Research-Backed Info on RV Van Rentals

What is an RV Van?

What is an RV van? RV van rentals belong to class B motor homes; they are single-section vehicles that provide transportation and accommodation. An RV van is also known as a caravanette or a motor caravan and is smaller than traditional large motor homes making them easier to park or maneuver.

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How Does This Rental Type Differ From Others?

RV camper van rentals are different from other RVs in:

Need Less Space 

An RV rental is smaller than most RVs, and it comes in handy when choosing a campsite. Most campsites allow different types of RVs, but smaller camps only allow camper van rentals. RV rentals are also the best for adventure because getting off the beaten track in other RVs is hard.

They are Cheaper

Camper van rentals are smaller and have few facilities and mod cons making them cheaper than motor homes and other RVs. A camper van rental is affordable and the best if you want to hit the road and take a vacation on a budget, although the high-end new model and vintage VW vans are a bit expensive.

Fuel Efficiency

Camper van rentals are small in size and tend to use half the gas of a traditional RV, and will save you in the long run. The larger the RV, the greater the weight and the more fuel they use.

Waking Up at Whim

With RV camper van rentals, you can sleep or wake up whenever and whenever you want, unlike most RVs, where you have to wait until morning to set up or break down your camp or tent to travel again.

Freedom and Flexibility

With a van camper, you have the flexibility and freedom to travel at your own pace. You don’t have to hang on schedule or run late; you manage your time. If you want to spend a day at a place and travel at night, it’s up to you than in most RVs where you can travel at night.

More Compact and Easy to Drive

A camper van RV is the best for adventuring off-grid due to its compact size and ease of driving, and anyone can drive them as long s they have a driving license. Camper vans come in different shapes, but most are smaller than a family car, meaning they can fit in most parking spaces and squeeze themselves in down country lanes which is a problem for large RVs.

Even though camper vans are small, they also have basic facilities such as double beds and kitchenettes with a microwave, stove, sink, and fridge.

Stress-Free to Travel 

Traveling in most RVs is tiring and time-consuming, especially when it comes to setting and taking down the tent or towing, but in a camper van rental, you have a bed on board, and you don’t have to set up.

The Pros and Cons of RV Van Rental

Pros of an RV Van Rental

Easy to Park 

RV van rental does not take too much space when parking; it can take a passenger car space making it easy to park.

Low Fuel Cost

Due to their compact size, camper vans have the best fuel mileage than larger RVs. 

Easy to Drive

Most people, when they hear RV, the only thing that comes to their mind is the giant RV they have never driven. An RV van is just a van that is not challenging to maneuver and easily accessible, especially if it’s your first time RVing.

Low Nightly Cost

Camper van rentals are cheap and charge as low as half the price lodgings and hotels charge per night.

You Can Go Anywhere

Vans are small and allow you to go anywhere you want. Whether on top of a mountain, in the desert, on the beach, or near a waterfall.

No Need for Packing or Unpacking

In a van camper, there is no need for packing or unpacking each time you change location, you only have to unpack once, and your lodging moves together with you.

It’s Pet Friendly

Most camper vans are pet friendly, and you can tag your pet along, but it’s good to confirm with the van you are booking first. Taking your dog saves you a pet boarding fee.

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Stealth Camping

RV van rental does not take too much space, making it perfect for stealth camping; camper vans take only one spot unless it’s a big one, and you can squeeze it into any parking spot if you need a free overnight sleeping spot.

Saving Money on Meals

Camper vans have a stove, refrigerator, microwave, oven, and stove, and you can shop for groceries and cook your meals, which is healthier and cheaper than buying meals.

Cons of an RV Van Rental 

Smaller Holding Tanks

Camper vans have a small room for fresh and waste water; you must visit the dump station regularly.

Small or no Bathroom 

Camper van rentals have a tiny wet bath with shower, sink combo, and toilet, and if you are tall, using this facility es can be a chore, and you may prefer public restrooms. Some camper vans don’t have a bathroom which can be annoying, especially at night.

Minimal Storage Space

Camper vans have small space, and you only need to carry necessities. If you love spacious rooms, a campervan is not your option.

Cleaning and Upkeeping

An RV van does not come with cleaning services, and you are responsible for collecting trash, washing the sheets, emptying and refilling the water tank and drinking water, and cleaning up.

Not Enough Living Space

There needs to be more living space, and camper vans may sometimes feel like giant boxes.

How Much Does RV Van Rental Cost?

How much does it cost to rent a camper van? RV van rental cost depends on the type of vehicle rental location, the company you are using to rent, and the trip’s length.

Longer trips and older vehicles charge lower nightly rates, and outdoorsy and RVshare companies’ charges are cheaper. Big RV vans like the vintage VW Winnebago and Mercedes sprinters charges are expensive.

The time of the year is also a major factor; prices tend to increase during summer. Generally, a camper van charges about $75 to $150 per night, and there are additional charges depending on the company.

The Additional Cost of Renting an RV Van 

Cleaning Fees

Most camper vans charge an additional cleaning fee of about $50 to $100, especially with covid 19 they must follow proper protocols for cleaning the camper van between customers. Some owners don’t charge the cleaning fee but take it out of the deposit if it is dirty upon return. Be aware of the hidden cost and return the RV van clean. 

Extra Miles

When renting a camper van, consider the miles you will cover. However, some RV van rentals allow unlimited miles, which keeps your mind at ease, others have allowable mileage per day, and if you go over that mileage, they charge an additional cost for every mile you cover. 

You may ignore the small mileage fee when looking for the cost of renting a camper van.

Delivery Fee

Some camper van owners offer delivery fees when they deliver the van to the campground and set it up.

Campground Fees

The campground cost sometimes adds up quickly when looking for a rental camper van. There is free overnight parking, but some owners must allow their camper van on rough or dirt roads.

When renting a campground, it is best to book and check the cost of a campground reservation.


There are both local and state taxes charges, and you should consider them when renting an RV van.

Service Fees

A service fee is likely when renting a camper van through a third party. They mostly take 20% of the total price as their service fee, but they allow you to shop on their website and provide 24/7 customer service on their camper van rentals.

Insurance Fee

Some rental companies charge insurance fees, and you check the cost before renting an RV van.

How to Rent a Cheap Camper Van

Tips on renting a camper van without going overboard with your budget.

  • Choose a small camper van: A small camper van is cheap and saves you on camping and gas costs than a huge RV van like a vintage VW.
  • Find a free campground: Campground fees can add up, and to lower your rental experience cost, find a free park if possible.
  • Avoid renting during peak seasons: rental rates are mostly higher, and some RV vans companies offer discounts on off-seasons.
  • Book long-term: When you book for a long period, maybe weeks or months, you may receive discounts from camper van owners.
  • Don’t rent during peak season: Rental rates are higher during peak season. Some camper van rental companies offer deals if you book with them in the off-season.
  • Look for owners with 5-star ratings: Owners with 5-star ratings may give you a smooth RV van booking process. It doesn’t mean they have the best experience with the process, but they rent you the camper van efficiently and seamlessly.
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Where is the Best Place to Find RV Van Rentals?

Different companies offer RV van rentals, and here are the best:


Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer company, and it is one of the best and easy to find and rent a camper van. Outdoorsy also offers free insurance coverage to their RV van renters.

At Outdoorsy, you have to type your vacation spot, your traveling date, your price range, and the type of vehicle you like, and you will see great camper van rentals. They also have different camper vans, and outdoorsy has the best if you are looking for a pet-friendly or ADA-accessible camper van.

Outdoorsy offers delivery at your home or your convenient pick-up point, but some restrictions may apply depending on camper van owners.


RVezy is also a tremendous peer-to-peer company that makes it easy to rent an RV van rental. They have the perfect RV vans; you only put your travel date, vacation location, and type of camper van you want.

Suppose you want to be specific with filters. In that case, add how many guests you are traveling with and other filters such as full winter rentals, pet-friendly, kitchen sink, vintage, toilet, air conditioning, family-friendly, and more.


RVshare is more of an RV rental company, but there are few campervans. RVshare belongs to class B campers which are more pricey, but they also have great and affordable camper vans.

RVshare rental company is the largest marketplace, perfect, and has 5-star reviews from its customers; you have to put your vacation location, traveling dates how many people you are traveling with.

How to Rent an RV Near Me?

How do I rent van RV rentals near me? RV vans are a fun way to travel, and you can rent one through outdoorsy RVezy and RVshare: type your location, and they will provide you with an excellent RV van of your choice near you.

Final Musings

Camper vans are a lifetime way of enjoying a vacation, and they a the best for solo, couples, small groups of friends, or a small family RVing.

An RV van is flexible, and the fact that it offers both accommodation and transportation becomes the perfect way of RVing.

The flexibility of having your transportation and your accommodations in one spot makes for a fun, seamless, and unforgettable vacation. There are different types of camper vans, and their charges differ depending on the size and model, 

If you want an easy drive and affordable RVing, renting an RV van is your best decision.

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