10 SWOON-WORTHY RV Rentals in Tampa, FL

RV Rental in Tampa

If you are in Florida and want to tour the city and the surrounding areas, you can snag RV rentals in Tampa, FL. There are Class A or Class C motorhomes from four and five-star rentals and suitable travel trailers. RV rentals in Tampa, Florida, also have Class B camping vans for camping enthusiasts.

RV Camping in FL

Our Top Ten Camper Rental Countdown for Tampa

10. 2018 Forest River Cruise Lite 29′

The 2018 forest river cruise lite is an RV rental travel trailer in Tampa that can accommodate up to six people, has zero slides, and is about $106 per night.

The 2018 forest river cruise lite has upgraded beds with memory foam mattress covers; this is an assurance you will have a great sleep and that a lot of comforts come ahead with this pull-behind.

The 2018 forest river cruise lite Rv is pet-friendly and proves there can be a lot of space without slide-outs.

9. 2018 Mercedes Forest River Sunseeker 24′

This 2018 Mercedes river sunseeker is an awesome Rv in Tampa, FL, perfect for making memories or hanging out at the beach for some days with family and friends.

This travel trailer can accommodate six people, has one slide, is pet friendly, and charges about $200 per night.

The types of equipment for this Tampa camper rental are awesome and have features such as 

  • Three burner stove
  • An oven
  • Two expandable queen-size sofas

This travel trailer camper offers free surf sessions in cocoa beach and free beach drives in New Smyrna Beach. This RV rental camper is in great shape and ready to go. 

8. 2019 Jayco Jay Feather 19′

The 2019 Jayco jay feather 19 Tampa RV rental can accommodate six people, has no slides, is pet friendly, and charges about $105 per night.

The 2019 Jayco jay feather rental RV differs from your ordinary RVs; it has a pop-up hybrid perfect for making memories and has everything you require. This RV in Tampa, FL, has a full bathroom and two large beds, and it is the ideal place for a modern camping experience.

7. 2018 Keystone Bullet 33′

The 2018 Keystone Bullet RV rental can accommodate ten people, has one slide, is pet friendly, and charges around $117 per night.

This travel trailer is perfect for touring a weekend trip with friends and family around Florida and even loading up the kid; it has room for everyone.

The 2018 Keystone Bullet has everything you need for an astonishing adventure. It has features such as a private queen bed and a bunkhouse. 

This 2018 Keystone Bullet is a perfect travel trailer and is excellent for a family getaway and an RV that you shouldn’t decline.

6. 2014 Winnebago View 25′ 

The 2014 Winnebago view 25 RV share Tampa can accommodate six people, has one slide, it’s not dog friendly, and charges about $199 per night.

The view of this 2014 Winnebago may look small and deceiving, but it’s big on the inside, and you will like it.

The RV is Barbara, and she likes the clean trailer, with a full tank of diesel and the grey and blank water tank empty upon return.

5. 2018 Keystone Summerland 18′

This 2018 Keystone Summerland 18′ accommodates five people have no slides, is not pet friendly, and charges around $65 per night.

The 2018 Keystone Summerland travel trailer has a large main bed, converting dinette, and bunks, and it’s comfortable, just like home.

The owners of this Tampa RV rental are Jorge and Miguel, and they provide the clients with everything they may need on the road, from beach chairs to kitchenware.

This rental Rv in Tampa is also kid-friendly, and parents may relax under the canopy while watching the kids play horseshoes.

4. 2016 Jayco Greyhawk 31′

The 2016 Jayco Greyhawk 31′ can accommodate ten people, has two slides, is not pet-friendly, and charges around $199 per night.

This 2016 Jayco Greyhawk RV rental is classic, comfortable, and offers style. It is a perfect motorhome rental with plenty of space for you and your family or friends to sleep.

The owners of this Tampa camper rental are Wayne and Serenity many additional amenities, such as

  • Sleeping accessories: blankets, sheets, pillows, and more.
  • Kitchen appliances: dishes, basic pots, pans, and more.
  • Bathroom accessories: toilet paper, towel, and more.

3. 2012 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36′

The 2012 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36′ can accommodate six people, has three slides, is not pet friendly, and charges about $250 per night.

This RV rental in Tampa, Florida, is beautiful and comfortable and makes you feel you are living in luxury.

This 2012 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36′ is classy and has a washer combo, heated mirrors, and outdoor entertainment such as radio and tv. Brad is the owner of this RV rental, and he goes overboard to make sure everything is perfect before driving away.

If you are looking for a stylish Tampa RV rental, the 2012 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36′ is the best place, and you may not want to leave and explore the camp.

2. 2001 Coleman Sun Valley Pop Up 17′

The 2001 Coleman Sun Valley Pop Up 17′ accommodates six people, has no slides, is a pet-friendly place, and charges about $50 per night.

This 2001 Coleman Sun Valley Pop-up is an old-fashioned little pop-up with much more space than you would think.

The owner of this rental RV is Katie, and she calls it a “great first step for glamping,” meaning “glamorous camping.” Down south can get hot, and Katie makes sure to puts in a 13,000 BTU A/C for intense hot days and nights.

The 2001 Coleman Sun Valley Pop-Up 17′ offers a great rental for exploring Tampa, Florida.

1. 2012 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Majestic 25′

The 2012 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Majestic 25′ can accommodate six people, has no slides, is not pet friendly, and charges about $129 per night. The 2012 Four Winds Majestic is only 25′ long but is plenty spacious on the inside.

One of the best things about the 2012 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Majestic 25′ RV rental is that it has a generator you can use for dry camping. 

Damon is the owner of this RV rental and has extra amenities you can choose from before checking out;

  • Propane tank refill, which costs about $84.99
  • Tank draining costs around $69
  • Extensive insurance coverage, which costs about $10 per day
  • Pet odor removal costs around $99
RV in nature

What is there to do in Tampa, Florida?

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

The Florida Museum of photographic arts is in the waterfront district of Tampa, Florida. It is in an architecturally significant cube building with the most creative interior space in Florida.

The foundation of this photography museum was to exhibit important photographic arts and to feature various historical and innovative works by national and international photographic artists. The museum showcases multiple temporary and permanent exhibitions and has hosted more than 60 major photographic exhibitions.

The photographic art offers educational programs, leadership, photography lessons to both kids and adults, instructor biographies, and provides community enrichment. The museum holds annual, monthly, and weekly photographic events. It is among the best places to check in Tampa, FL. 

Tampa Bay History Center

The Tampa bay history center is on the waterfront channel district of Tampa. It features three temporary and permanent exhibition floors spanning over 12,000 years of Florida history. The museum is an array of family-friendly activities and exhibits, as interactive and state-of-the-art theaters.

Tampa bay museum history aims to explore, present, and preserve the museum’s history. The first historical figures and essential inhabitants play a role in shaping society. You can visit the museum in an RV rental in Tampa, FL.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch garden Tampa is one of the best places to visit in Tampa, Florida. Busch Gardens Tampa is a world-renowned park that offers various fun and adventurous family activities.

Seaworld entertainment operates Busch Gardens Tampa and features these arrays:

  • Exclusive park experience; guided adventure tours, Serengeti safari, live entertainment shows, special kids attractions, and themed rides.
  • Animal attractions; Jumbo junction, cheetah run, Bird Gardens, and the edge of Africa, shops, restaurants, bars, cafés, dining, and shopping for park visitors.

Ybor City

Ybor City state park museum is in a 1923-era building in Tampa, FL, that invites you to explore the plentiful cultural heritage of the National historic landmark of Ybor City. The Ybor City Museum also showcases the history of Ybor City and has unique boutiques, which is why there is the birth cigar industry and the consecutive growth of the town.

Ybor City Museum state park is also a home for a classic recreated cigar worker’s house or a casita and a beautiful rich Mediterranean garden. You can enjoy a guided tour with knowledgeable volunteers or park rangers and explore the city of Ybor park.

The museum also offers workshops, various educational programs, historical classes of the district, and the reputation of the world’s cigar capital.

Tampa Riverwalk

Tampa Riverwalk is a preserved pedestrian pathway that runs across the Hillsborough river and joins downtown Tampa with a few public parks, the city’s waterfronts, and various hotels, restaurants, museums, and other entertainment locales.

You can enjoy exploring top attractions on the riverwalk, such as the Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park, the World War II American Victory Ship, the Florida Aquarium, and the historical monument trail made up of attractive marble busts and bronze. A statue also parades the people who played an essential role in Tampa and Hillsborough history. 

Big Cat Rescue

Big cat rescue is in the citrus park and is among the largest authorized alien cat sanctuaries worldwide. The big cat rescue park aims to rescue, rehabilitate and house orphans, injured, threatened, and endangered exotic animals, and native wild cats. The first rescue against private trade and ownership of exotic cats was on 4th November 1992.

Big cat rescue homes have more than 100 exotic cats representing 11 species. You can enjoy a range of guided tours through the facility, varying from keeper tours, photographs, and night tours to feeding the cats, such as bobcats, tigers, mountain lions, and cougars.

Horsepower for Kids

Horsepower for Kids is a family-friendly petting zoo farm that provides an exclusive interactive adventure with horses and animals. The farm builds fun and educational opportunities for both children and adults.

People also care for and interact with vulnerable animals through activities such as group field trips, horse camps, horseback and pony riding, and a special petting zoo.

Horse camps include grooming and feeding, riding lessons, horse shows, and equine education every summer. A petting zoo also permits visitors to interact with and feed various farm animals, such as horses, rabbits, goats, and pigs.

Horsepower for kids opens every day during summer and Tuesdays through Sundays during winter and the fall.

The Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium is in the downtown Tampa channel district and is home to over 20,000 aquatic animals and plants worldwide. The Aquarium features various exhibits laid out to follow the expedition of a drop of water from Florida’s fresh-water springs to the Gulf of Mexico open ocean.

There are interactive exhibits like Stingray Beach; visitors can touch a pristine coral reef in a vast tank and bamboo shark, a glass-encased simulated wetlands display. There is also a two-acre open-water adventure zone with geysers, water cannons, and a climbing pirate ship for kids of all ages.

Visitors to the Aquarium can swim with fish, dive with sharks, or take a Wild Dolphin Ecotour through Tampa Bay.

Gasparilla Pirate Festival

Tampa has been holding the Gasparilla Pirate Festival for over 115 years. The festive atmosphere has a celebration-like atmosphere from mid-January to mid-March.

During the Gasparilla Parade, hundreds of boats and the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla pirates sail into Tampa and appeal for the key to the city from the mayor. Later, the buccaneers host a victory walk and celebrate on the Tampa Riverwalk. Festivalgoers wear raider costumes and attempt to grab as many beads as possible from the sail.

The Gasparilla art festivals, Gasparilla distance classic, and the Gasparilla film festival are held together with the pirate carnivals.

Lowry Park Zoo

Lowry Park Zoo rehabilitates, protects, and preserves several of the world’s most uncommon creatures. Lowry park zoo is home to over 1,300 animals, such as Borneo orangutans, Florida manatees, chimpanzees, and Florida Panthers.

The Zoo focuses on threatened, endangered, and vulnerable species worldwide, with a range of habitats devoted to Africa, Australia, Asia, and Florida.

You can enjoy educational experiences such as keeper talks, behind the scene tours, animal encounters, and other special events related to the living planet.

Lowry park zoo operates one of the world’s leading programs to save an array of species from extinction that are in danger.

Contemporary Art Museum

The contemporary art museum is on the University of South Florida campus. The Contemporary Art Museum aims to collect, preserve, and present important and inventive recent art exhibitions worldwide.

The museum houses more than 5,000 collections, such as sculptures and graphics by different artists.

The contemporary art museum is among the top attraction in Tampa, Florida. The museum displays fine artworks and acts as educational funds for scholars, professionals, students, and artists by offering various programs, classes, workshops, symposia, lectures, and conferences.

Hillsborough River State Park 

Hillsborough River State Park is the best place to escape the bustle of the Tampa population. Hillsborough River State Park is just a few minutes from downtown Tampa and has several swimming spots and seven miles of nature trails to cool you on summer days.

The park has Class II river rapids features for canoeing and kayaking, which is uncommon in Florida. You can also enjoy picnicking, biking, fishing, birding, and horseback riding. The Hillsborough River State Park has historical sites like the Fort Foster Historic Site.

Hillsborough River State Park can accommodate RV rentals.

Hillsborough River State Park 

Final Verdict

RV rentals in Tampa allow you to enjoy a road trip comfortably and flexibly without worrying about finding a perfect hotel. 

Depending on the size of the campervan, RV lots for rent in Tampa, Florida, and for you to rent an RV, you need to be 25 years old. However, some RV owners may rent to younger individuals at extra costs.

Some owners in Tampa, Florida, offer unlimited mileage on their RV rentals, while others charge a base rate depending on the miles you travel.

To rent a campervan in Tampa, you need insurance coverage regardless of the type of vehicle you rent in case of an accident.

Suppose you want to take a day trip to universal studios, Disney World, or the Kennedy Space Center. The more attractive beaches are less than 30 minutes away and have many entertainment options near and not too far, especially if you use RV rentals. Tampa, Florida, is the home base for everything.

Tampa has a huge population of about 3.3 million people and is one of the largest cities in the state. You can use an Rv share rental to explore Tampa, Florida.

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