Can You Make Money Renting Your RV?

Renting Out Your RV 

Can you make money renting your RV? While an RV may spend a lot of time in storage or the driveway during your off-season, likely, this isn’t true for everyone who enjoys RV trips. 

An RV merely takes up room in the driveway but renting it out while you’re too busy to use it yourself earns you money. Below is a useful guide explaining the advantages of renting out your RV.

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What I Need to Know About Renting Out My RV

Here are crucial things to be aware of before renting out your RV for the first time if you wish to earn money from rentals. It should give you a solid concept of what to anticipate while allowing others to drive your priceless RV safely and responsibly:

Above All Else, Maintain Your Mental Peace

Given that renting will likely shorten your RV’s lifespan, it is reasonable to consider your mental peace. Additionally, hauling your belongings back and forth between renters in the RV is a hassle.

Even while your RV may be under rental insurance, it’s still crucial to examine your stress levels and think about how you would feel if your RV was in someone else’s care.

In this light, only you can decide whether renting out your RV is worthwhile in terms of the money you would earn.

Keep In Mind That The Owner Has The Power

RV Owners have complete control over the rental agreement when they advertise their RV for rent on Outdoorsy or RV Share. For instance, the owner determines the available dates, the minimum number of days a renter must reserve, and the RV’s nightly rate.

Perhaps you’d want to keep animals out of your RV. You can configure the profile for your RV to forbid pets. You might not want your tenants to put too much wear and tear on your RV. You can establish a daily distance cap. If they travel more than the average allotment of 100 to 150 miles (160 to 241 kilometers), they pay $0.30 to $0.65 per mile (1.61 kilometers).

You can note details on additional charges for dogs or services like bed linen in your RV’s profile. You can also rent out your camping supplies.

When Renting Out Your RV, Conduct Business As Usual

As in maintaining client satisfaction, you desire positive evaluations. It’s a good idea to start by reading positive reviews on other RV ads to see what makes them positive and negative. Notice how the RVs with the top reviews pop out.

Then, when you do decide to market your RV, consider setting the nightly rate lower than other RVs with similar numbers of ratings. Despite the lack of customer history, this could assist in enticing potential renters to your RV.

After accumulating several positive RV rental reviews, you can raise your prices and make even more extra cash. Another expert suggestion is to promote the dates as far as possible to boost reservations, particularly during the busiest season.

Be Prepared to Teach Newbies The Basics

Introducing someone to the beloved RV lifestyle is one advantage of renting your RV. It might motivate some RV renters to make full-time RVing their lifestyle. Additionally, it can provide young families with an RV trip without the ownership costs. But becoming a part of the community also means picking up correct RV maintenance techniques.

How to Rent Out Your RV

Learning how much money you can make by renting out your camper is wonderful, but you should keep your expectations in check when you do.

Go with the cheapest option so you can gain some experience. This guarantees you the number of reservations required to meet your revenue targets. Remember that everyone wants a good bargain, so you won’t get few choices if your pricing is too high.

Remember not to try to rent out your RV permanently. You can afford storage, repairs, or a few months at your preferred campground if you rent your RV for a few weeks. 

Even better, you can use the rent income to improve your camper, enabling you to increase your per-night rates. Whatever your motivations, renting out your RV effectively may be highly beneficial.

Can You Make Money Renting Your RV Out?

Renting your camper out when you’re not using it might be highly lucrative. Most RV owners who rent out their vehicles believe that renting is more profitable than selling a used camper. However, how much money can you make by renting out your trailer? You may make up to about $40,000 a season from renting out your rig if you do it right.

Some people would assert that making money renting an RV is possible, and they earn more than $100,000 a year, but at that point, the income is not passive; rather, it is work. 

How Much Can You Make in Winter RV Rental?

Most RV owners park their vehicles during winter. If you decide to rent yours, you will earn more. You should be able to make at least $100 per day or more when you rent out your RV. 

The actual cost will depend on the sort of RV you own, and you can establish your pricing by comparing it to those of similar RVs. Some RV owners rent their vehicles for more than $300 daily.

When Should I Rent Out My RV?

So how do you know when to rent out your RV? It is advisable for most folks who are unsure of when to rent out their RV to list it in the early spring. Because that’s when folks start looking for campers and making summer travel plans. 

Even though it may be the off-season where you are, the sooner you accept that renting out your trailer is useful, the more likely you will receive bookings and reservations.

RV Rental During Off-Season

Since most residents won’t want to go camping in the winter, your RV will likely go unused from November to May unless you’re a dedicated winter camper.

This is the ideal chance to rent to your southern neighbors who take advantage of the mild climate all year round. Many RVers, also popular as “snowbirds,” move South for the winter. 

It opens up hundreds of choices for friends and family who wish to travel to RV communities in states like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida. It allows you to earn money from your RV even if you don’t want to utilize it.

Summer Months are Peak Season for RV Rentals

The warmer months bring with them family getaways. People have helpful guides to display how much money you can make if you rent out your RV and spend the entire winter gazing at the snow and daydreaming about adventures in the middle of the summer. 

Wannabe RV owners start looking for RVs to buy or rent when the weather starts to warm up. You might be debating whether to sell your RV or entirely give up the RV lifestyle.

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Where to Rent Out Your RV

There are numerous places to hire an RV. Of course, there’s always the option to rent it out exclusively to close family and friends you already know and trust, but limiting your circle of possible clients won’t likely lead to high earnings of around $10,000 to $30,000 per year. In addition, your friends and relatives may probably ask for a discount from you.

Yes, starting locally is a terrific way to get your RV rental business off the ground, but if you truly want to bring in the big bucks, you should try contacting individuals online.

Are you wondering how to rent out your RV? There are several websites where you may list your RV for rent:

  • RVShare
  • Outdoorsy
  • Campanda
  • RVEzy
  • Facebook MarketPlace
  • Craigslist
  • RV Share
  • Outdoorsy
  • Campanda

There are many other possibilities, but looking through the above will give you a general idea. Those are just a few of the RV rental sites.

There is very little work required of you when submitting your listing on an RV rental website. Making an account, creating a listing, and waiting for the websites to bring in possible clients are all you need to do. The rental websites handle the advertising and only direct the most reliable clients your way.

Speaking of tranquility, renting an RV through a peer-to-peer website, like Outdoorsy, allows you, the RV owner, and the renters to conduct business relatively stress-free. Outdoorsy is essentially Airbnb for RV rentals. So far, they have orchestrated tens of thousands of profitable rentals.

Like listing a home on Airbnb, you post your RV along with its features, amenities, and any open dates. The booking procedure is simple processing payments and facilitating contact between the renter and owner.

Outdoorsy also makes renting a vehicle safer by providing all renters with about $1 million in liability coverage, around $25,000 in collision insurance coverage, and even RV roadside help.

Even better, Outdoorsy performs a DMV background check on every rental to give owners even more peace of mind.

RV Share, which functions similarly to Outdoorsy, is another one of the most well-known RV rental firms. RVShare has excellent feedback from both renters and owners. RV Share is frequently popular in one-way excursions, which is one of the key distinctions between this and Outdoorsy. 

Therefore, RV Share is the best option for renters who won’t return to the same spot.

Additionally, whereas Outdoorsy also serves Canada and Australia, RV Share only offers services in the United States. Both rental businesses are excellent choices.

Can I Trust RV Renters?

Is it safe renting your RV for income? RV rental companies take all necessary precautions to ensure you and your partner have a pleasant and stress-free vacation. The following will help you decide whether to trust RV renters:

  • They demand a large security deposit.
  • Offer a large insurance program.
  • Give potential tenants a chance to call and speak with you before accepting any reservations.
  • All potential tenants should provide renter profiles for you to check before accepting their reservation.
  • Give yourself the freedom to decline any reservation for any reason.
  • Address any problem or worry before you ever have a chance to start worrying about it.

Things to Consider Before Renting Your RV Out

“I want to rent out my trailer. What do I need?” You may be wondering. There has recently been a lot of hype encouraging owners of recreational vehicles to rent out their mobile homes to earn extra money. This might be extremely alluring for those who have an overdraft on their RV loans, don’t want to use their coaches anymore, can’t sell them, or need extra cash.

Companies assisting people with this condition are responsible for some publicity. They make it appear simple and lucrative, but anyone considering utilizing their recreational vehicle for this reason should exercise caution because things may not always be as they seem.

Before deciding to rent out your RV, there are six things you should consider:

Potential Gain vs. Potential Loss

If you believe the hype, you can make a significant amount of money by signing a few documents and letting people drive off in your recreational vehicle. Given the right circumstances, the idea can be enticing because some RV owners claim to earn more than $15,000 monthly.

But if a business owner spent the time to conduct some investigation, they would soon discover that they would lose more money than they might make, not to mention that they might also face legal issues.

Assess Your Investment

Consider your investment before rushing off to place an advertisement that will attract an RV renter. You undoubtedly made a sizable down payment on your coach, paid sales tax and registration fees, and started making monthly payments plus interest.

Even under ideal conditions, you would have an initial investment of several thousand dollars and would have had to pay for storage, detailing repairs, and routine maintenance after that.

You might easily have an investment of around $50,000 or more depending on your purchase price, the terms of the contract, and how well you maintained your coach.

Your investment may seem insignificant compared to what you might owe if things don’t go well when renting your coach. Also, you should resist the urge to work more hours unless you are willing to take a chance to put yourself in this predicament. There are some tenants who will look after your coach well. Some won’t.

Understand Your Insurance

You pay a premium each year to have your coach insured, but it’s possible that your insurance would object if you let someone use it for a trip, especially if they were a stranger. You probably won’t be able to get the same particular coverage that professional RV rental businesses can for circumstances like this.

Even if you can, you will be dealing with the hassles if your renter has an accident along the route, not them. After all, it is your RV. Furthermore, if the accident is severe enough, it can completely ruin your coach or, at the very least, cause enough damage that it will never be good again.

Your tenant has the right to sue you if the issue results from a deficiency in your property (like what can happen with tires that are too old). Therefore, you can lose both the value of your coach and your rental income. Ensure you get every detail of what your insurance covers.

The Driving Ability of Your Renters

Many people who rent trailers and mobile homes are novice drivers when it comes to a vehicle larger than a van or pickup truck.

You already know that operating an RV requires specific abilities; thus, a renter may experience difficulties if they lack them. You’ll have to pay to fix them when they do, and your insurance costs will go up.

Consider Possible Use Problems

Because they either didn’t know you had to empty and clean them out regularly or didn’t want to bother, RV renters sometimes bring back RVs with faulty sewer tanks.

You may think you’ll conduct some training, but once someone drives off in your coach, you do not influence how they treat it. There is no assurance that while they are on vacation in your coach, they will maintain your tanks, clean the toilets, sweep the floors, or check the oil levels in the generator and motors.

Yes, you can ask for a security deposit, but some of the damage people may cause may be considerably more expensive. You’ll be in a similar situation if it does. Therefore, be ready for the risks that can occur.

Think About Renter Hygiene and Pets

Even though you can state that you won’t rent to anyone with pets or smokers, the reality is that many people will lie to you about these things.

Many will light up and place their pets in your RV as soon as you are out of sight. This implies that cigarette and cigar scents will seep into your carpets and upholstery, that you might have fleas, and that your furniture and drapes might get damaged while traveling.

Additionally, if tenants don’t clean their personal space, you can add body odor to the mix. Once it settles inside a coach, that stench is quite difficult to get rid of. Once your unit is back, it is your responsibility to clean and maintain it. No security deposit could ever, in the worst-case scenario, cover the cost of the cleanup.

What Will it Cost to Rent Your RV Out?

How much you can charge as a rental fee truly depends on the type of RV you have. This is mostly because some RVs, such as those in the Class A category, have more amenities and typically have larger, slightly more comfortable interiors.

The price can generally increase as the RV becomes finer and gets more features. However, regardless of the model or amenities offered, renting your RV can still bring in a good amount of money. 

To guarantee you achieve the sales you desire, start with the lower prices first and move up to the higher price range once you have more experience in the RV rental industry. Making those larger numbers on the other end of the spectrum can be thrilling.

But can you picture how much cash you would make if you were to lease one of those RVs for even a brief period? You wouldn’t have to put in much effort to get there because you’d be earning enough money to complete all the renovations you’ve been planning.

What are the Benefits of Renting an RV Out?

You purchased an RV because you enjoy traveling and the freedom of the open road, but it’s simply impractical to live in it constantly. For this reason, many people think about renting their RVs while not using them to make money.

Are you considering renting out your RV? Here are the top five advantages you might experience:

  • Earn some additional money: This one is simple. Renting out your RV is one way to earn some additional cash. Although you enjoy living in an RV, maintaining and upgrading your vehicle has a cost that can be somewhat offset by renting it out. Some RV owners who rent out their vehicles earn enough money to cover their personal expenses.
  • It’s not only about the money you generate from renting your RV; you should also avoid spending on storage. You should also consider the costs you save. For instance, you don’t have to pay for storage when renting your RV. Renters bring in income, and you avoid paying for storage, saving you money.
  • Make new friends: If you own an RV, you’ve probably found a community of people who are enthusiastic about living in an RV. Therefore, you automatically meet people who enjoy the lifestyle or are just learning about it when renting out your RV. Also, your social circle and friend network start to expand.
  • Enjoy mental calmness: RV-sharing programs available nowadays reduce danger and boost security. You can pick the dates and people you want to rent your RV to through RV sharing. Platforms like Outdoorsy provide detailed renter profiles with evaluations, so you have all the facts you need to make a decision.
  • Share the spirit: By renting out your RV, you’re deciding to introduce others who would not have otherwise had the chance to experience the RV lifestyle. Thus, you contribute to the growth of an already vibrant community while sharing the RV lifestyle.
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That’s a Wrap

Generally, it may seem strange to earn money by renting out your RV while letting strangers use your camper. However, with the money you make from rentals, you may quickly pay off your RV. Thanks to top-notch protection and fantastic customer service from your renter, you can rest easy knowing your RV is safe while it makes you money.

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