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RV Rentals in Maui and Other Places

Are you looking for RV rentals in Hawaii? We’ve got you covered. There are so many of them available for your selection. You don’t need to own one to enjoy and have a tour of your lifetime. This article takes you through several RV rentals and their features. Can you live in an RV in Hawaii? Read on and understand more about all you need. You will not miss out on one.

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The Best Camper Rentals in Hawaii

Are you looking to rent a campervan rental Hawaii offers? We have your back. We identified the top 10 RV rentals in Hawaii, which range from budget-friendly units to opulent travel trailers, compact off-road campers, and airstreams.

2007 Dodge Caravan

Price: Approximately $70/night

Pet friendly? No

Sleeps: 2

This Dodge Caravan from 2007 is a real beauty. Although it is a camper van, the interior is roomy enough to accommodate two people, and it comes equipped with a kitchen with some counter space for when you are staying at a campground (or out and about on) the road). 

It is possible that it is not the largest rig, but at about $70 per night, it isn’t easy to beat! The moment you are ready to go to sleep, all you have to do is move to the rear of the vehicle.

2006 Jeep Wrangler

Price: Approximately $179/night 

Pet friendly? Yes

Sleeps: 4

Getting the complete Hawaii experience in this 2016 Jeep Wrangler is a fantastic way to spend some time there. You can drive this truck and set up this pop-up anyplace you please on the Hawaiian island you are visiting! The interior of this jeep is also quite nice and nothing to scoff at. 

It includes leather upholstery, an alpine sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, several power adapters, and many other features. After reading the description for this vacation home, we had an overwhelming urge to get on a plane and spend a few weeks in Hawaii.

Instead of running about Hana to get back to your hotel, you will need to head to the nearby campsite and set up your paradise, complete with whatever view you could want! What an incredible thing to hear, right? This has got to be one of the most enjoyable ways to take in the sights of Hawaii.

2010 Honda Odyssey

Price:  About $79/night 

Pet friendly? No

Sleeps: 2

This stunning camper van, a 2010 Honda Odyssey, will have you exclaiming, “This is the life,” the moment you set eyes on it. You will get plenty of rest while taking in the clean air of Hawaii, thanks to the fact that this vehicle comes equipped with a bed made of memory foam and a large back hatch. 

Rent an RV that does not require you to stay at a specific campsite. You have permission to take this thing wherever you want (as long as you tell the person who owns it), and you can camp as much as your heart desires.

1986 Volkswagen Camper Van

Price: About $330/night

Pet friendly? Yes

Sleeps: 4

The breathtaking Honda Odyssey from 2010 that has undergone conversion into a camper van will make you shout, “This is the life,” the moment you lay eyes on it. Because it has a wide back hatch and a bed made of memory foam, you will get plenty of rest while taking in the fresh air of Hawaii. 

Thanks to the fact that this vehicle comes equipped with all the necessary amenities. Rent a recreational vehicle (RV) that does not mandate you to stay at a certain campground. You are free to go wherever you like with this item (so long as you inform the person who legally owns it), and you can set up camp as many times as your heart desires.

1982 Volkswagen Westfalia 15 Inch (38.1 Centimeters)

Price: About $169/night

Pet friendly? Yes

Sleeps: 4

This 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia is one of our favorite recreation vehicles. The color, spaciousness, and facilities you get while renting this keep you satisfied until it’s time to say “Aloha.” Inside, Volkswagen Westfalia is full of cabinets and counters. 

You’ll feel perfectly at home. Not to mention the comfy bed (you can sleep with the back door open) (you can sleep with the back door open). This is one of the few camper van rentals that welcome pets. Be careful when traveling with them!

2015 Chevrolet City Express

Price: Approximately $79/night

Pet Friendly? No

Sleeps: 2

While in Hawaii, you can travel comfortably thanks to this 2015 Chevrolet City Express. Who would not want something like that? One of the most appealing aspects of this rental is that the owners do not impose additional fees based on the number of kilometers covered. 

They only ask that you fill-up the tank before you return the vehicle to them. This camper van includes a roof rack to transport your surfboards or any other equipment you might need.

2001 Ford E350 18 Inch (45.7 Centimeters)

Price: Approximately $149/night

Pet Friendly? No

Sleeps: 2

This 2001 Ford E350 is the only one of its sort among the other available camper rentals. This rock-and-roll-themed camper van rental shouts rock and roll from every angle! Taking a peek at the exquisiteness that awaits us inside. 

The bed is comfortable and may accommodate two people. The layout can appear slightly unusual at first glance, but it is convenient! If you decide to give surfing a shot, a roof rack is available for your use.

2017 Ford Transit 19 Inch (48.3 Centimeters)

Price: About $200/night

Pet friendly? No

Sleeps: 4

On the outside, this 2017 Ford Transit may appear like any other van, but on the interior, you’ll find everything you need to feel like you’re on a tropical island! This camper van for rent in Honolulu is complete with a refrigerator, stovetop, and other amenities.

1990 Volkswagen Westfalia 15 Inch (38.1 Centimeters)

Price: About $140/night

Pet friendly? No

Sleeps: 4

This Volkswagen Westfalia from 1990 has a manual transmission and is waiting to accompany you on an adventure (and your family). It’s a camper van rental that’s great for families and fun for people of all ages (after all, they are on vacation in Hawaii)! 

You will have plenty of room to organize your possessions however you see fit if your kitchen has a stovetop, a lot of counter space, and storage space.

2007 Winnebago Class A Motorhome

Price: Approximately $131/night

Pet friendly? Yes

Sleeps: 4

This Winnebago Motorhome from 2007 is the ideal vehicle for groups of friends or families that want to explore Hawaii together. As they have stated, we are about to take the proprietors up on their offer to hire a vehicle ready to travel across the country.

RV motor home camping on the beach

Hawaii’s Best Recreational Activities

Waikiki Atlantis Submarine Adventure

The Atlantis Submarine is a submarine-style glass-bottom boat excursion that allows passengers to explore the waters surrounding Oahu. Learn about the local fish, coral, and other wildlife that call this marine area home through the educational commentary provided by your tour guide as you participate in this excursion that is suitable for families. 

The minimum height for travelers is 36 inches (91.4 centimeters). Without getting wet, descend a depth of one hundred feet (thirty meters) below the sea’s surface. Optional morning and afternoon tours are available. 

Option to choose between Atlantis and Atlantis Premium submarine tours available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish are professional voiceovers in those languages.

What it Includes Exactly

  • Submarine dive
  • Fully live and professionally narrated in English throughout.
  • Audio recordings that have already available are accessible in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.
  • Shuttle boat to the location of the submarine dive
  • Local taxes

Paradise Cove Luau

You may participate in a traditional Hawaiian Luau at Paradise Cove while taking in stunning shore views at sunset. During this 5.5-hour event, you will be welcome with a Mai Tai and treated to authentic Hawaiian cuisine. 

This may include fresh fish, Kalua pork, and tropical fruits. Enjoy the beauty of the setting sun while enjoying entertainment by traditional Hawaiian musicians, Hula dancers, and fire spinners. Three different eating packages may be available to fit your needs, and there is also an option for round-trip transportation from Waikiki hotels. 

There are three Luau package options available on Oahu to accommodate your tastes. After the welcome mai tai, guests will participate in various Polynesian activities. They provide an extensive menu fusing the cuisines of Hawaii and the rest of the continent Transportation to and from several Waikiki hotels.

Included in this Package are the Following

  • The Lei and Mai Tai greetings (Lei type varies depending on the purchased package)
  • Luau buffet feast (menu inclusions dependent on purchased package)
  • The Cache Card (amount varies depending on the purchased package)
  • Hotel drop-off (if the selected option is at the time of checkout)

Star Casual Sunset and Show Cruise

Buying tickets in advance for this Oahu cruise that lasts for two hours is a great way to start planning your holiday. Enjoy a crab and steak meal while watching live Hawaiian entertainment, a program called ’60 Years of Aloha,’ and take in the sights of the Oahu coast as a backdrop.

A dinner and performance cruise lasts two hours and departs from the coast of Oahu. Dinner with three courses, steak, and crab. Enjoy live entertainment provided by the largest cast in the waters surrounding Hawaii.

What the Price Includes

  • Dinner
  • One signature Mai Tai
  • Hot beverages, namely Coffee and Tea
  • Authentic live Hawaiian music
  • A show of Polynesian culture
  • Two-hour sunset cruise. Take advantage of the extra hour on Fridays.

Night Manta Ray Adventure on the Big Island, Hawaii

During this RV rental big Island Hawaii tour, you will get the opportunity to snorkel with manta rays, which is an unforgettable experience. A local guide will take you on a short cruise to the manta site. Once you arrive, you will watch the breathtaking sunset over the Hawaiian islands before entering the water to get a closer look at the manta rays. 

During your expedition, you will access all the essential equipment, light beverages, and snacks to enjoy while on board. Your tour will finish at the location from when it initially set out. Suppose you don’t see any Manta rays during this trip. In that case, you can reschedule for another night at no additional cost in your Maui RV rental:

  • During this Big Island excursion led by a knowledgeable guide, you will have the opportunity to snorkel with Manta rays.
  • Before going into the water, watch the sunset over Kona.
  • Take some time to relax on the boat while enjoying drinks and snacks.
  • Feel free to use any snorkeling gear provided without charge.

What it Includes

  • On-board live commentary at all times
  • Accredited travel consultant
  • If you want to go the snorkeling route, you’ll need snorkeling gear, a wetsuit top in the style of a jacket, and a floating device.
  • Snacks, along with bottled water and other beverages, as well as light refreshments

From Ma’alaea Harbor, Maui: Molokini Snorkeling Adventure Aboard Calypso

With several Maui RV rentals, you will have the opportunity to look for all of the over 200 different species of fish that call Molokini Crater home while participating in this Maui snorkeling excursion. In this ancient volcanic caldera that comes out of the sea, you might also come across Manta rays, sea urchins, eels, or even a shark that isn’t dangerous to humans. 

This cruise also stops at a place along the coast of Maui known as Turtle Town, where you will have the opportunity to swim among huge Hawaiian Green sea turtles. On the three-level catamaran, passengers may take advantage of amenities such as a glass-bottom viewing area, snorkeling equipment, and a lunch buffet.

  • Snorkel at Molokini Crater
  • Have an up-close and personal experience with Hawaiian green sea turtles
  • Trained and certified lifeguards, as well as a glass-bottom viewing port
  • While sailing the coast, treat yourself to breakfast and lunch.
  • Take a ride down the ship’s internal water slide.
  • All snorkeling equipment is included in the price.
  • There are three toilets and two showers with fresh water aboard the catamaran.

Why Travelers Choose This Tour

  • During this tour, you will visit fantastic locations for snorkeling aboard a catamaran with showers and two waterslides.

What it Includes

  • Two slides
  • The only triple-decker catamaran in Maui, with a large number of seating options
  • Glass-bottom viewing chamber
  • Captain and crew comprised of trained professionals
  • The utilization of snorkeling gear and flotation devices of the highest quality
  • Steaming coffee and tea, ice-cold drinks, and freshly squeezed juice
  • A narration that is both informative and historical
  • Fuel surcharge
  • The jumping platform is called “Jump for Joy.”
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

Maui Nui Luau at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa

At this beachside Kaanapali luau, you may experience the magic of Polynesian dance as Tiki torches flicker in the night and feel the rhythmic beat of the drums as the sun dips low in the sky. Smell the fragrant tropical lei they are presenting to you as you enter one of the most prestigious luaus on Maui. Book your RV rental in Maui and enjoy the experience.

This Kaanapali sunset luau features a variety of different dances from throughout the world, in addition to a delicious, all-you-can-eat buffet with traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Take in the breathtaking scenery while indulging in a delectable buffet offering self-service. 

The imu ceremony follows the Lei, a performance of Polynesian dance. Several types of dances from throughout the Polynesian region. Visit Black Rock to see the Cliff Diver in action (weather and ocean conditions permitting).

What it Includes

  • An ideal setting for photographs
  • Flower Lei or an alternative, depending on the flowers
  • A Kalua pig prepared in the imu located on the luau grounds.
  • Authentic live Hawaiian music and performances on stage
  • “Maui Nui,” an original production by Tihati Productions.
  • Drinks with Alcoholic Content
  • Validation is a requirement to receive free parking in the garage.

Oahu Circle Island and Snorkeling Tour

This full-day island trip will allow you to see as much of Oahu as possible in the time you have available to explore the island in your Oahu camper van rental. 

This tour is so jam-packed with activities that you waste no second as you go to the diamond head, the dole plantation, hidden beaches, a coffee farm, and plenty more. On the North Shore, you will also have the opportunity to go snorkeling among a population of turtles.

  • Make the most of your time with a round-island trip lasting the entire day on Oahu
  • Spend only one day on Oahu and visit the island’s best attractions.
  • Complimentary pickup service from your Waikiki hotel, as well as from the airport and port
  • Your tour guide is an excellent resource for Hawaiian heritage and customs information.

What it Includes

  • Water sold in bottles
  • Use of snorkeling gear and techniques
  • Snacks

Big Island in a Day: Volcanoes, Waterfalls, Sightseeing, History

Experience the grandeur of the Big Island of Hawaii’s black-sand beaches, thunderous waterfalls, and Hawaii Volcanoes national park on this nature tour that lasts for the better part of a day. The Big Island of Hawaii boasts a unique ecology unlike any other place on the earth. Find Hawaiian green sea turtles basking on the beach if you’re lucky. 

They’re easy to spot. In addition to the trip only taking a moderate amount of walking, it is an enlightening experience suitable for tourists of any age and includes snacks and refreshments. Your RV rental big island experience will be very memorable.

  • An exploration of the natural wonders you may not find on Hawaii’s most populous island.
  • Take a trip to Rainbow Falls and Akaka Falls, two of the most impressive waterfalls on the island.
  • The provision of lunch is a courtesy for your added convenience.
  • The number of persons in each group is set at 12 to guarantee a satisfying experience.

Why Passengers Opt for This Experience

  • This is a more customized method to explore the best of the Big Island because the group size is 12 people.

What it Includes

  • Tours for small groups led by experienced, knowledgeable guides.
  • Pickup and delivery to and from the hotel
  • Lunch
  • Water sold in bottles
  • Transportation in a luxurious Mercedes-Benz sprinter van
  • All applicable taxes and fees

Manta Ray Night Snorkel

During this 2.5-hour adventure in Kona, you will have the opportunity to swim with giant Manta rays in their natural environment at night. After witnessing the vibrant sunset over the ocean off the coast of Kona, jump in the water to swim with the friendly rays as they consume the tiny plankton in the water. 

While your instructors take you on a tour of the manta habitat, keep an eye out for the creatures drawn to the bright lights, which results in a “Manta rave” complete with lights, bubbles, and manta rays. 

The price of this excursion covers the use of all necessary snorkeling equipment, including wetsuits and flotation devices. If you do not see any manta rays on your tour, you will receive a gift certificate for another one of our excursions.

  • Educate yourself on the biology and behavior of these peaceful and beautiful creatures.
  • Provided with a wet suit, snorkeling equipment, and flotation devices.
  • While on the boat’s deck, take in the beautiful sunset over Kona.
  • There is a guarantee of sighting manta rays, or you will provide a coupon for an additional excursion.

What it Includes

  • Water and juice sell in individual bottles
  • Snacks
  • Accredited travel consultant
  • Flotation device
  • Snorkel equipment includes wet suits
RV Motorhome camping

The Bottom Line

Are you planning on going on a tour, yes? We’ve got you covered; you will need one RV rental Hawaii offers. This article acts as an eye-opener for you. You will not only find an exciting option for you but also one that is budget-friendly. Start planning and get out there and book your Maui campervan and get on a tour of your lifetime.

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