RV Consignment – What You Need To Know

What Is RV Consignment

An RV consignment is when you need to sell your RV, but you do not sell it directly to the buyer. A third-party organization acts as a middleman and helps you find the buyer. The third-party will plan the meeting, discuss the price per your agreement and make the sale. 

At the end of the business, the RV consignment company will give you your side of the money and remain with their share. 


How Does RV Consignment Work

After looking around for an RV consignment company either physically or on the web, do not rush to them directly. You need to know how this business works appropriately. When choosing an RV consignment company to sell your used motor home, do not choose a company that is so far away from your residential area. 

If a consignment RV company is too far from you, you will have to incur some additional charges. These charges are usually for taking the used RV to the company’s RV parking lot or showroom. 

An RV consignment company works by: 

  1. Taking care of the camper while it is in their custody.
  2. Advertising your RV through different social platforms.
  3. Finding other buyers for your RV.
  4. Negotiating the selling price.
  5. Processing all the legal documents of the RV between you and the buyer.
  6. Making the final sell of the RV.

Additional Services of RV Consignment Companies

Different RV consignment companies work in different ways. Others may offer additional services to their customers while others may not. For instance, many buyers usually wish to finance their camping vehicles. If you choose to go with selling an RV on consignment, the RV dealer has to provide some financing options. 

A good RV consignment company usually has a vast network of several money lenders. These money lending institutions should have particular RV loans. The relationship between money lenders and RV consignment companies is usually an additional welcoming service to buyers. 

Another good additional service to look out for when selling used campers via an RV consignment company is the use of third-party websites. These websites get a lot of traffic every day, bringing in high chances of selling your RV mobile homes in the shortest time possible. Some of these websites include RVT and RV traders. 

A good RV consignment dealer should use these websites without charging you an additional advertisement cost. 

Other RV consignment dealers usually offer cleaning services as an additional service to you. Some companies will charge you some extra amount for this service while others will do it for free. Cleaning and arranging the inside of your camper will increase its chances of leaving the market within a shorter period. 

What You Need To Know About trading Your RV

Trading used campers may be a simple or challenging task for you. It all depends on the knowledge you have about selling an RV. The first thing you should know is that there are different methods of selling an RV. These methods are:

  1. Online RV trading
  2. Direct selling
  3. Selling to a rental company
  4. RV auction selling 
  5. Consigning

Online RV Trading

Using the internet to sell a used motor home is one of the simplest RV selling methods available today. You may make a website using social platforms and get buyers. These websites specialize in RVs. 

If you choose to use the website, you will have to make an advertisement. After creating the ad, the site will sometimes market it at a specific fee. On other RV selling sites, you can post an ad for free. The advantage of paying for an advert is that it will attract traffic and thus bring in buyers quickly. 

There are several sites for selling an RV online. These sites include:

  • RV trader.com
  • RV classifieds
  • eBay
  • RVUSA.com
  • Nationalvehicle.com
  • RVdaily.com

Once you post your advert on the web, you may get a lot of feedback via emails or phone calls. Always be careful when responding to these calls and emails since some of them may be potential scammers.

Direct Selling

Selling used campers directly requires a lot of patience since it may take quite a long time. It is not a very effective method of selling since it may even take a whole year to sell your RV. This option can favor you when you still need to use it as you wait for a buyer. 

On the other hand, the vehicle’s condition may deteriorate due to usage and reduce its market value. For such a reason, you may sell it at a lower price in the end. 

Selling To a Rental Company

Selling your used motor home to a rental company requires it to be in entirely perfect condition. This option is standard these days since many people choose to rent RVs rather than buy them. This choice comes due to the high cost of many new and used campers. 

This factor explains that selling your used motor home to a rental company can be a little faster because they are in high rental demand. As long as your camper is in good condition, you can be sure of making a deal even faster than in any other RV selling platform.

RV Auction Selling

Auctioning is a speedy way of giving up property for some amount of cash. For such a reason, used campers also fit in here. If you need to dispose of your RV quicker for money, this is your best choice. These days the auctioning process is even faster due to technology. You can perform the auction online and get more bidders. 

If you cannot auction your RV using the internet, you can make good use of an auctioning company. There are several auctioning companies in the market to choose from. Using an auctioning company may bring you a low amount, but the process will be a little faster.

On the other hand, auctioning the RV by yourself will bring you more money, but you will need to be extremely patient. Your patience will be essential since the process will take quite a long time.

RV Consignment

Selling RV on consignment is one of the simplest methods of disposing of a used motorhome. You will have to give the RV to a consignment company, and they will do everything else about the trade. When choosing an RV consignment dealer, select the best to get the best returns after the business is complete. 

PPL motor homes is a good example of an RV consignment company. After you choose the right method for selling your RV, there are still several things that you should look into. These things are:

Protecting your legal interests: You have to legally protect yourself by having all the correct legal documents of your used motor home before making the trade. At the same time, you should have all the knowledge of the specific method of selling that you select. Lastly, you should understand the liabilities and responsibilities that may accrue after the sale. You can simplify these processes by hiring a lawyer to guide and oversee the RV trading process. 

Ask for payment: The RV trading process should not end before getting the cash. In other words, do not sign any document before you receive the money. If your buyer is making the payment using the bank, make sure the money arrives in your account first before signing any property exchange document. This method applies to all the other payment methods that buyers may decide to use. 

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What Should I Consider Before Selling My RV

Before selling used campers, make sure that you consider all the things below: 

Paper Work 

Before selling your RV, make sure that all its papers are in order. If it is your first time selling, you can include a lawyer to help you arrange all the documents that you will require. 


The RV you sell has to be correctly working to attract any buyer. For this reason, make sure that you properly service your RV from the mechanics to the furnishing. Such a move will bring in buyers faster. This fact is key, especially when selling to RV consignment companies like PPL RV. 


When it comes to presenting your used motor home to the market, the price you indicate matters greatly. You need to make sure that the price correctly matches the camper. Take the buying price and deduct the wear and tear to get the correct selling price. This calculation will depend on the period that you have been using it. 

The Time of The Year

The season that you choose to sell your camper matters a lot. You should begin advertising the sale around two months before the season. Considering this factor, you will get many buyers since campers will be on-demand.

Another advantage of making this consideration is that you may get to sell your RV at a reasonable price. These results may come because many people may bird, and the one with the highest price will take it. 

The Different Types Of RV Consignment Services

RV consignment companies offer specific services. In most cases, these companies provide mandatory services and other optional services. 

Mandatory services include:

  • Advertising the RV.
  • Looking for potential buyers.
  • Finalizing the sale of the RV. 

Optional services are:

  • Detailing of the RV. The detailing service entails general cleaning and waxing to attract more buyers.
  • RV repair and servicing is also an optional service. It includes maintenance of the electrical and mechanical systems. 
  • Customer delivery service is another optional service that consignment companies may offer. If a buyer is far away, they can bring the RV to them after the sale is complete. 

The Cost of RV consignment 

Every RV consignment company charges different fees. Consigning companies usually charge the fee according to what they offer. So before deciding on a contract, be sure of your satisfaction with its offers.

There are several options that RV consignment companies use to charge individuals. One way of charging is to include a certain percentage of the total sale price. In most cases, this percentage usually ranges between 10 to 15%. 

After the sale is complete, the RV consignment company will make calculations and cut their side of the pie. 

Sometimes the deductible percentage of the total fee is usually negotiable. If you feel that the company’s percentage is too high, you can agree on an amount that will satisfy you fully. 

Other RV consignment companies usually state a final price after bringing in your camper. The company will then make the sale at a higher amount and keep all the money on top. With this deal, you have to be very careful. Ensure that the RV consignment company’s price matches correctly with your used motor home.

In case your RV has some kind of quality issues. You may get lower proceeds from the final sale. Make sure your camper is in perfect condition size, and quality affects cost.

Do You Need RV Consignment Insurance

Having standard vehicle insurance in your RV is not enough. You still need to have RV consignment insurance. Having the RV consignment insurance protects you from several damages.

The normal vehicle insurance that your RV has does not cover other factors. For example, if anything negative scenario occurs in the custody of an RV consignment company, the vehicle insurance will not help. The separate RV consignment insurance covers issues like theft or fire when the RV is with the consignment company. 

The Pros And Cons Of RV consignment

Choosing to sell your RV using an RV consignment company brings you several pros and cons. 

The pros are:

  • You will not have to take a lot of time finding buyers and planning appointments by yourself. The RV consignment company will do all that.
  • You do not need to spend time finding ways of advertising your RV. The consignment company has special ways of advertising. That fact assures you that they will take full control of that part. 
  • Your used motor home has a higher chance of selling under a consignment company. You will not need to wait for long to get your money.

Some of the cons concerning RV consignment include:

  • You may get a low amount of money from the final RV sale. This scenario can occur when the RV is not in its best physical condition. 
  • In some cases, you may have to take care of the camper’s cleanliness by yourself. If you pay additional costs to the consignment company, they will cover the cleaning and maintenance services before the sale. 
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Closing Thoughts

RV consignment is among the easiest ways of selling used campers. To get the best from this selling option, you need to put in the best for your RV as well. Make sure you grasp all the knowledge from this article regarding RV consignment companies. With that knowledge in mind, be sure to pocket the best amount from the RV sale. 

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