Our Top Ten Countdown of the Best RV Rentals in San Diego

RV Rentals in San Diego, California

Can you travel while avoiding the expenses and upkeep of owning an RV? RV rental San Diego comes to your rescue when you share this thought. 

You may reserve the ideal vehicle for each trip with a rental, just like you would a vehicle or a hotel. You may rent an RV directly from the owner while also benefiting from services like roadside assistance, insurance, and outstanding customer support available around the clock. 

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Our Countdown

There are several RV rentals in San Diego, California, that you can utilize while cutting costs. Here are a few of them:

2018 Lexor Ram 3500

This luxurious camper van rental is an excellent option for a married couple or two adults traveling together. It is small enough to drive about San Diego’s wacky road system without feeling claustrophobic, yet substantial enough to provide a sense of security.

The Ram ProMaster chassis is the basis for the platform upon which the Lexor FL rests. 

When you fold the mirrors, the unit has an overall length of 20 feet 11 inches (6.38 meters), a wheelbase measuring 159 inches (403.86 centimeters), and an outside width of 89 inches (226.06 centimeters). 

Because of the unitized construction that you use to create the Lexor and the fact that the exterior side walls extend vertically and are not curved near the top as the walls rise to the roof, a Pleasure-Way designer can make the most of the living and storage volume within the Lexor.

The exterior of the Lexor has silver metallic paint that Ram manufactured for the ProMaster. 

There is the addition of long, single-piece running boards along either side of the coach to give it a finished and complete look. In addition to providing the bottom of the coach with a finished appearance, this also makes it easier for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. 

The kitchen is directly to the left of the sliding side entry door, which leads into the main part of the vessel. The door on the coach’s side and the two doors at the back of the coach, each with a center post, have an optional mosquito screen made of nylon that rolls up. 

The screens have a magnetic bead around the edge that keeps the curtain closed, preventing insects from entering and allowing airflow.

2017 Fleetwood Bounder 

The master bedroom of this lovely RV rental in San Diego offers you plenty of closet space and a comfortable queen bed. In addition to that, the bathroom is spacious (a huge perk, if you ask me). You can watch a movie on the big TV in the living room while cozying up next to the fireplace in the living room. 

You might also choose to read a good book while unwinding on the L-shaped couch and the Euro recliner chair. You can keep all your food fresh in the full-size home refrigerator of full size, and you can enjoy a midnight snack at the spacious dinette that converts into a bed. 

The Fleetwood bounder has re-established connections between families and the natural world for over three decades. The Bounder is a class A gas motorhome that takes convenience and luxury to a new level, making it one of the most popular models on the road today. 

The 35K and 36H come standard with the ever-popular rear bathroom and half bath, as well as sofas with a comfort foam design that are ideal for families and guests. This motorhome is a contender for the “America’s Favorite Motorhome” title due to its high-end features, such as solid-surface worktops and a home theater sound system.

2017 Mercedes Sprinter Class C

Because it can accommodate up to six people and is well suited for music festivals, it is one of the excellent motorhome rentals San Diego offers for groups of friends or relatives who wish to have a pleasant weekend trip. In addition, you can bring your beloved domesticated animals with you. 

This Mercedes view has various features, including swivel cab seats with boosters, a U-shaped dinette, and a sizable galley window on the patio side. What kind of mileage does a motorhome that is on the Sprinter get? Weight and driving behavior are the two most important factors determining a vehicle’s fuel economy. 

Most of the owners with whom we have conversations report a fuel economy of 12 and 14 miles per gallon (19.3 and 22.5 kilometers per 3.79 liters). From this spectrum, individual experiences will range anywhere from zero to infinity. This qualifies it among the best RV rentals in San Diego.

2016 Thor Motor Coach Vegas 

This rig has nearly everything you need to get on the road and begin your journey, so all you have to do is hop in and go! (minus the food, of course). Dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, a coffee machine, fishing poles, dog toys, floaties, a longboard, a portable washer and dryer, outdoor chairs, and a lot more are all included in this San Diego motorhome rental.

It is stunning in its Class A form, and it’s believed to be a sprinter! It’s very simple to operate and simple to set up. Simple to get back on the road in the morning, and at only 26 feet long (7.92 meters), it’s perfect for hitting the Utah Park loop, the Grand Canyon, and all the other beautiful Southwestern destinations on your adventure.

It comes quite “laden” with your mattress, basics for the kitchen and bathroom, and even your camp chairs and barbecue grill!  

2017 Riverside RV Retro 

This 2017 Riverside RV Retro features a modern interior and a fantastic 1950s vibe. Ruben, the RV owner, would even deliver and set up for you anywhere in San Diego county! Six people can sleep soundly in this travel trailer rental’s queen bed in its private room, two bunk beds, and a dining table that you can use as a bed. 

You can use the Samsung flat-screen TV and DVD player for enjoyment or play your favorite music loudly on the Bluetooth stereo. Although Ruben would prefer not to use the interior stove, he will provide you with a free outside camp stove, a folding table, and chairs. One of the best San Diego RV rentals.

2012 Forest River Rockwood Roo 

This rental of a tent camper comes equipped with two queen beds, a couch, and a table that you can convert into beds. If this is insufficient sleeping space, there is enough on the floor for a queen-sized inflatable mattress. 

This travel trailer also has plenty of RV storage space, a bathroom with a shower, a large refrigerator, a microwave, a water heater, heating, air conditioning, and heating and air conditioning.

2017 Airstream Sport 

Your journey across the country in this 2017 Airstream Sport will exude elegance and refinement. The interiors of Airstreams are contemporary, unfussy, and luxurious simultaneously. 

If the RV owner, Happily Hitched Campers, would let you, you would love to make this travel trailer rental your permanent home! It weighs very little despite having a bewilderingly large number of features in comparison to its overall size. 

The “master bedroom” features a large bed capable of accommodating two people, and you can convert the couch into a bed accommodating two people. It provides a small closet space, a bathroom (please be aware that it may only be possible to shave, shower, and use the restroom there), and a decent size kitchenette. 

One of the most iconic travel trailers ever produced by Airstream, the 2017 Sport 16 is easily identifiable due to its streamlined and aerodynamic design. This premium compact trailer boasts plenty of contemporary conveniences while maintaining the fuel efficiency of a single-axel design. 

The fact that it’s not too heavy for an SUV to pull makes it a breeze to hitch it up and head out on the open road. We looked at the Sport 16, the smaller two-floor plans for the Sport that are available to choose from; the other one is the Sport 22FB. 

It stands 9 feet 3 inches tall (2.82 meters), has an exterior width of 8 feet (2.44 meters), and an external length of 16 feet 4 inches (4.99 meters). The height inside is 6 feet, 4.5 inches (1.94 meters), and the width is 7 feet, 7 inches (2.31 meters). 

Both the carrying capacity of 640 pounds (290.3 kilograms) and the hitch weight of 350 pounds(158.8 kilograms) are in their specifications. The capacity of the tank for the freshwater is 23 gallons (87.1 liters), while the capacity for the combined gray and waste water is 21 gallons (79.5 liters).

The signature rounded and low-profile shape of an Airstream creates the least amount of wind resistance possible. With its one-of-a-kind chassis and axel design, rubber torsion axle, and under-mounted holding tanks, the Sport 16 maintains a weight distribution that places the center of gravity low, making it both steady and easy to pull behind. 

2016 Forest River Cherokee 

Experience the best that San Diego offers by driving this 2016 Forest River Cherokee from Imperial Beach to Solana Beach. This stunning mobile home is just what you need for your next coastal excursion! The rental of this travel trailer in San Diego is an excellent option for a gathering of friends or family members. 

There is a queen-sized bed in the main bedroom and a dinette that you can convert into a sofa bed. You can unwind and watch television on the 40-inch (101.6 centimeters) smart TV or a movie on the DVD player in the living room. After you’ve had fun in the waves, you can shower in the spacious bathroom or relax on your patio, which boasts a folding table and chairs for outdoor use. 

A further attractive feature is that the RV owner will deliver and set up the trailer for free within 100 miles (160.9 kilometers) of their facility in Riverside, or they will charge a nominal fee for going further.

2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 

This motor home rental offers a primary bedroom with a queen bed, two bunk beds, an overhead cab bed, a sofa bed, and a converting dinette. RV owner, Erin, keeps her motorhome spotless and prides herself on the cleanliness of her RV. A few other great features are a full kitchen, a bathroom with a full-size shower, and more!

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road 

Our final vehicle is a 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD off-road. It is an excellent option for three adults and one child. This hybrid truck and camper can go anywhere! It is ideal preparation for a journey over the weekend to the ocean, desert, or mountains. 

You can rent the tent with the RV from Brandon, the RV owner, or you may hire only the tent and set it up in your car. It gives you a reason not to rent a motorhome San Diego has to offer.

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The Best Things to Do in San Diego, CA

Apart from California RV rentals, San Diego has numerous other activities you take part in and have fun with while on tour. Take a look at some of these activities:

La Jolla Cove

The La Jolla Cove is the city’s crowning achievement. La Jolla Cove, which you can find directly across the water from La Jolla Shores, may not have much to offer in the way of a beach. Still, it makes up for its lack of size with its stunning scenery and excellent reputation for snorkeling among recent tourists. 

The location is an ecologically protected region that serves as a haven for diverse species in and out of the water—Sea lions lounging near the bluffs and tide pools in the cove. Snorkelers are just starting. 

Snorkelers with more experience should explore the sea caves along the bluffs, but they should do so only with a guide. Visit the Cave Store, home to an artificial tunnel that leads right inside the Sunny Jim Cave, if you want to explore the caverns, even if you aren’t an experienced snorkeler. Alternatively, you can take a kayak tour around the cave system. 

Travelers remark that even if you don’t intend to swim or snorkel at the attraction, you should still go there to take in the scenery because it is so picturesque. Exploring La Jolla Cove is free, and the cove is open around the clock; however, swimming is never a good idea unless a lifeguard is there. 

The cove has on-site facilities, showers, and parking spaces in the surrounding area. It is important to remember that La Jolla Cove beach can soon get busy because of its tiny size; therefore, you should plan to arrive early in the day. (Although there is no charge to visit the beach, there is a price to tour the cave that you can pay at the Cave Store.) 

According to the experiences of prior guests, it can be challenging to locate a parking space in the immediate area. Check out the webpage for the city of San Diego if you’re interested in learning more about La Jolla cove.

USS Midway Museum

San Diego is a sizable military community. While visiting the city, especially in and around San Diego Bay, you might come upon a few dispersed bases. One of these associated sites, the USS Midway, provides access to areas often off-limits to the general public. 

In her 47 years of service, the USS Midway has hosted more than 200,000 sailors, making it the longest-serving American aircraft carrier of the 20th century. Customers can visit more than 30 restored aircraft and 60 distinct displays at this historical relic, some of which have flown in the Korean War, Operation Desert Storm, and World War II. 

The crew’s sleeping quarters, the engine room, and the primary flight control room are just a few of the places on the  1.62- hectare (4-acre) flight deck that you may see during the self-guided audio tour. Additionally, there are gift shops, cafes, and flying simulators. The audio guides, according to visitors, are educational. 

Still, they also suggest hour-long tours led by knowledgeable volunteer docents (many of them military veterans, some of whom served on the ship). Many tourists reported spending many hours here, while some decided to remain the full day because there is so much to see and learn. 

Even those who had little interest in the site before their visit said it was a must-see, regardless of whether they were history buffs or not. The USS Midway made many people realize how grateful they should be to all military personnel, both past and present, for their service. It’s essential to arrive early to avoid ticket queues and crowds at this popular site in San Diego.

Balboa Park

This 485.6-hectare (1,200-acre) park serves as the city’s cultural center and is home to the famed San Diego Zoo. Balboa Park is a nice area for a stroll, a bike ride, or a picnic and is in downtown San Diego, approximately one and a half miles (2.4 kilometers) north of the city center. 

Admire the magnificent Spanish-Renaissance architecture penetrating the park’s grounds as you stroll through its many gardens (the best examples are the California Building and the reconstructed House of Hospitality). In Balboa Park, the Botanical Building is an excellent place to start. 

One of the largest lath buildings in the world, the building is one of Balboa Park’s most popular photo locations. However, don’t just observe it. In the famous botanical building, you can find more than 2,100 permanent plants, including impressive collections of tropical plants and orchids. 

In addition to many other attractions, Balboa Park has a palm tree canyon, cactus garden, rose garden, Japanese-style garden, and more. And if you get bored of just strolling around and admiring the flowers, there are a lot of attractions nearby (many of them free). 

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is a conservation group that operates on a global scale and operates out of two different entrances. To develop conservation strategies that are long-term and effective, we combine animal medicine and care, scientific research, and educational programming. 

The preservation of natural resources is the driving force behind our actions. And it all begins with the connection we forge daily with people and nature. Because the health of the natural world affects the health of all life,

RV road trip

Final Verdict

Are you thinking of going out soon? You got to hit the road running and head to San Diego. We believe that by now, you know exactly where cheap RV rental San Diego has to offer and what activities you can indulge in while having fun. This article gives you all you need to know to go out there, enjoy and have fun.

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