Pop-Up Camper Rental – A Wealth of Info at Your Fingertips!

What is a Pop-Up Camper?

What is a pop-up camper? A pop-up camper rental is a class of RV with a movable roof and walls that offer the main comfort of a travel trailer while maintaining closeness to the nature of a tent camper. A pop-up camper has screen windows and fabric walls that help it fold into a compact package for easier towing than a full-sized trailer.

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Where to Rent a Pop-Up Camper

Outdoorsy is the best place to rent a pop-up camper if you are searching for a rental pop-up camper. Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer RV rental platform that offers different designs and styles of pop-up camper rentals.

Outdoorsy is like the world of Airbnb, and they are more affordable than renting from RV dealers. With outdoorsy, you can research, browse and easily filter the type of pop-up camper rentals you want.

Outdoorsy also includes the features, dates, location, and interior and exterior photos of the camper, saving you time and making it easy to know what you are looking for. Outdoorsy offers roadside assistance and insurance on their rentals with the best daily rental rates.

Where Can Rent Pop-Up Rentals Near Me?

How can I rent a pop-up camper rental near me? The best place to rent a competitive rate pop-up camper is on the RV share platform. RV share is the largest peer-to-peer RV rental worldwide and changes how pop-up renters secure the rental for the trip.

The RV share platform makes it easy to search, filter, and compare RV rental listings and get the pop-up you want according to your budget. 

What are the rates of a pop-up camper rental near me on RV share? RV shares have low rates on pop-up rentals. Pop-up owners are not profit-oriented, although some owners give a significant discount on their pop-ups for you to enjoy a comfortable pop-up lifestyle.

How Much do Pop-Up Campers Cost to Rent?

How much do pop-up campers cost? Pop-up camper cost depends on the age, size, time of the year, brand, features, and trailer location. How much does it cost to rent a pop-up camper? A pop-up camper costs around $50 to $100 per night, but there are cheaper or more expensive campers.

Some pop-up camper rental owners allow you to rent the pop-up tent for less than $50 per night, and if you choose to rent for a long term, maybe one month or more, you get lower rates from RV owners. Although some companies charge additional charges on:

Deposit fee: The deposit fee is for reserving the camper, but the money becomes part of the rental fee once you take the pop-up camper.

Security deposit: Some companies charge a security fee but refund the money when you return the camper in good condition.

Insurance fee: Insurance is compulsory, although some companies offer insurance as part of their rental package or get it from an insurance company.

Prices may rise when pop-up campers are in demand, especially during summer.

Types of Pop-Up Campers 

There are three main kinds of pop-up campers for rent:

Soft Top Pop-Up Campers

When you open the camper, these campers have a soft canvas covering the living area. A canvas with mesh screen sides covers a tent-like extended sleeping area from the roof. They are easy to set and tow and more affordable even though they are smaller. They also weigh less than other pop-up campers.

A Hard-Roofed Pop-Up Camper

This type of rental pop-up camper has a fiberglass roof that covers the trailer when it is open. A canvas top with a mesh screen folds when opening to allow air circulation.

Hardtop campers give you more protection than other campers and make you feel like you are camping in a tent.

A rooftop air conditioner is also a luxury during summer days.

Hardtop campers can accommodate around four to six people, has a kitchen and dinette, and some come with a shower and others a toilet.

A-Frame Campers

This type of pop-up camper forms an A shape after setting up. All sides of an A-frame camper are hard to provide privacy and protection. Most A-frame models have skylights and windows for an amazing view and brightness.

A-frame shape and size sacrifice the interior headroom and floor space, although they are easy to set up. Hardtop pop-ups accommodate three people, and some have dormers creating an extra sleeping area. You can also take an A-frame camper to a national park or bear country that needs hard-sided trailers at their tent.

How to Reduce Rental Cost

  • Booking online and early: Book a pop-up camper as early as possible because most people book RVs early. The earlier you book, the less competition you will encounter during your travel dates, and you can negotiate for lower prices.
  • Choosing off-season dates:  Prices are cheaper during the off-season, and it is the best time to rent a pop-up camper.
  • Rent long-term: Renting a camper for longer is cost-effective, and you may get discounts from RV owners.
  • Choose a smaller pop-up camper: Smaller pop-up campers are less expensive. 
  • Choose a peer-to-peer rental: Peer-to-peer rental is easy and less costly than traditional services.
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How Does Pop-Up Camper Rental Differ From Other RV Rentals?


Pop-up trailers are the best option; they are maneuverable on the road and easy to pull the vehicle when driving compared to other movable RV trailers. You can take a pop-up camper on a difficult road for a larger RV, such as tight mountain and city street roads.


Pop-up campers are more affordable than other RV rentals, although they have additional amenities. A pop-up normally has features like a sink,  a dinette area, a kitchen, and beds that can accommodate four people. Larger pop-ups may have extra amenities such as showers, bathroom sinks, and a toilet.


Pop-up campers are more lightweight than most travel trailers or motor homes making them easy to haul, and they do not require expensive or large trucks to pull the camper.

Pop-up campers also tend to contrast when collapsed and the size expands, creating a space planning issue. Although the trailer can accommodate six to eight people, they cannot sit on the pop-up when it’s moving.

If you have a minivan, midsize truck, or crossover, you can hook them to the vehicle’s hitch and set your camping adventure.

Easy Set-Up

Pop-up campers are easy to set and break down because of their lightweight and maneuverability. New model campers use electric cracks to open, while older campers use a manual crank. A pop-up rental takes around an hour to open and set up.

The Pros and Cons of Renting Pop-Up Campers

Pros of Renting a Pop-Up Camper

Easy to Tow

You can detach a pop-up camper from the tow vehicle and go hiking or anywhere. Pop-up campers don’t sway because of their little wind resistance.


Pop-up campers are budget friends and allow you to save money and have a good time, although the price also depends on the camper’s features. Pop-up campers are more cost-effective than a regular RV.


Pop-up campers are small in size and need small parking spaces, and can fit in areas where large RVs cannot do, making it easy to get parking spaces during stopovers on your way to the campsite. 


It is easy to tow a pop-up camper with SUVs or trucks, and some light trailers can tow it with a car. You do not need a weight hitch in a pop-up camper or notice when they sway while traveling.

Storage Space

Most Pop-up campers have haul hatches and storage boxes hooked outside the trailer or floor-level cabinetry. You may also find pop-up campers with strategic storage under the dinette seats and bikes, kayaks, motorcycles, and storage. For external storage, there are waterproof storage bins.

Sleeping Space

There is a fold-down bed on one side, and you can convert the dinette into a bed to accommodate six or more people.


Most basic pop-up campers have a kitchen and a dinette, while larger model campers have full kitchens, showers, and bathrooms for a comfortable camping experience.

A luxurious pop-up camper has a bathroom, cassette toilet, and pull-around curtains for privacy. Due to technological innovation, pop-up camper bathrooms have advanced to wet baths with holding tanks.

Great Outdoor Experience

Both foldout beds have mesh sides that make you feel comfortable, not on the ground, and like camping in a tent.

Don’t Have an Engine.

A pop-up camper does not have an engine, and mechanical failure will be the least of your worries when traveling.

Cons of Renting a Pop-Up Camper

Set up and Break Down

Pop-up campers take longer to set up and break down; you have to put it up and take it down each time you move. You also have to crank open and unfold your tent to get inside, which is tiresome.

Limited Wind Preparation

The Canvas side of a pop-up camper is not windproof, and you can endure storms. If the wind kicks up, the canvas will rock back and forth.


There is no privacy in a pop-up camper, only thin plastic walls or curtains that separate the bathroom in the trailer. Generally, there is no privacy in most RVs.

Uncomfortable When it Rains

When it rains, the sides of a pop-up camper get wet, and when the sides dry, they may have a mildew smell.

Smaller Than Towable RVs

Even though you can pull a pop-up camper rental with a small tow vehicle or set on small spaces, they can be a problem for big families.

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Parting Words

A pop-up camper is also known as a folding tent camper, a folding trailer, or a tent trailer. It is great for people who like to experience traditional camping and provides ample space if you compare it when collapsed.

Outdoorsy is the best place to rent a pop-up camper, although other companies such as  RVezy, RVshare, and Cruise America also rent pop-up campers.

A pop-up camper is the most affordable and lightest RV to rent and tow and is available online. 

The pros and cons of a pop-up camper may be confusing, and you may wonder if a pop-up camper is right for you—a checklist to determine if you can rent a pop-up trailer.

  • A pop-up camper is good for you if you travel with a few friends or family members and do not mind privacy.
  • If you want to have a vacation and still save money, a pop-up camper is a form of saving money.
  • If you do not want to sleep in a common tent and want to experience a different form of camping.
  • You want to have a crafty camp where large RVs are noticeable.
  • If you are new to towing and want to avoid intimidation options, try a pop-up trailer.
  • When you plan to camp in areas with moderate weather patterns and less stormy pop-up trailer is the best.

A pop-up camper rental is a home away from home and very cheap. It is excellent if you want to disconnect and enjoy nature; easy and great for an outdoor experience.

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