RV Parks in Denver, Colorado to Visit 

RV Parks in Denver, Colorado

The RV parks in Denver, Colorado, are pretty mind-blowing. With many camping sites scattering from almost all the sides of this region, you may consider Denver a beautiful hub for RVing. RV parks in Denver nicely cover campers who are just visiting and those staying for a while.

Touring sites and many other natural heritages enhance every camper’s experience. Denver RV parks also provide other friendly services to facilitate each camper’s stay positive. Read our article and find out 34 Interesting Facts About Camping.

Things to DO in Denver While RVing

There are several fun activities that you may indulge in while RVing in the  Denver area campgrounds. Below are some of the main activities for doing: 

  • Bicycle riding
  • Four-wheel racing
  • Dirt biking

On the other hand, nature and wildlife destinations also make your experience unforgettable. Below are some of the main places with beautiful nature that you may visit while camping in the Denver RV resorts:

  1. The garden of gods
  2. Royal Gorge Bridge and park
  3. The Rocky mountain bridge and park
  4. Pikes peak
  5. Glenwood springs
  6. Great Sand Dunes national park and preserve 
  7. Fort Collins
  8. Mesa Verde national park

The Garden of Gods

The Garden of Gods in Colorado has so many epic facts. For instance, moving through the internet or going through a book, you may be able to spot several photographs from the Garden of Gods. 

No one can resist the beauty of this place. A dramatic view comes from the Pike Peaks bedrock forming a very iconic red rock. When staring at this view for the first time, you may not be able to spot the origin of the red rock. This factor increases the beauty and attraction of this place even further. 

Another interesting fact about the Garden of Gods is that every famous natural formation has a specific name. Campers visiting this place usually have a fun time discovering every shape with its particular name. 

While visiting the park from your campgrounds near Denver CO, be aware that there are several ways of accessing different sections of the place. For those who wish to walk on foot around, the whole place is friendly since several hiking trails are pretty easy to follow. 

People with walking disabilities also have a good advantage because the site accommodates easy wheelchair movements. 

Some individuals may opt to move around the park by using more extreme means in other scenarios. For those kinds of people, climbing the rocks is one of the most common ways of getting around in this place. Before climbing begins, signing up with the local climbing council is mandatory. The central climbing council in the park is the Front Range Climbers. 

Another revolutionary way of moving around the park is using Jeeps or dirt bikes. Driving the Jeeps or riding a dirt bike around bumpy roads can be enjoyable. To enjoy this form of movement around the park, you first have to sign up for the Jeep and segway tours.

On other occasions, you may hire your jeep from the RV parks near Denver, Colorado. Below are further details about the Garden of Gods:

  • Address: 1805 N. 30th street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
  • Contact: (719) 634-6666
  • Website: gardenofgods.com

Campers can freely park on the outside section of the camp. Other amenities are also on site. For instance, there is an arcade with two pools near other Denver, Colorado campgrounds. 

Garden of the gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Royal Gorge Bridge Park 

While touring with your RV in Denver, visiting the Royal Gorge Bridge park may make your trip more memorable. On other occasions, people refer to this park as the Grand Canyon of Arkansas. This name comes by because of the history behind its formation. 

Granite walls characterize this gorge to a height of 1,000 feet (304.8 meters). The Royal Gorge stretches for 10 miles (16 kilometers). According to experts, the depth keeps on increasing by one foot (0.3 meters). The one-foot increment rate takes place every 2,500 years. 

As an individual camping in the Denver RV resorts, you may make your way around this bridge park using several means. The most common movement method is using a gondola moving across the gorge. On the other hand, you may choose to walk through the bridge. Walking can be more lively and fun since you get a better feel of the scenery. 

Moving around the Royal Gorge Bridge park gets you a realistic experience of the North American northern zipline. While in this place, you may also see several historical displays that show and talk about the park’s history. 

The displays that speak about the park’s history go from the origin to the current date. This fact explains that the management conducts updates of the memorable events inside the Royal Gorge Bridge park every now and then. 

An excellent example of an event in this park is the 2013 fire. The fire destroyed some parts of the bridge. For that reason, the management set up a display indicating the position that the fire damaged together with a little story about that scenario. Below are more details about the Royal Gorge Bridge park:

Address: 4218 County Rd. 3A, Canon City, CO 81212

Contact: (888) 333-5597

Website: royalgorgebridge.com

The Rocky Mountain National Park

Beautiful meadows together with sparkling springs running through the rocks characterize this park. The park acquires its original name from the vast stones around it. The natural beauty of this makes it the perfect place for anyone RVing in Denver. 

Another essential factor of the Rocky Mountain National Park is that it is kid-friendly. The picture-perfect views of Never Summer mountains running from the western Coyote valley excite kids. While on this side of the park, children usually lookout for birds, stream wildlife, and elk. The stretch covers only one mile, making it children friendly. 

While in this park, you may also get a chance to grasp some history about the settlers living in the challenging but beautiful environment. You may learn a lot about the settlers’ history since the Hiwan Homestead Museum is around this place. Hikers with much more experience may go for more adventure by climbing the 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) Colorado mountain. 

The Rocky Mountain National Park also has the longest straight road in America. The trail is also the highest climbing one in the country. This ridge road keeps on climbing to around 12,183 feet (3,713 meters). 

You get to enjoy a breathtaking view of alpine, subalpine, and the Rockies while driving. When you reach the highest level of this trail ridge road, you can stop at the visitors center and enjoy the beautiful view of elk grazing. 

The Estes Park in the eastern section marks the conclusion of your journey in the Rocky mountains. While you are on this site, you may get a chance to enjoy restaurants, coffee shops, souvenir shops, and the famous Stanley Hotel. More details about the Rocky Mountain National Park are:

Address: 1000 US Hwy 36, Estes Park, CO 80517

Contact: (970) 586-1206, for Trail Ridge Road status (970)586-1222

Web: www.nps.gov/romo

When touring this beautiful park, you never have to worry about where to stay. The park is near several Denver, Colorado campgrounds. 

Rocky Mountain National Park

Pikes Peak

One of the most famous summits in the United States is Pikes Peak. The peaks rise to a maximum of 14,115 feet (4,302 meters). This incredible height provides visitors with many activities to do while touring around. For instance, as a person visiting this place, you may take a long hike while traversing through the beautiful fishing lakes on the way. 

You may also go for driving or riding since the mountain has vehicle-friendly terrain. You may also climb to the peak using the Pikes Peak cog railway system. This system runs from the bottom to different sections of the mountain and to the top. All these means of movement provide you with a fantastic view of the mountains. Further details about Pikes Peak are:

Address: 5089 Pikes Peak Highway, Cascade, CO 80809

Contact: (719) 385-7325

Website: pikespeakcolorado.com 

Glenwood Springs

While camping in RV parks in Denver, Colorado, Glenwood Springs should be among the top of your consideration when looking for RV trip ideas. This place has a long history, unlike most the other destinations. Since the early 1800s, people have been visiting this place for relaxation. 

Glenwood Springs includes a hot springs pool where visitors may swim and calm. The most fantastic factor about this destination is that it hosts the world’s largest hot spring. Everyone visiting this destination gets a chance to experience more fun from: 

  • The Alpine coaster
  • Giant swings
  • Zip rides

While in Glenwood Springs, you may also have a good chance to visit the Sunlight Mountain Resort. This resort is so friendly to a family since it entails lots of fun activities, including kid games and more. This resort is also good for hiking, and it leads to the Hanging lake. 

You may spend your night in one of the Denver RV parks nearby. Below are further important details about Glenwood Springs:

Address: 802 Grand Avenue, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Price: The price varies depending on the day.

Contact: (970) 945-6580

Web: visitglenwood.com

Great Sanddunes National Park and Preserve 

A lot of natural vegetation usually characterizes this destination. Alpine lakes, tundra, aspen forests, and conifer are among some of the greenery around. These wild plants give out a beautiful natural look, painting the surrounding with outstanding beauty.

Several wild animals are also around to make your experience much more memorable. You can get a good chance to sledding in this park without snow. That fact comes by because the sand available is enough to make you slide the same way you may perform in snow. This destination has the tallest dunes in North America. 

Apart from sandboarding in the dunes, visitors can also backpack or take hikes around the park. The Medano pass also offers motor racing lovers a good four-wheel riding experience. You may also bike around due to the favorable biking terrain. 

People visiting this place love to hunt and fish. These two activities are among the most common that takes place in the park. Further details about the Great Sanddunes National Park and Preserve are:

Address: 11999 State Highway 150, Mosca, CO 81146

Contact: (719) 378-6395

Web: nps.gov/grsa

If you wonder about the place to spend a night while you are at the Great Sanddunes National Park and Preserve, you don’t have to look further. There are a number of Denver RV resorts just around.

Fort Collins

With a quaint feel, together with many attractive buildings, Fort Collins brings in lots of people. This place is so beautiful that it served as an inspiration for Walt Disney’s Main Street. The site has several breweries, including the New Belgium Brewing Company. 

You can make visits to these companies while you stay at the best RV parks in Denver, Colorado. For further details, you may go to the official website visitftcolins.com. At Fort Collins, you can stay at several KOAs of your choice. Some of the main KOAs around are:

  • The Lakeside KOA
  • Fort Collins/Poudre Canyon KOA
  • Fort Collins North/Wellington KOA

These main KOAs also have some unique features. For instance, The Lakeside KOA surrounds a vast lake. While around here, you can enjoy some paddle boat sessions together with catch and release fishing. 

On the other hand, the Cache La Poudre River neighbors the Poudre Canyon KOA. This river gives a spectacular view to the residents of this KOA. Some of the best RV parks in Denver, Colorado are also near. 

Fort Collins Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park

A lot of history covers the Mesa Verde National Park. As a visitor, you get a good chance to learn about the past life of the Pueblo people. This group of people lived here from around 600 to 1300 AD. 

With more than 5,000 archeological sites and another 600 cliff dwellings, Mesa Park wins as the site with the highest number of preserved areas in the United States of America. As a visitor to this park, you may take a walk down from the dwellings to the Kiva below while enjoying the magnificent sceneries. 

The dwellings offer a lovely sunset view in the evening. This view may aid in bringing out lovely photography sessions. Before getting back to your campgrounds near Denver, CO, visit the Four Corners Monument. This monument is just a short drive away, making it easily accessible. Below are more details about the Mesa Verde National Park:

  • Address: P.O Box 8, Mesa Verde National Park, CO 81330
  • Price: The price depends on the season 
  • Contact: (970) 529-4465
  • Website: nps.gov/meve

The Best RV Parks in Denver, Colorado

While roaming around Denver’s nature sites, you need a perfect camping ground or an RV park that may act as your base. Below are some of the best RV parks in Denver, Colorado:

  1. Clear Creek RV Park
  2. South  Park Mobile Home
  3. Gold Field RV Park
  4. Love Land RV Resort
  5. The Winding River RV Resort
  6. The Spruce Lake RV Resort
  7. Yogi Bears Jellystone

Clear Creek RV Park

This RV park is one of many Denver RV parks that sits near several sites full of nature, thus making it one of the best choices for picking. From this park, you can have a good chance of hopping into several destinations around and getting right back on time.

In Clear Creek, you get a chance to experience everyday outside life for a while after a long camping day. You can achieve that because this RV park has local shops, farmers’ markets, film houses, and restaurants. 


The park is at 1400 10th street. The official telephone number is (303) 278-1437. You make a phone call to inquire more about the opening hours. 


  • Full Hookups: Yes
  • 30/50 Amp: Both
  • Total Number of RVs: 33

South Park Mobile Home Park

Unlike most of the other RV parks near Denver Co, this park is quite different. The main distinguishing factor is that the RV park only allows people 55 years and above. These Denver, Colorado campgrounds are quite near the city. Rental and full-time RV parking services are both available. 

As a senior person camping in this RV site, you can get to enjoy things like a pool table and internet cafe together with a clubhouse with a full kitchen. Because of the old age of the guests in this place, the staff available is more friendly and caring than usual. These workers look after every need of each guest with at most care. 


This park is at 3650 street Federal Boulevard, Englewood, CO 80110. The official telephone number is (303) 761-0121. 


  • Full Hookups: Yes
  • Number of RVs: 100
  • 30/50 Amp: Both 

Goldfield RV Park

For the last 50 years, these Denver, Colorado campgrounds have been around serving campers with the best getaway experience. A family owns and runs this park, thus making the services here more friendly. This RV park is a bit smaller, but it provides a good consistent treatment. That fact is why the RV park keeps on running even after years.  

While staying in these Denver area campgrounds, you may experience a lot of fun before visiting the nearby destinations for more adventure. The RV park features:

  • The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame
  • The Pikes Peak Cog Railway
  • Cave of the Winds
  • The Airforce Academy

While making your stay in this park, you may also involve yourself with rock climbing, rafting, fishing, and boating. During vacation periods, it is usually hard getting a spot. The premise works on a first-come-first-served basis. 


The Gold Field RV park’s location is at 411 S. 26th Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. Their telephone number is (888) 471-0495.


  • Full Hookups: Yes
  • Number of RVs: 52

Loveland RV Resort

These Denver area campgrounds are near many attractive destinations for visiting. This fact makes it come at the top of many peoples’ minds during vacation periods. While camping in Loveland, you will always be a walk away from many adventures in the nearby tourist destinations. 

A town is also near these Denver, Colorado campgrounds. This town is another factor that makes it friendly to its campers since it saves them a lot of time. As a camper here, you can pop in, make quick runs in the city later and get back in no time. 

This RV resort is among Denver RV resorts that also feature a  relaxation lounge for guests and a gaming room for everyone. The outdoor of the park includes several things like good storage facilities for cars, boats, and RVs, a playground for kids, and a lot of shades for cooling off the hot summers.


Loveland RV Resort is at 4421 E. U.S. Highway 34, Loveland, CO 80537. Their official telephone number is (970) 667-1204. 


  • Full Hookups: Yes
  • Rates: Call to know more about the packages.
  • Number of RVs: 170
  • 30/50 Amp: Both

The Winding River RV Resort

This RV resort has one very impressive characteristic falling it under the best camping near Denver. The Grand Lake and the Rocky Mountains surround it. This fact clarifies that as a camper in this resort, you have a chance of touring around some of the most tourist destinations with just a short trip. 

While camping in this RV resort, you may also enjoy horse riding activities. A general store is also around to cater to any commodity you need to buy. An important feature about the store in this RV resort is that it sells most RV parts. So, in case you need to change a part of your RV, you do need to leave the resort.


The Winding River Resort is at 1447 Co Rd 491Grand Lake, CO 80447. The official telephone number is (303) 623-1121 or (970) 627-3215. 


  • Full Hookups: Yes
  • Number of RVs: 104
  • 30/50 Amp: Both

The Spruce Lake RV Resort

These Denver area campgrounds are at the side of Thompson River near the Rocky Mountains. This location gives it high grades for the perfect getaway destination. Children’s fun activities are also available. A golf course is also available for adult lovers of the game. Other fun activities in the Spruce Lake RV Resort include:

  • Rafting 
  • Fly fishing
  • Hiking


This resort is at 1050 Marys Lake Road, Estes Park, CO 80517. The telephone number is (970) 586-2889. 


  • Full Hookups: Yes
  • Number of RVs: 110
  • 30/50 Amp: Both

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone 

With many of the other Denver area campgrounds being near the city, some people tend to look for a more getaway camping site. Yogi Bear Jelly is a perfect destination for these kinds of people. The only urbanization around is the small Larkspur town. 

The park includes many activities for children and adults. Hayrides, a movie theater, playgrounds, and a pavilion for cookouts are all in place. 


Yogi Bear’s Jellystone is in Larkspur 650 Sky View Ln, CO 80118. The official telephone number is (720) 325-2393. 


  • Full Hookups: Yes
  • Number of RVs: 132
  • 30/50 Amp: Both


The above RV parks in Denver, Colorado,  can make your tour spectacular. These Denver area campgrounds provide exceptional services to keep you at a distance from becoming homesick. Also, the best RV parks in Denver, Colorado, are a home away from home. 

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