Bonus Advice On Airstream RV Rental

Is accessing an Airstream RV rental hectic? This article will enlighten you on Airstream RVs and leave you wanting to get one. It is ideal for adventure and camping with a luxurious touch of comfort.

Who said you could not travel with your opulent hotel room with you? Read on to find out more about this.

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What is an Airstream?

Airstream is a spherical and polished aluminum coachwork mostly for recreational activities. The Bowlus Road Chief, an early all-aluminum travel trailer created by Hawley Bowlus, served as the inspiration for this body shape, which dates back to the 1930s. 

In the United States, Jackson Center is the location of Airstream’s manufacturing facility for RVs. The business is the oldest in its field and is now a branch of Thor Industries.

Who Owns Airstream?

Do you know who owns Airstream RV? Well, look no more!  Thor Industries is one of the largest brands of manufacturers when it comes to Airstreams. They produce about 25% of RVs in the United States.

Is Airstream the Best Travel Trailer?

Why choose an Airstream over another RV? mainly because Airstreams are unique among all RVs. From one generation to the next, our iconic aluminum travel trailers still mark their existence. 

Being the best in performance, safety, and comfort in touring coaches makes them more desirable. And when you join the Airstream community, you’ll be a part of a group of people who place the highest value on living a good life.

Where Can I Rent an Airstream RV?

On Outdoorsy, many RV owners rent out their Airstream campers and trailers.

Visit their website, choose the rental location and dates that work best for you, and then type “Airstream” into the Keywords search filter under the “More” dropdown menu. You may narrow your search further based on cost, features, regulations, and user reviews.

You can make reservations online without making a phone call or going to an RV showroom! Why is Outdoorsy? We examined the top four RV rental businesses based on ratings, customer service, costs, availability, and extras like insurance and roadside support.

They stand out in almost every category. According to the city you are in, you could search for an Airstream by typing, for example, “Airstream Rental in Orlando.”

The Cost of Renting an Airstream

There are many different sizes and models of Airstreams. While some RVs can only comfortably sleep one or two people, others have sleeping accommodations for five or more. Size affects how much it will cost to rent an Airstream. 

The year of manufacture of the trailer, the area, the amenities, the season, and the length of the rental are additional elements that may affect the cost of renting an Airstream. The average price of renting an Airstream is around $100 to $400 per night.

You might get special rates on Airstream rentals if your vacation dates and times are flexible. Avoid renting on the weekends or holidays because prices are usually higher, but if you plan properly for it, why not!

You can save a lot of money by renting an Airstream for a longer term. For rentals lasting seven days or more, many owners provide discounts. Make sure to research this before making your Airbnb Airstream reservation.

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Reasons to Rent an Airstream

Are you interested in Airstream rentals? A few trailers are as distinctive as an Airstream. They stand out from every other towable on the road thanks to their streamlined form and bright silver exterior. Since their introduction more than 75 years ago, Airstream travel trailers have drawn attention, and it’s easy to see why.

Uncover why renting an Airstream for your upcoming trip is one of the most popular travel trailer options available by reviewing our reasons.

Easy to Tow

An Airstream’s sleek exterior is not merely for style. It is also aerodynamic. Compared to most other travel trailers, Airstreams have less wind drag. 

Due to their all-aluminum construction, Airstreams are also far lighter than comparable trailers of the same size. In almost every regard, Airstreams are easier to tow thanks to their aerodynamics and less weight. 

You can drive in tighter places, climb hills more quickly, suffer less trailer wobble, break and accelerate more quickly, and maintain a safe driving speed.

Additionally, compared to many other trailers, Airstreams often have lower clearance. Therefore, there are fewer concerns about low overhangs or snagging on tree branches along a winding driveway when renting an Airstream. The trailer is also lighter due to the decreased center of gravity.

Additionally, all of this results in increased fuel efficiency. According to some estimations, towing an Airstream can increase your fuel efficiency by up to about 20% compared to a regular box trailer. This may lower the overall cost of your journey.

Airstream Caravan Durability 

The strength and efficiency of Airstreams are well known. They can last for a very long time with proper maintenance. About 65% of all Airstream trailers sold are still in use. This is a remarkable statistic, given that they have been in business since 1935.

Renters can be confident that the RV will stand the test of time even if they only use it for a weekend. Additionally, don’t assume you need to rent the most recent model to have a blast; even vintage Airstream rentals are fantastic!

Awesome to Talk About

Those who own Airstreams are devoted to them, and those who don’t are very curious about them. Someone may likely start a conversation about your Airstream if you drive up to a park in it. Consequently, it’s a great icebreaker for getting to know your fellow campers.

The appealing design and reflecting surface are alluring. They almost blend in despite sticking out because they mirror the colors of the surroundings. Even though it may seem insignificant, finding your lodgings to be a lovely addition to your camp after a long day of exploring the wilderness will make all the difference.

Appealing Airstream Look

An Airstream camper rental is attractive due to its shiny, reflective surface and appealing shape. They almost blend in despite standing out because they reflect the colors of the surroundings.

Even though it might seem insignificant, it’s an absolute pleasure to arrive back at your campsite after a full day of exploration to find your Airstream rental making a lovely addition to the surroundings. Renters frequently notice the beauty of the reflections on the rig due to its metal exterior. 

Airstream Interior

Among trailers, Airstreams is a luxury brand. Its high-end quality entails a greater focus on interior design and the standard of the fixtures and appliances. 

The faucets and other elements in an Airstream rental may be a step up from what you have at home. 

Airstream’s interior’s purpose is to provide you with a sense of tranquillity and peace, as well as an escape from the harshness of the outdoors and the clutter of everyday life. 

Compared to many other trailer brands, the Airstream travel trailers have a lot of windows, and almost all of them can allow unrestricted airflow. Renters may enjoy a panoramic view of nature while cuddled up inside, thanks to more windows.

The Pros and Cons of an Airstream Trailer

Airstream glamping is an excellent way to unwind from your regular day-to-day routine. Let us take a look at some of the good qualities of an Airstream:


  • Inside and out, Airstreams are durable. Those lovely aluminum panels have a purpose beyond aesthetics. An Airstream’s exterior can endure some of the worst weather. 
  • Aerodynamics applies to Airstreams. For those who have never towed a travel trailer, this feature makes it much easier to haul.
  • Airstreams are friendly to the environment. Most Airstreams are completely recyclable because their primary components are wood, steel, and aluminum. 
  • Numerous Airstreams are known to be high-end travel trailers. First-timers frequently experience the feeling of being in a luxurious hotel! Inside your rig, you will have luxurious surroundings, even out in nature.
  • Numerous windows! Your Airstream has a ton of windows, which you will adore. Your room will feel great because of the clean air and daylight.
  • If you end up falling in love with your Airstream rental, you’ll be delighted to find that secondhand Airstreams are reasonably priced. The restoration of these incredible trailers is the subject of several blogs and web pages. A fantastic experience is renovating an Airstream. You could even rent it out once you’ve had it refurbished to earn some additional cash!


  • Compared to contemporary travel trailers, many vintage Airstreams are narrower. The typical slide-outs found in other travel trailers are not present here.
  • The winter months can be cold in Airstreams. Most don’t have much insulation, making them unsuitable for cold climates. Take your Airstream during a summer vacation as an alternative to solve this problem quickly.
  • It is intended for Airstreams to have stabilizing jacks. To securely hang out in the camper, you must have your equipment set up.

Interesting Data About Airstream RVs

  • Did you know that NASA uses Airstreams to transport astronauts to their launch sites? 
  • One was towed by a French cyclist Alfred Letourneur, using his bike as the tow vehicle.
  • A lawyer created the Airstream trailer as a pastime in the beginning. 
  • The first Airstream was about $2,000.
  • NASA used an Airstream to confine the first astronauts returning from the Moon.
  • Airstream was the only RV camper trailer manufacturer to survive the Great Depression.

Knowing a few trivial details makes renting an Airstream RV even more brilliant, which is enjoyable! The most incredible RVs ever produced are Airstream travel trailers.

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Is Airstream The Best Travel Trailer

Airstream is the benchmark for performance in travel trailers. The Airstream travel trailer is one of the most aerodynamically efficient and lasts for decades. With numerous luxurious features, this makes them one of the best glamping Airstreams.

That’s All, Folks

Are you planning on going on an adventure? Away from tents and sleeping bags which don’t give you the comfort you deserve, Rent an Airstream RV for a mind-blowing experience. If you love ancient things, don’t feel left out, as there are a variety of vintage Airstream rentals for you to choose from.

For a beautiful experience, rent one today to get the actual gist of it.

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