Our List of MUST-HAVE Pop Up Camper Accessories

What are Pop Up Camper Accessories?

Pop up camper accessories may transform an average camping trip into something spectacular. These accessories cover everything from the ambiance to creature comforts, and they’re products you’ll genuinely use and like.

In this article, we have taken the time to discuss several of these pop up camper accessories that you may just need. Kindly read on to the tail end to get the insight.

15 Recommended Pop Up Camper Accessories

These are accessories that you will need in your pop up camper during camping. They are not must-have pop up camper accessories, but having them will make your camping experience the best.

Camp Chairs

For lounging at your campsite, you’ll need chairs. Picnic tables and cheap collapsible camp chairs aren’t exceptionally comfortable. Pick up some zero gravity chairs for your campsite if you want to relax in style. 

These seats are so comfortable that they feel like outdoor recliners. They also collapse for storage. Camping chairs are necessary unless you intend to sit on the ground or in your sleeping bag.

camp chairs with rv

Camping Stove

There is numerous cooking equipment available for use outside your pop up camper. Your options are nearly limitless, ranging from camping stoves to portable barbecues, pellet smokers, etc. 

We propose this lightweight Coleman camping stove with two adjustable burners, weighing only 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms). On the sidewalls, there are also wind-blocking shields and a pressure regulator.

Butane camp stoves use butane as a fuel source. You can connect the propane canister to the stove through a hose or directly. After connecting the hose, the user activates the main control, allowing the butane to enter the stove.

Camping Table

A picnic table is not there at every campsite. Even if it does, it isn’t always very clean or sanitary. Bringing your camping table gives you more space for food preparation, cooking, and simply relaxing. 

This portable folding camping table is simple to clean and move. It has two height settings, 22 and 27 inches (55.88 and 68.58 centimeters), and can support up to 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms).

When it comes to picking a camping table, stability is crucial. Usually, the outdoors is a harsh environment. As a result, go for a sturdy table that won’t tumble with a light touch or a gust of wind. 

Take a look at the add-ons: Most camping tables come with side pockets where you may store your cans. Choose a lightweight and portable camping table for easy travel in the carrying case.

Family at Picnic Table

Canvas Repair Tape

Pick up some canvas mending tape while shopping for pop up camper accessories. On a camping vacation, you just never know what will happen. With this sturdy and long-lasting repair tape, you can take care of your camper canvas. You can use it on both leather and plastic.

Clam Quick-Set Tent

It’s a clamshell tent that unfolds and closes without zippers. Who wouldn’t like to sleep in a colossal clamshell? The concept is simple: a tent rotates around a pivot point to open and close.

Because of pesky pests, sitting outdoors with your camper isn’t always as enjoyable as you’d like. Mosquitoes, gnats, and other insects may wreak havoc on a camping trip. 

This clam rapid setup gazebo screen tent is a popular choice in the RVing world. It’s simple to put together, enjoyable to hang out in and keeps pests, rain, and harmful UV rays at bay. It can accommodate two to three people—the tent measures 6 feet (1.8 meters) broad and nearly 7 feet (2 meters) tall with four sides.

Clam quick-set tents are faster to set up than any other screen tent available. Some claim that they can set one up in as little as 60 seconds and that pulling one down is just as simple. Remember all your pop up tent camper accessories.

Outdoor Shower

The sun warms the water within this Advanced Elements 5-gallon (22.7 liters) outdoor solar shower. It’s ideal for rinsing sand off your feet after a day at the beach or washing off after a long day of hiking. There’s also a compartment on the side for your shampoo and soap. There are two types of them:

RV Camper Van Outdoor Shower

Pop up Camper Cover Accessories

Even if you store your pop up camper in your garage, it’s best to keep it covered while you’re not using it. When you’re not camping, a pop up camper cover protects your camper from the elements and keeps it clean. This cover is suitable for trailers measuring 10 to 12 feet (3.048 to 3.658 meters) in length. It also has air vents to help with wind resistance.

Pop Up Camper Safety Accessories: Surge Protector

No matter how little their camper is, every RVer requires a surge protector. A surge protector is a necessary piece of electrical safety equipment. The Hughes Autoformers surge protector connects your pop up camper’s electrical cord and a campground’s power pedestal. 

In the case of a power surge or a problem with the pedestal, it safeguards your camper’s delicate electrical equipment. Consider it a form of protection for your RV’s electrical system.

A surge protector system’s primary function is to safeguard electrical equipment against “surges.” A power surge, also known as transient voltage, occurs when the voltage in a flow of electricity rises dramatically above the designated level. 

The standard voltage in the United States is usually 120 volts. There is an issue if the voltage climbs above 120 volts, and a surge protector can prevent surges from damaging your equipment.

Several factors can lead to a brief increase in voltage:

  • A surge is an increase that lasts three nanoseconds (billionths of a second) or longer.
  • It is a spike when it merely lasts one or two nanoseconds.

A high-enough surge or spike might cause serious harm to a machine. Applying too much water pressure to a hose has a similar effect. A hose will rupture if there is too much water pressure. When there is an application of too much electrical pressure to a wire, the wire “bursts.” Like the filament in a light bulb, the wire warms up and burns, but the concept is the same.

Increased voltage may not harm your electronics right away, but it may put extra strain on the components over time, wearing them down. We’ll look at what surge protectors do to prevent this in the next section.

Pop Up Camper Winter Accessories: Mr. Buddy Heater

These compact propane heaters have a big punch. In minutes, one of these heaters will warm up your pop up camper. It has a 200-square-foot (12-square-meters) coverage area. You may also use it in place of a campfire outside. If you’re using a Mr. Buddy Heater, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector.

Many individuals use a Buddy Heater as a primary or supplemental heat source in their RVs and campers. It’s vital to remember that You should only use Buddy Heaters in conjunction with sufficient ventilation and a carbon monoxide detector.

This heater is available in many sizes to fit tiny and large tents. Every winter, we warm tents up to 450 square feet (42 square meters). The Mr. Heater Buddy’s heating regions will suffice for most campers.

Pop Up Gizmos Camper Accessories

Pop up bunk end coverings are a unique product made exclusively for pop up campers by Gizmos. These bed end coverings deflect sunlight in the summer, keeping your pop up camper cooler. They also help keep your camper comfortable in cold weather by sealing away drafts. 

These one-of-a-kind bunk end covers protect your canvas from the elements, so it’s a win-win situation.

A pop up camper can sleep four to five adults and children (depending on the model). During the day, as many as possible can enjoy the trailer. Pop up Gizmos are reflective covers put over the tops of pop up camper bed ends. They reflect sunlight, which can help cool your pop up while also preserving your vinyl or canvas roof from UV damage and bird droppings.

Portable Camping Toilet

Pick up a portable camping toilet if your pop up camper lacks a toilet or a wet bath. This lightweight and affordable portable camping toilet is ideal for the outdoors. You’re almost entirely self-contained once you have your toilet. You can also use a pop up toilet tent to create a private “bathroom” outside your camper.

The portable toilet is ideal for recreational activities such as camping, RVing, boating, and other outdoor activities. It has a compact and lightweight polyethylene construction. The holding tank is detachable and comes with a sealing slide valve that keeps odors in and prevents leaks. 

Two side latches lock the tank to the toilet, and a carrying handle makes transportation simple. The toilet has a bellow-type flush and a pull slide valve for convenient flushing. It is light in weight, making it easy to transport.

Portable Propane Fire Pit

Many people consider the Outland Portable Propane Fire Pits the best portable fire bowls on the market. They come in various sizes ranging from 19 to 24 inches (48 to 61 centimeters), but they all produce 58,000 BTUs of heat. They all burn cleanly, emit no smoke, and come with carrying cases and coverings.

Propane gas fire pits use ignition systems. Open the gas valve and light the fire with a match or lighter to utilize a manual ignition. A spark ignition system employs a push-button to ignite the gas with a tiny spark.

There are burn bans from time to time, and other camping spots do not have fire pits. In these instances, portable propane fire pits are extremely useful. They’re compact, portable, and provide heat without emitting any smoke. This gas-powered Outland Living Fire dish weighs 23 pounds (10 kilograms). It takes only a few minutes to put up and operate in any conditions.

Power Tongue Jack

A power tongue jack is a jack that lifts and lowers the front end of a trailer (on the ‘tongue’). It extends or retracts the trailer leg using 12-volt DC electrical power, usually supplied by the trailer’s onboard battery.

While you don’t require a motorized tongue jack for your pop up camper, it will undoubtedly make your life easier when setting up camp. This Lippert power tongue jack has a light for setting up camp in the dark and can support 3,500 pounds (1588 kilograms).

Because most automobile jacks aren’t big enough to raise something the size of a boat, you’ll need this towing equipment. Hitch jacks, also known as trailer jacks or tongue jacks, elevate and steady a trailer before attaching it to the towing vehicle. It’s one of several hitch attachments designed to make towing easier.

Hitch jacks often get attached to the tongue of the trailer, which is the long beam in the front that stretches out and connects with the towing vehicle. The jack gets attached to that beam and extends vertically to the ground, where a metal base supports it.

 Here’s how to put one to good use:

  • Attach the jack’s base to the pavement by releasing a pin that causes the bottom to fall to the ground.
  • Raise the trailer to a higher position with the jack.
  • Carefully align your vehicle with the tongue of the trailer.
  • Lower the jack to where the trailer gets seated over the hitch.
  • Connect the trailer to the towing vehicle’s jack.

RV Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are a must-have for pop up campers. When parked in your driveway or at a campsite, wheel chocks keep your trailer from rolling in either direction. We recommend using a chock on both sides of each tire for safety. These chocks can support up to 36,000 pounds (13629 kilograms). They can withstand the elements and oil, lubricants, and other chemicals.

RV wheel chocks are necessary when parking on uneven or sloping ground to balance and shore up your RV so that it is comfortable and level and remains put, and doesn’t shift or move when you don’t want it to.

A wheel chock is one of the pop up camper essentials because a parking brake alone isn’t always enough to keep a vehicle from rolling during a towing job. When transporting tires and automobiles, it’s also crucial to keep them stable so they don’t break free and cause injury.

Just make sure the chock or boulder gets placed in front of the tire where the inclination is (sometimes, this may be on the backside of the tire if the incline is leaning towards the rear end of your trailer). We propose chocking both sides of each camper to be extra cautious.

Solar String Lights

Solar string lights are decorative lights made of miniature light bulbs connected by a cord or cable. They get power from a solar battery. The solar panel transforms sunshine into electricity, used to control a battery.

With these solar string lights, you can set the atmosphere and create a warm ambiance at your campground. The Edison bulbs are stylish and adorable, and they provide an excellent ambiance for hanging out after dark around camp. This 48-foot (15-meter) string has a vintage style that will add a friendly vibe to your venue.

Portable Types

There are two types of portable external showers: single-hose and pedestal. Single-hose showers connect to flexible hoses, and you can move them wherever your hose can reach. 

However, these usually use cold water. Pedestal or tower showers typically get connected to an external plumbing line and can provide hot and cold water, but they are less portable than single-hose types. You can connect Pedestal showers to their subterranean plumbing line or a garden hose. 

Both portable showers may have a drainage platform, and they’re typically the cheapest alternative, while some pedestal ones get priced similarly to wall-mount or stationary models.

Stationary Types

Stationary showers generally get installed on walls and come with a privacy curtain. You should connect them. They must also have an external plumbing supply, which you connect to your home’s plumbing system. 

Stationary external showers are more versatile than portable showers in enclosures and platforms. Enclosures and platforms, for example, could be built of wood or entirely tiled. A built-in drain is standard on most fixed outdoor showers.

Pop Up Camper Details

When selecting a pop up camper, keep in mind the towing capacity of your car, your budget, and your sleeping arrangements.

There’s something for everyone, from small 8-foot (2-meter) trailers that look like a tent sitting on a wheeled box to 32-foot (10-meter) trailers with motorized lift-up toppers. Some are even small enough to be towed by motorcycles!

Each camper style will have a different number of slide-outs. Some A-frame camper accessories, for example, do not have slide-outs. On the other hand, others may have a raised roofline with slide-outs on both ends and dormers.

The weight of these pop up campsites varies from less than 1,000 pounds (434 kilograms) to more than 5,000 pounds (2268 kilograms). 

For modest, old pop ups that may need work, prices range from under $1,000 to upwards of $28,000 for newer ones. The compact off-road adventure units usually have a sleeping capacity of two persons. However, some larger units can accommodate up to 12 people! 

Benefits of Pop Ups

Pop ups are often less expensive than other types of campers, owing to their small size, lack of amenities, and simplicity. The majority do not have full toilets or kitchens. As an entry-level trailer, the finishes are more straightforward.

Due to their lower wind resistance and weight, many larger sedans and smaller SUVs can tow these trailers. A vehicle you already own is likely capable of towing a smaller pop up. This means you may start camping right away with less stress and money out of your pocket. 

They’re also simple to pull because they don’t buck the wind, and this aerodynamic advantage means you’ll spend less money on gas.

Pop up campers are also available from some manufacturers for off-road trips. These models offer more ground clearance, allowing you to venture off-road searching for the ideal boondocking location.

Pop ups can sleep more people in a smaller space than standard campers, thanks to the beds unrolling from the trailer. They frequently include a king-size bed, which is uncommon in non-pop up trailers. They’re ideal for family camping trips or bringing along more companions on outdoor adventures because of their excellent sleeping space.

Pop up campers have a few disadvantages. They are more difficult to heat or cool due to their flexible sides. This is due to a lack of insulation and a higher risk of drafts through the seams. Because you can see and hear through the tent windows, a soft-sided pop up trailer provides less privacy than a hard-sided pop up trailer.

Not to mention that the sides and lift mechanisms, especially for one person, can be finicky and difficult to manage. They also necessitate some upkeep and specific attention to maintain their longevity and functionality over time.

Pop ups aren’t ideal for full-time because of the lack of pop up camper accessories’ storage capacity. They’re not the best in bad weather, and regularly putting them up and down can be painful. Some versions lack full restrooms, which may be fine for a weekend getaway, but not for more frequent or longer journeys.

RV Accessories – Your Way!

Have you lately acquired a pop up camper? Just because you may not see as many pop up campers around as travel trailers doesn’t mean you can’t acquire the best pop up camper parts.

But the critical question is, are any of these products pop up camper necessities? Maybe not. But will they bring a ton of delight and make life easier on your next camping trip? Absolutely. These pop up camper accessories are hand-selected by experienced RVers to help you make the most out of your next pop up camper camping vacation.

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