An URGE To Explore The Best RV Rentals in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach RV Rentals 

Ready to enjoy some sun-filled fun? Get your feet in the sand as soon as possible with an RV rental in Virginia Beach. This city is popular for being among the most relaxed in the nation, but it also hosts one of the biggest music festivals. Visit Virginia Beach at two different times of the year for two entirely different experiences.

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The Top Ten RV Rentals in Virginia Beach

It’s important to note that these RVs rent out quickly. Typically, you must reserve them weeks, if not months, in advance:

10. 2017 Dutchmen Aerolite

This 2017 Dutchmen Aerolite is the last but most definitely not the least Virginia Beach RV rental. The king-sized master bed in this travel trailer rental has a 10 inches (25.4 centimeters) memory foam mattress.

A pull-out leather couch, a convertible dinette, and double bunks with an electric lift are also available. You can connect a PC to the LED TV using the HDMI cables and DVD player.

9. 2017 Thor Motor Coach

This RV share in Virginia is a dream come true. It has a ton of goodies, including a rear backup camera, an easy-to-use control panel, three TVs, and a Bluetooth cab media center.

There’s someone available to show you how to operate the RV and set it up, inspect the RV before and after the rental, and meet you for pick-up and drop-off in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

8. 2017 Venture RV SportTrek 

In this 2017 Venture RV Sporttrek, you will enjoy an exciting road vacation. The main bedroom in this rented travel trailer features a queen-sized bed and is very roomy. Even the bed has storage underneath and nightstands with charging stations.

There is a second bedroom with three bunk beds and a pull-out couch for the kids or visitors. Along with cabinet space and a detachable table, there is a storage room underneath.

7. 2017 Jayco Redhawk

What a great family vehicle this 2017 Jayco Redhawk is. Everyone will undoubtedly love your upcoming road trip excursion with lots of room. According to the owner, everything in this Virginia Beach camper rental is brand new and ready for you.

A queen bed is available in the semi-private master bedroom of this travel trailer. There is a convertible dinette, sofa, and bed over the cab for additional sleeping space. There is a separate toilet area in the bathroom as well.

6. Open Range Ultra Lite 2017 

This 2017 Open Range Ultra Lite is the best trailer for rent in Virginia Beach. This RV rental is stunning in every way. It is easy to pull and features a modern, sleek cabin that offers luxury adventures.

There is a primary bedroom where a couple can relax after a hard day. In addition to the bunk beds, there is a convertible dinette and sofa for children or visitors. It also has a complete bathroom.

5. Keystone Passport 2017

If you don’t have a car with a lot of towing capacity, this Virginia Beach RV rental is fantastic. Most SUVs, minivans, and trucks can tow it because it only weighs 3,255 pounds (1,476 kilograms).

The Keystone is complete. There is a complete kitchen, an outside shower, a separate shower with a tub (quite uncommon in RVs), and bunk bedrooms for the kids.

4. 2018 Coachmen Clipper 

This 2018 Coachmen Clipper is a wonderful option if traveling with a partner or a few children. And the cost is favorable.

The bedroom arrangements in this camper rental in Virginia Beach include a queen bed, two bunk beds, and a convertible table. It also has a complete bathroom.

A stovetop, microwave, and small fridge are available for your inner food lover. You can also hire a barbecue and any other kitchenware you require. Remember that there is a huge RV storage available with this trailer.

3. Forest River Surveyor from 2016

This Forest River Surveyor from 2016 is ready for you. This travel trailer rental is entirely worthwhile for a road trip through Virginia. This RV share in Virginia is an excellent method to travel for four to six people.

A queen-size bed and a pull-out couch are available. The sofa serves as a dinner table as well. A complete bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink, and mirrors is also available in this RV.

2. 2019 Coachmen Clipper 17BHS

This 2019 Coachmen Clipper 17BHS is a fantastic option for a small family or even a couple if you don’t need a big RV.

This rented travel trailer is well-prepared for a journey. It is completely new, lightweight, and portable while offering a ton of space. It has a full bed, two bunk beds, a convertible table, and a full bathroom. A sink, stove, microwave, mini-fridge, and dining area are available in the kitchen.

1. 2015 Fleetwood Storm

Ready to take the whole family on an expedition through Virginia Beach is this 2015 Fleetwood Storm. The entire family may sleep comfortably in this RV rental. The master bedroom has a queen bed, bunk beds, a queen-size loft over the driver’s seat, a convertible dinette, and a fold-out couch.

Four TVs are on board when you want to relax in your room. Even an outdoor TV and sound system are available.

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Things to do in Virginia Beach

Sunset Dolphin Kayak Tours

Go kayaking on the Chesapeake Bay at dusk while on a dolphin-watching trip in the evening. After a brief lecture, start for a paddle around the Virginia coast with your guide. 

Before arriving back at First Landing State Park, search for Atlantic bottlenose dolphins along the way and take in sights like the Cape Henry Lighthouses and Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. No prior experience is necessary, and the use of the equipment is part of the package.

Wetland Zip Tour

From above is one of the best perspectives for seeing wetlands. On this 90-minute zipline wetland tour, take in the sights while having fun. You will soar down lines up to 1,200 feet (365.7 meters) long and over the distinctive forest ecology from towers 80 feet (24.38 meters) in the air. 

This is a terrific activity for groups of friends or families looking to combine adventure with sightseeing.

Paint Night

Bring your friends for a night of creativity and fun. Unleash your inner Picasso during this painting activity, whether you’re an experienced artist or a complete novice. Over snacks and beverages, your instructor will offer some motivation and advice. Then, start working in a relaxed setting to create your masterpiece.

The Colonial Ghost Tour

Travelers shouldn’t pass up the chance to learn about Williamsburg’s haunted history on this horrifying ghost tour if they want a unique perspective on Virginia history. Visit several historic sites from colonial periods in the evening with your guide. 

Expect eerie tales of ghosts and spirits along the way, and stop by locations where psychics and paranormal investigators have discovered real hauntings.


A quiet beach retreat with natural dunes and dancing sea oats, Sandbridge is just a short drive south of the Oceanfront District. You may slow down and unwind in this tranquil and calming community on your holiday. 

The Atlantic Ocean never fails to keep beachgoers entertained. For even more outdoor adventure, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park’s marshes and open waterways are perfect for kayaking, hiking, and fishing.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk, which runs along the oceanfront from 2nd to 40th Street, is perfect for strolling, rollerblading, and biking. Throughout the summer, there is nightly entertainment, and there are four beachfront stages with live musical performances at the 7th, 17th, 24th, and 31st Streets. 

Several charming outdoor eateries and shops offer bike and surrey rentals along the boardwalk. Many side streets leading to Atlantic Avenue have nautical sculpture decorations. King Neptune, a bronze statue that guards the entrance to Neptune Festival Park on 31st street, is a sight not to miss while you’re there. 

Grommet Island Park

This beach park has a playground with poured-in-place flooring, raised sand tables for making sandcastles at an accessible height, a sensory board for kids who are autistic and visually impaired, and a swaying boat. It also has wheelchair-accessible entrances. 

The playground also has sculptural elements like dolphins, a surfboard, and a wave that are all easily reachable by kids who want to play wave riders and dolphin swimmers. 

Everyone can play in the sand thanks to the accessible seating places with hand-operated wheelchair-accessible sand scoops and wood polymer decking that extends from the playground. ‚Äč

ViBe District Art Tour/Craft Beer Tasting

On this comprehensive walking tour, discover the artistic treasures of Virginia Beach’s ViBe Creative District and upgrade to include a local craft beer tasting in your agenda. 

Set out on foot after meeting your guide in the neighborhood center; along the way, you’ll see colorful street art and murals and learn about the artists. Finish at a craft brewery where you can sample four different beers and learn about the brewing process.

Unique Scavenger Hunt Experience in Virginia Beach by Wacky Walks

Players of the Virginia Beach scavenger hunt will use an app to locate items around the city and earn points by completing fun challenges. On the app rankings, players can view their scores in real-time. Each scavenger hunt has a live remote host to assist participants. 

Virginia Beach Indoor Skydiving with 2 Flights and Personalized Certificate

Without having to jump out of a plane, get your heart racing and feel the sensation of free fall. The indoor skydiving experience in Virginia Beach is fantastic for thrill seekers of all ages and requires no prior experience. Follow your instructor inside the cutting-edge wind tunnel, where you’ll experience wind gusts up to 180 mph (289.6 km/h) twice for 60 seconds.

Consider the following as you look for your ideal RV to rent:

Renting is a good choice, especially for first-timers, because buying an RV can be expensive, and there’s also the issue of where to keep it while you’re not traveling (many towns won’t let you leave it parked in your driveways). 

Although rental costs can quickly mount up, they may be equivalent to staying at a resort hotel or renting a beach house, especially for bigger families. Once you’ve decided to live in an RV, we’ve got you covered with simple RV storage solutions and adorable camper and RV decoration ideas. Here are some things to consider before planning that amazing road trip:

Take Your Need for Space Into Account

There are many different kinds of RVs available, so research which best suits your needs. While you don’t normally need a specific license to get behind the wheel, you might feel more at ease driving a smaller motorhome or one that resembles a van as opposed to one that is huge and bulky. 

Additionally, it depends on your destination. Are you just parking and going to a campsite? If you have a large family, you might desire more space, but if you plan to travel through cities or other areas where parking may be difficult, consider something more agile.

Do You Want to Bring Your Car?

If so, a travel trailer might be what you seek. These are available in every size, including the adorable round campers, the pop-up variety, and fifth-wheel models (which requires a special hitch on your car). 

If you want to drive your vehicle, this is a wonderful alternative. Still, you should be ready to adjust to hauling (particularly while making curves) and verify your vehicle’s towing capacity before renting.

Do You Prefer to Pack Light?

Class B vans, such as the charming vintage Volkswagen minibus campers or the more contemporary Mercedes Sprinter, are easy to drive yet have a modification to provide the essentials for camping if there are only one or two of you.

Would You Like a Luxurious Van?

The Class A RVs, commonly referred to as mammoth motorhomes, can be as basic or opulent as you choose. It’s the ideal choice if you have a large family or want to fulfill your rock star aspirations.

Figure Out Your Destination

Do you intend to travel to national parks or camp in the woods? Before visiting a rental site, you should make reservations for your RV camping space and hookup. You may find campgrounds or RV parks that meet your needs using various resources and applications, such as KOA and Allstays. 

You can also download the FreeRoam app to find campgrounds and other RV-friendly places to stop. When reserving, be cautious about enquiring about additional charges from these websites, such as gas and firewood.

Peer-to-peer rental services like RVshare and Outdoorsy allow you to rent an RV directly from an RV owner. Search these marketplaces for information on what is on offer on the dates you have planned. Cruise America operates more like a standard automobile rental company, where you can pick from various vehicles they own.

Looking for hidden fees is something to keep in mind when renting. Before you sign the contract, read the small print regarding insurance, generators, cleaning costs, mileage, and other items. Additionally, depending on when you rent and how long, you’ll frequently receive a different price.

Motorhome Deposit Considerations

You’ll need to leave a security deposit for the RV (along with the advised insurance), just like with many car rental companies, in case there are any damages or you decide to stay in the woods for a few more weeks. Before making a reservation, be careful to inquire about this cost, which ranges from approximately $500 to $1500.

Calculate Your Distance 

Your gas mileage expenditures are one item that can pile up with your new mobile home. Depending on the type of motorhome you rent and the terrain you’re in, you’ll get wildly different mileage.

Verify If You Can Have Your Pets On Board

You may travel with your pets in some RVs and companies, but this may only be possible with some rentals. Check the pet policy before planning your ideal RV trip to the great outdoors.

Ensure You’ve Got the Power Person Perched by the RV at the Campground 

Most larger RVs have a generator, but if you’re renting one, you’ll only be able to use it for a certain number of hours each day. This implies that to avoid paying high overage costs, you’ll need to be able to hook your RV’s water and power systems in, or you’ll need to limit how long you run the generator. 

Most rental websites will provide a brief lesson on how to link up at your location.

Practice Driving (and Parking)

Before you head out on the open road, allow yourself some time to get used to these new wheels. Larger vehicles often drive a little slower and steer very differently from your regular car or truck, requiring much more space for turns. They can also be challenging to back up until you get the hang of it, so practice until you master it.

A lone RV traveling

A Final Word

Virginia is a city that frequently draws visitors in the spring and summer. Some of the cleanest beaches you’ll discover are on this island. There is raking and smoothening of the beaches in the early morning to maintain their immaculate appearance. Place your RV there and proceed to the beach for some well-deserved rest.

There is a boardwalk and a Resort Strip if you’ve had enough of the beaches but still want to explore the outdoors. Both provide family-friendly activities, including mini golf, shopping, delicious food, bike trails, fireworks, and more. 

Even if you could spend the entire day lying on the beach, it’s always wonderful to take a break and explore other parts of Virginia Beach. Look at alternative destinations. These are just a few of Virginia Beach’s top attractions. Today, get behind the wheel of RV rentals in Virginia Beach and explore a beautiful metropolis. 

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