Genius Info on Peace River RV & Camping Resort

Where is Peace River RV & Camping Resort

Peace River RV & Camping Resort is a campground owned and operated by a family. It is in South Florida on the outskirts of Wauchula, a few miles from South Tampa and Orlando in the United States.

The Peace River RV & Camping Resort in Wauchula, Fl, is different from other campgrounds because it has plenty of primitive camping on 30.35 hectares (75 acres).

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Available Amenities

Peace River RV & Camping Resort Wauchula, Fl, offers the amenities you desire for comfort.

Camp Store 

They have a store full of everything you need, in case you have forgotten something at home or did not have it; you will probably find it in their stores.

Showers and Restrooms

This campground has clean and well-kept bathrooms. They have a private shower and dressing stall, and doors have locks. Women’s batteries have shower caddies and double shower curtains; you will not step on the water when you get out.

Club House

Peace River RV & Resort has a lovely clubhouse with a pool table and a clean pool area; you will enjoy playing pool table in a clean environment.

Ball Courts

There is a shuffleboard, pickleball, basketball court, bocci ball pit, and horseshoe pit. During family get together or while enjoying with friends, you can play these games and compete against each other for fun.

Activities in and Around Peace River RV& Camping Resort

Peace River RV & Camping Resort is the best place when planning a getaway with friends or family. They have different activities that you can enjoy.

Fossil Hunting

There are fossils found in the riverbed of the peace river. So, you can do fossil sifting at the Campground.


There are nature trails; the Peace River Campground has old hanging mossy trees. The peace river runs through the camp. On a sunny day, alligators sun the river banks. There are birds, and you may see animals within the campground.

The environment at Peace River RV & Camping Resort is perfect for outdoor activities. The green grass and the trees are so refreshing that most clients enjoy outside picnics or picnics at the riverside.

Ice Cream

The campground sells ice cream; it has the best ice cream. You can enjoy the ice cream when taking walks at the campground.

Planned Activities

They plan activities for families and friends to get together. Some activities are bike riding, skateboarding, basketball, and walks through the park.

Live Entertainment

They have events such as concerts, super bowl battles, and cookouts to entertain clients. On Saturday or Friday evenings, they organize dancing activities, a lucky dinner, and a happy hour at the firepit with snacks to be cooked or shared.

Children Playground

The playground area is kids friendly; kids enjoy activities in the playground. They will not get bored at the camp. Kids can also enjoy skateboarding and riding bikes around the campground because of the slopes.


Peace River Resort has a nice clean swimming pool. The swimming pool is big enough to accommodate you and your family or friends. They also have a jacuzzi, and the water temperature is great, where you can enjoy alone time if you want to.


Fishing is one of the activities at Peace River RV Resort, and you will enjoy fishing at the river. There are snooks, tarpon, and bass, but sometimes it may be risky fishing at peace river.

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General Information

Peace River RV& Camping Resort has policies and information you must know before booking with reservation management.

Pet Friendly

Peace River RV & Camping Resort is a pet-friendly resort. It has plenty of open spaces and a dog park for you and your pet to explore. They ensure you and your pets have a memorable camping experience. You should bring a leash; dogs should be on a leash not more than six feet from the owner when outside.


During the high use/winter season, full hook-up sites are not guaranteed or may not be available at check-in. You should contact the office directly for details during the winter months for hook-up.Check-in/Check-out hours at the campground are

  • Campsite check-in: Noon; at check-in, you must provide a valid ID card, a certificate of insurance, or registration for your camper. Members are supposed to have their membership cards.
  • Rental check-in: 4 p.m.
  • Check-out: 11 a.m.

The minimum check-in is 21 years, and guests under 18 years are considered children for they are underaged.

After Hours Arrival

If you are late for arrival arrangements, you should contact the reservation department at the office; that way, they will still reserve your space.

Reservation & Rates

If you book a reservation online and want to make any changes to the reservation, please contact the reservation department and specify you had booked online. To book a weekend reservation, you need to book two nights and three nights for the holidays. 

You can book a single-night mid-week reservation. Prices vary on the type of site that is available. The rates displayed upon reservation do not include any applicable service fees or any changes you may make.

Deposit and Payment Schedule

If you use a credit card for a deposit, guarantee, or payment, you allow MHC Property Management L.P. to charge you any expenses you incur during your stay at the campground.

Daily/Weekly Stays

Suppose you use a credit card; reservation management charges a deposit of a one-night rack rate. You should deposit any remaining balance before you arrive at the campground.

Extended Stays

For an extended stay, one month or more, you should deposit a maximum of $750 at the time of reservation. Pay the balance according to: 

  • 1 to 3 Months; the balance should be due on the reservation start date.
  • 4 to 5 Months; 50% of the balance should be due on the first two months of the reservation date. 
  • 6 Months or longer; 50% of the balance should be due on the reservation start date. 25% of the balance should be due on the 1st day of the 2nd month of reservation.

The final balance should be due on the 1st day of the 3rd month of reservation.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If multiple sites have a booking, cancellation penalties will apply to each area that has been canceled or changed. Money will not be refundable for early check-out issues. We only allow refund cancellation two days before the arrival date for daily and weekly reservations.

For rental accommodation, we allow a refund if you cancel seven days before your arrival date for daily and weekly reservations.


Cottage-2 bedroom: This rental cottage is for only five people; It has furniture, a queen size bed in the main bedroom, and a twin bed in the other bedroom.

Cottage-loft: This rental is for only four people, full of furniture, a queen size bed in the main bedroom, and a twin bed in the other bedroom, but with limited bed space.

Cottage-loft: This cottage is for five people, full of furniture. In the main bedroom, there is a queen size bed, and in the other room, there is a twin bed but limited head space.

All cottages are provided with bedding, pool towels, and bath towels and have a dinette and a sofa sleeper. No pets are in these cottages, but service pets may stay in these cottages.

For daily and weekly reservations, if the cancellation received is less than the request notice before your arrival, the deposit covers one night for the cancellation rack rate. 

Extended stays; For long stay reservations of one month or more, we enable refund cancellation before your arrival date. We only allow full refund cancellations up to 60 days before your arrival date if cancellations are received less than the required notice before arriving.

The deposit amount will be held on your account for a future stay if the cancellation received is less than the required notice.

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In Conclusion

Peace River RV & Camping Resort is in south Florida, a few miles from south Orlando and Tampa on the outskirts of Wauchula. 

The best adventurous place with water or woods is Peace River RV Resort; it is perfect for everyone, and the air and the nature of the area are so refreshing. Mossy hanging trees surround the campground, and the green grass provides a pleasant environment to stay in the campground. 

The birds are amazing, and you may find animals such as deer and friendly squirrels. Some snakes are within the campground, and guests should always be careful. You may also encounter alligators at the riverbanks and shark teeth close to the river. The reservation management also guarantees you gator viewing at a nearby park.

Peace River Resort is the best place; very quiet for a family get-together, hanging out with friends, picnics, or any nature walks. It is also kid-friendly; the playground is perfect for kids.

Peace River RV Resort is close to the road; there is some noise but not too much to distract you. The staff is welcoming, patient, generous, kind, and helpful. 

The camp setting is for guests who want to explore local attractions surrounding the camp and enjoy amenities and activities at the resort. You have to book early with the reservation department to enjoy all the activities at the campground. 

Power service is 50 Amp, very stable, no issue connecting to the sewer, or water, free parking, and free wifi. Cleanliness, access, location, site quality, and services will make you enjoy your stay at Peace River RV & Camping Resort. Read our article and find out The Best RV Parks in Utah.

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