 971 hectares ( 2,400 acres) of open space. The park is home to a rugged trail network that accommodates a variety of users. 

The views from the Green Mountain Trail’s summit at 6,800 feet (2,072.6 meters) provide hikers with a one-of-a-kind and breathtaking panorama of the Denver metropolitan area to the east and high mountain peaks to the west.

Since 1972, the Hayden Family has either been giving away or purchasing most of the land that now makes up William Frederick Hayden Park. This park was once home to buffalo, but it now offers a large habitat for a wide variety of animals, such as coyotes, hawks, rattlesnakes, bluebirds, rabbits, mule deer, and even an occasional mountain lion.


  • Bicycle paths
  • Horse trails
  • Parking lot
  • Restrooms (permanent)
  • Restrooms (temporary)
  • Walking trails unpaved

Kendrick Lake Park

Go for a stroll or a run, have a picnic, try your luck at fishing, or admire the plants. There is something for everyone to do at Kendrick Lake Park.

This park is home to one of the most well-known xeric gardens in the metropolitan area. This spacious walk circles the picturesque reservoir, a fantastic playground, a shelter you can rent, and fishing opportunities.

Do you keep a log of your steps? Take a mile (meter) long stroll around the perimeter of the 31 acres (12.5 hectares) reservoir. This path paves the way, making it more accessible for people with strollers and people of varying abilities that visit the park.


  • Bicycle paths
  • Fishing
  • Grill(s)
  • Lake or pond
  • Parking lot
  • Picnic tables
  • Picnic shelter
  • Playground
  • Reservable picnic shelter
  • Restrooms (permanent)
  • Walking trails paved
RV on the road

The End

Every RV owner wishes they could learn more about their purchase for the price tag. Renting out your RV is a fantastic way to earn quick, passive money through the sharing economy. You can try out the above RV rentals in Lakewood if you need them. There are many RV rentals in Lakewood to choose from.

If you own an RV, you know it is typically parked outside rather than driven. That is not to imply that the RV wasn’t a wise investment. An RV is a fantastic way to travel the nation. It also frees you from a chilly tent. You don’t need to park your camper to the side anymore. In between your trips, it can help you make money.

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