43 Genius RV Hacks [TO TRY]

Why You Need RV Hacks

Several RV hacks make your camping life inside your camper much simpler and better. These hacks are pretty straightforward, and they get to cut across several areas inside your RV to make the experience even smoother. 

These unique camper hacks help you solve some of the common issues you may encounter while making your stay. For this reason, you should grasp the knowledge of a couple of them. 

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43 Genius RV Hacks

RV hacks cover different sections of the camper. These main sections are:

  • Storage
  • Hygiene
  • Air and temperature control
  • Kitchen
  • RV lighting


When traveling or camping inside your RV, there is usually very little storage space almost all the time. Because of this reason, there are several RV storage hacks to help you make a little more room inside for more comfortability. Below are the hacks:

  1. Make a shoe organizer and attach it at the sides of your bed at the bottom edges: You would not want to trip over scattering shoes inside your camper. Such a thing usually happens when your shoes are everywhere on the floor. You can make the shoe organizer by yourself or choose to get a ready-made from the store. Several people get shoe organizers with little space because of the small size of their RV beds. If you fall under such a bracket, you can opt to carry fewer shoes to your camping trip. With this RV tip, you will have more space inside your RV due to fewer shoes everywhere on the floor. 
  2. You need to use towel rods and hanging containers in the bathroom: You should know that your RV bathroom is not like the typical bathroom in your home. You can attach small storage containers to the bathroom walls and store things like toothpaste and toothbrush. Check online for bathroom rods and hanging containers. Local physical stores stock them. 
  3. For additional cloth storage space, hang canvas shelves that are collapsible from the closet rod: when heading for a trip in your camper, keep in mind that the closet in your RV has very little space. Unique features like pull-out drawers are not available. You need to improvise more space for storing extra clothes for such a reason. Collapsible canvas shelves are not very expensive. After correctly hanging the canvas, you get to bring in your extra clothes and get more space simultaneously. 
  4. For vegetables and fruit storage, hang baskets under your cabinet: When baskets lie all over your camper, their sizes will block up movements by taking a lot of space. You may also use the vertical space inside your camper to hang fruit baskets. Fruits should not roll all over your cabinet due to the lack of a permanent pantry. This hack helps you prevent extra cleaning work from crumbling fruits that may roll on the cabin due to insufficient storage space.
  5. Keep all your batteries in one storage location: From time to time, you may find yourself throwing your dry cells in drawers or other places. Keeping them in one box helps you when you need them again. Ths hack also prevents your RV from becoming quite messy. A tackle box is a perfect storage place for batteries. You can sort different battery sizes into separate special compartments. 
  6. Organize all first aid equipment in a special box: The contents of your first aid kit should not be all over your RV. As you already know, every piece of first aid equipment is essential. Storing them in one particular position like a tackle box will ease your time when it comes to retrieving them. If you do not have the special first aid kit box from the shop, you can make it yourself.  A first aid kit with compartments is quite simple to come up with. 
  7. For tablets and other medications, use pill boxes for storage: Your medicine cabinet remains with a lot of space for any additional tablets. Use pillboxes with easy visibility. This feature makes it simple for you to get out the pills. 
  8. Create more storage space by using magazine holders: Magazine holders have a lot of uses. You can choose to arrange smaller items like pens and other office equipment in the magazine holder and save more desk space inside the RV. 
  9. Create extra seating space to store more traveling stuff: If you are traveling alone or maybe two of you, you may make up space for more of your stuff by making modifications on the passenger seat. Make the seat spin around by folding it either backward or forward. 
  10. Install more shelves upwards in your camper: You may also increase the storage space of your RV by constructing many more storage shelves and compartments to create more storage rooms. 
  11. Construct a platform bed with more storage space at the bottom: There could be a wide space at the bottom of your camper’s bed. This scenario is usually in many campers. You can make excellent use of this space by constructing drawers. You should fit the drawer with special sliding units to bring ease during the opening. 
  12. Construct seating platforms that are a bit higher: Building this particular seating platform will leave a good space that goes through a few modifications and becomes a perfect storage area. 
  13. Use a foldable sofa bed: This unique bed will act as a seat during the day. If you do not stay indoors during the day, you can use the seat as temporary storage for some things. When it’s sleeping time at night, you can place the items aside and stretch the bed back to normal. 
  14. Create carriers or cargo boxes that are airtight on the roof: Making airtight cargo boxes is the best way of bringing in even much more storage space to your RV. This new storage compartment will be outside, but on the other hand, it means that there will be so much more free space inside your RV. 
  15. Make use of a bed caddy nightstand: This storage option is so handy if you are looking for a place to keep your phone when you are not using it. You may also use a shoe rack with side pocket compartments for this purpose. 
  16. Make good use of anchor points: The anchoring points on the walls of your camper can be so helpful in creating more room for you. You can use these anchor points to hang several items and save space. Some of the things you may turn here are hats, coats, and bags. 
  17. Donate, sell or ditch anything not in use: You never know the space you may be having inside your camper until you remove some of the things you n longer use anymore. Remove some of these things, and you will have more storage area than you can imagine. Use this new storage area to bring in the latest stuff you use most. 
  18. Make use of under-shelf baskets: Undershelf baskets help a lot in adding more space to the cabinets inside your camper. After acquiring the baskets, remove some things like spices from the shelves and cupboard and bring them to the basket. You will gain more storage space inside the shelves and store other things with this move. 
  19. Fold clothes and use packing tubes: Using packing tubes after folding clothes will save you a lot of space. First of all, you will save storage space in the wardrobe, and at the same time, you will prevent your clothes from scattering all around the place. This action will leave behind lots of storage space for other things. In case you do not have packing tubes, do not worry. You can use storage bins as well. They both work the same way.
  20. Grab cables and stick them together: You need to know that wires take up a lot of space. You can claim this space and use it for storage by holding them together and sticking them tightly. After performing this move, be sure to see some more storage space, even if not so much. After trying these cables together, you cannot lack even a tiny section for adding two or more hooks for holding a couple of coats or bags. 
  21. Install a pegboard on the wall: Using several hooks, tightly fit a pegboard on the wall to help you add storage for utensils. With this RV tip, no more utensils will be all over the place. By such a move you will get more room for keeping other things. Before heading on with the pegboard mounting, make sure that the board is strong. 
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Maintaining the total cleanliness of your RV is paramount for your good health in return. For this reason, there are several RV hacks to help you in making sure that your RV is spackling at all times: 

  1. Wash the whole interior section of your camper: Many people focus on maintaining the cleanliness of the exterior area of the trailer. Such a move is good, but you should remember that the inside part is also essential. You may spend more hours inside during camping, so always make sure that the interior environment is shiny.
  2. Clean the exterior section: Wash the exterior of your RV correctly. You can begin by cleaning the windows. Using window cleaning spray, wipe both sides of the window. Wash the window seals and the door correctly as well. In most cases, the rubber seals are prone to trapping dirt. Use a piece of wet cloth together with a dishwashing detergent to clean the rubber seal. Dishwashing detergent is an excellent choice since it reacts positively to rubber surfaces. With an appropriate cleaner and a natural brush, clean up the tires. After cleaning, rinse using a lot of water and shine it up with a shining tire spray. 
  3. Use a portable hand vacuum cleaner: Another way of keeping up your camper’s hygiene standards is sucking out the dust using a portable vacuum cleaner. Investing in this device is very important since it will help you clean out even food particles that may have gotten stuck in hard-to-reach places of your RV.
  4. Use mattress protectors for your mattress and liens: These special protectors help a lot in repelling a lot of harmful stuff to your linens or mattress. Most of their work prevents liquid from causing damage to these two items. If your mattress gets wet and does not dry out, it may even grow mold and thus reduce the hygiene strands of your camper. For such a reason, make good use of these protectors.
  5. Prevent mold at all cost: When moisture accumulates in dark areas of your camper for long periods, it will grow mold. Always empty the pantry and take every leftover food from the refrigerator. Also, remember to clean all the surfaces. These surfaces include benches and walls as well. Cleaning the surfaces removes any stagnating fluids that may last longer and grow mold. After cleaning the surfaces, use a good disinfectant as a protective coating. Mold can cause quite a good number of human infections, doing your best to prevent it from growing wild, in turn, guarantees you good health while in the camper. 
  6. Dump remaining water in the RV: Water may stay in the RV for some time and begin to bring out an irritating kind of smell. For this reason, after every holiday trip, use a bucket, pair of gloves, and a long hose to drain this water. If the water remains in the tank for long, it may become hazardous to you. 

Temperature Control

While camping, the temperature inside your camper is essential to ensure you get the time of your life. For this reason, your RV needs to always be at the right temperature during different weather conditions. So when looking at tips for living in a camper, do not forget temperature control tips.

The RV camping hacks below come to help you in maintaining the right indoor temperature at every time:

  1. Make use of a portable fan: In case the interior of your RV is too hot, you can use a portable fan to control the air. The fan will control the air by removing warm air and circulating cold air inside. This process will, in turn, create a breeze. Depending on your RV’s size, you can use one or two fans. Two fans can work well. One can face outwards to remove warm air and the other inwards to usher in cold air.
  2. Maintain the efficiency of your cooling system: You always need to make sure that the filters inside your cooling system are clean and free of dust. Following this trick will ensure enough oxygen in the RV and favorable temperatures throughout your camping trip. 
  3. Shed up your doors: Shedding the outside section of your camper’s doors prevents air from building up inside your trailer. This method of controlling the temperature is somehow simple, but it may not cover every section of your RV. This temperature control method only affects the areas near the door. 
  4. Make good use of LEDs: In case the temperature in your RV is hot, you can use LED lights instead of regular bulbs. The other standard bulbs give out some amount of heat to the surrounding. LEDs will reduce the surrounding temperature since it does not give out any heat. On the other hand, be sure to use regular bulbs when the temperature is cold. The heat from these bulbs will hit up your camper to some extent. 
  5. Regularly clean up the refrigerator vents: For your refrigerator to work correctly, it has to give out large amounts of heat to the surrounding environment. During cold weather, this fridge can be of great help to you. The heat coming out from the radiator below will warm up your RV to the extent you need. For this reason, proper cleaning of the radiator vents means good warm air circulation inside your camper during cold weather.
  6. Use a swamp cooler to cool the RV: A swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, comes in handy, especially when traveling to dry areas. The good thing about this hack is that you can make the swamp cooler by yourself. Using an air filter, fish tank pump, and bucket, you can come out with a perfect evaporative cooler. You may also use a wet towel and air movement from your van to cool yourself. This method works just the same way. 
  7. Keep electronic devices off when not in use: Most of today’s campers have a lot of electrical equipment. These electronics produce heat to some extent, and they usually give it all out to the surrounding of your camper. These devices can add up the heat during hot weather, making the internal RV environment unbearable. So remember to turn them off when not in use. 
  8. Close the camper’s doors: If you do not need the door open, always remember to close it completely. This move will help you control the internal temperature of your RV efficiently. Once the environment is cold, warm air in the camper will circulate inside for a while. The shut door will prevent cold air from coming inside.
  9. Cook outside during hot days: The oven, the cooking stove, and other cooking equipment usually give out a lot of heat to the surrounding. During hot weather, the increase in temperature from the cooking appliances can be so irritating. So always consider cooking outside to control the internal temperature of your camper. 


RV kitchen hacks bring more working space when preparing meals or cleaning around. Below are some of the best RV hacks to use in the kitchen:

  1. Use an adjustable cutlery tray: An adjustable cutlery tray assures you of a nice-looking drawer at all times. This tip can significantly help you reduce too much clutter on the kitchen countertop. You can get cutlery trays on online shops and physical outlets as well.
  2. Nest up bowls with colander set: The space inside your camper’s kitchen is relatively small. You need to make use of every small area around it. Stack your bowls on each other, going upwards. This leaves you with a lot of cupboard space. 
  3. Mount the knife holder on the wall: This kitchen hack helps in reducing too much clutter in the kitchen. At the same time, it improves your safety. You can screw or use double-sided tapes to mount the knife holder on the wall properly. 
  4. Use sliding pantry shelves: The kitchen in your camper does not have a huge cabinet. A sliding pantry shelf can be of great benefit here. This design allows you to use the vertical space, usually not in use. Inside the cabinet, make sure you attach the shelving properly. This move will prevent it from sliding around.
  5. Use a lot of collapsible kitchen equipment: Foldable stuff helps you have a lot of space even when cooking or cleaning your camper’s kitchen. Make sure you get as much foldable kitchen equipment as possible.


Perfect lighting techniques always make your camper welcoming. Below are some of the RV tricks and hacks to make your RV look attractive by using lights:

  1. You can install unique push lights to increase light at night. Fix them on the cabinet corners.
  2. Install LED lights: LEDs bring out several colors bringing in some form of ambiance to your camper. The perfect places to install the LEDs are along the staircase rails or the bed and furniture edges. 


Your short or long vacation inside your camper can either be one to remember or an experience you would never want to have again. With the RV living tips in this article, you get to have the easiest time of your camping life since every hack simplifies your camping experience. 

Going through these RV tricks step by step and applying each of them where they should be will leave you with the urge to make an RV tour more and more. 

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