RV Basement Storage Ideas You Simply HAVE to Try!

The History of the RV Storage Basement

The RV basement storage ideas are good when you want to give your RV the space it needs. One of those RV storage ideas is having an extra floor, which some manufacturers saw as a slight design adjustment to create living quarters on deck!

For example, on a 5-wheel travel trailer, you will find that the floor towards the front is set at an angle from its counterpart in the back. Why? These types of vehicles have specific requirements for interior space and accessibility for things like hitch installation.

They extended the higher floor further back into an additional lower level to increase the available storage. This storage for RV has come to be one of the most popular upgrades for an RV. It’s because it adds extra living space and makes managing things more straightforward.

Camper organizing can be a difficult task. These RV space-saving ideas will give you lots of helpful tips to get the most out of your storage bays:

Measure the Basement Storage Area

One of the travel trailer pass-through storage ideas is measuring how much space you have. It’s also helpful to know what kind of items will be stored and their size or weight before making any purchasing decisions. 

Cargo Slide Trays

You’ll be able to store all of your belongings in the back without hassle with a sliding tray! It’s perfect for those who have deep basements because you won’t have any trouble accessing what’s stored away at the back. However, it may take up some space since it will need its height raised off the floor. Raising it is to avoid breaking fragile items when pushing the tray.

Bamboo Floor Mats

Bamboo floor mats are one of the camper storage hacks you need to employ. If you want to keep your cargo area clean and organized, then a sliding tray with bamboo floor mats is just what you need. 

The mat lining will stop anything from scuffing up the surface of the tray—also, the bins stored on top slide easily out when needed for quick access.

Clear Storage Bins

RV storage containers or bins are the best way to store smaller items in your RV basement. However, they need to be transparent to keep things organized and make them easier to find. 

Plastic Dish Tubs

Plastic dish tubs are perfect for storing cleaning products. They will keep your liquid enzymes upright, away from cracks in the cement floor of an RV basement! The tight-fitting lids make them leak-resistant as well. So you won’t have to worry about ruining everything with spilled bleach or a drain opener.

Plastic Dish Tubs

Ziplock Baggies

Ziplock bags are a great way to store many small items. This includes loose medications like allergy or cold medicines, bandages, and even extra boxes in case you need them for other things too! Once all your goods have been stored inside these bags, you can drop them in any storage container.

Make Lists of Items

Taping a list of the items you use in your clear tub on its inside will make it easier for you to find them. This is great because sometimes we can’t remember where certain things go, mainly if they’re not used often.

Master List

Making digital copies of your lists is also one of the space-saving RV storage ideas. It is the best way to stay organized. You can easily add or remove items from each bin. If you need an item for a project at work, there’s no chance it can get lost when using printed versions.

Use the Pegboard

With a smaller RV, you might not have ample storage or walking space. Try installing a pegboard onto the back wall instead of using them all at once and wasting time searching for things in a mess.

Sewing Supplies on Pegboard

Get the Best Pegboard

Pegboards can be found in many different forms. For example, suppose you’re trying to find the right type of pegboard for your needs. In that case, you must consider all these factors before making any purchases: Metal and plastic-made types aren’t ideal because once they get cut up, there is no way back; instead, select classic tempered wood, which is the best.

Pegboard Hooks

After installing your pegboards, you will quickly need hooks for hanging tools and flashlights. The Peg-Hook system is a great organizing solution for any RV owner! One thing to note: it won’t work well when the RV is moving around because the hanging fixtures will get tangled up on one another and shake loose from their mountings altogether.

Foldable Organizers

Foldable organizers are also great  RV organization hacks. They are a great way to store your extra clothing in the RV Basement. These stackable, foldable containers have secure handles and zipper fronts for easy access. In addition, the front window makes it easy to identify what’s inside without opening them up.

Fitted Tool Case

The fitted tool case is a fantastic way to keep all of your tools in one place and organized. The small size means it can fit into most storage spaces, making it easy to travel or live on the road.


Installing d-rings along the sides of your RV basement wall can give you a convenient place to hang items. However, installing these in RVs is not always easy. It’s essential to install them carefully since they may damage other things during the process.

Bungee Cords

You can use bungee cords to secure large items in your RV and keep them from shifting while the trailer is moving. This includes securing folding picnic tables, lawn chairs, or jugs of water; almost anything that will not fit into smaller bins works well with these corded straps.

bungee cords

Command Hooks

Other RV organizers are command hooks. They are a great way to hang up items in the basement of your RV. They’re easy and quick, especially if you don’t want to drill or screw anything into place! It’s also not as heavy-duty, so that those heavier things will stay put better with these hooks.

Fish Rod Ceiling Mount

Figuring out the best way to store your fishing rods in an RV is not easy. Luckily, there’s a solution for you! You can install a ceiling mount that will hold up just about any rod and reel combination. 

Wireless LED Lights

The RV basement’s bright and colorful LED lights make it easy to find things. They also help save on electricity, since you don’t need any harsh lanterns or candles down there with all your other electrical equipment.


So, you’ve finally got all your stuff stored in one place, and the space isn’t enough, don’t worry. It can be hard to find space for everything. One way to get more room is by mounting a heavy-duty cargo basket on top of your trailer hitch. Ensure that they have something holding up those bulky items when buying accessories, so nothing falls.

Cargo Carrier Bag

If you’re looking for a way to secure your hitch mount, an extra bag is your answer. These bags come in all shapes and sizes to be used on any vehicle or style. 

Considerations to Ponder Before Optimizing Your RV Basement

Before you decide to optimize your RV basement, consider the following:

Storage Tubs

  • Plastic storage tubs are another handy option if you need to maximize the RV basement storage space but don’t like digging through everything.
  • Store everything into half a dozen storage tubs first, and then pack the tubs into the basement. Then, if you think about it beforehand, you will already know which tub to pull out when you look for something.

If you go for the tubs option, consider the following:

  1. Firstly, measure the interior dimensions of your RV basement to make sure you purchase enough tubs of a specific size.
  2. Consider the internal corners of the storage space. This can be a problem when you’ve bought perfectly square or rectangular tubs only to realize that the end ones won’t slide in. The reason is that their corner doesn’t fit into an interior space with curved corners.
  3.  Also, make sure the shape of your tubs is space efficient too. Some storage tubs have weird shapes with sloped walls and rounded corners that stick out from handles.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the sides of your tub should be vertical and not slanted. Also, the lid shouldn’t extend too far over, so you can prevent water from coming out when it isn’t being used.

Weight Management

When you start filling up your RV with all new tubs and sliders, consider how much extra weight this will add. If you are loading your RV up with car parts, heavy tools, water, and other liquids, be sure it can affect the overall weight. It would be different if you had clothes. 


The dark, dreary basement can harm your mental health. Consider installing some lamps at each corner. Battery-powered lights take up less space, and they won’t intrude on other living spaces above ground level, such as your bedroom. 

How to Get the Most out of your RV Storage Space

To get the most out of your RV storage space, consider the following:

  • Hang items on the inside of cabinet doors
  • Install drawers under tables 
  • Hang shower items
  • Use camping-specific household items
  • Eliminate useless items 
  • Have a Place for everything
  • Use your wall space
  • Use divided organizers inside of drawers

The Final Say

The RV basement has always been an excellent spot to store things that don’t fit anywhere else in the house.

It’s also nice because it gives you more open space for activities like cooking or watching TV. But if this is your first time using a storage unit, then there may still be plenty of questions on what exactly needs to go where! 

By now, you already know what you need to do with your RV basement. You won’t have to worry again about looking for stuff than end up wasting a lot of time trying to return things where they were. Again, the storage ideas are the best in ensuring your stuff is in the right place.

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