STORAGE Ideas for RV Closets

Optimizing Your RV Interior Storage 

Space is limited in an RV closet, just like it is in the rest of an RV. Storage ideas for RV closets are essential since the closets are substantially smaller than those in even the tiniest of apartments. As a result, you must be extremely selective in using the limited space available to you. 

We will discuss some RV storage hacks and tactics to help you successfully organize your RV closet.

Bed and storage in a camper van

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Maintaining a cramped RV closet may require much effort. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, these storage spaces can be challenging, especially if you need to store items for two or three people. The following RV closet storage ideas will help make the job a little easier;

Lightweight Drawers 

Inside a compact RV closet, plastic and fabric drawers provide a quick and easy method to organize clothes and other personal items. This is especially true if your camper storage is tall and lacks a barrier. This provides an easy way to organize items while also utilizing the bottom space, which you may overlook most of the time. 

The plastic drawer, for example, you may use it while camping and then readily remove it when not in use.

Foldable Drawers 

With collapsible drawers, you can get rid of the clutter and arrange small items. You can store shirts, shorts, skirts, underwear, and other personal items in this four-pack multi-sectional organizer. It’s foldable and may be used as an under-bed organizer as well.

Stack Bins 

Pulling drawers in and out of a closet isn’t your thing? Instead, use stackable bins with a clear design for easy access and identifying what’s within. Then, simply store your belongings into these bins, zip them up, and stack them in your RV’s closet. Even if there are potholes on the road, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes.

Hanging Closet Organizer

With a hanging closet organizer, you can save as much room as possible in your wardrobe—store clothing, sweaters, towels, pajamas, backpacks, hats, and other items. Side pockets for socks, undergarments, and hand-held devices are part of some designs. There is no clutter. You save more room. 

In-Closet Hooks

Inside your RV’s closet, install a wall-mounted hook organizer. You can use it to organize Belts, tires, luggage, accessories, keys, sunglasses, and other items.


A rev-a-shelf shoe organizer is stylish and, above all, smart for saving as much space as possible in your RV. It also helps to reduce clutter caused by stray shoes, flip flops, and other footwear. You can even make one that spins clothes around for you.

Susan, the Slacker

You can use the renowned Lazy Susan in kitchen closets. A non-slip turntable like this one is both stylish and functional, as it helps keep food items in place even when traveling.

Hangers with Multiple Layers

Multi-layered hangers help you make the most of your vertical space. These clever solutions provide extra wiggle room in your camper’s closet while keeping pants, shirts, and other items wrinkle-free. 

Wired Baskets 

Add wire baskets to the door of your RV closet. You can store rolling clothing, socks, undergarments, towels, linens, bags, shoes, and other personal items in these baskets.

Wire Shelves 

Stainless steel shelves can also help you organize your belonging in your closet or kitchen. When you utilize it in the kitchen, it enables easy stacking of personal goods and food. Some even have casters for simple moving and cleaning of the closet.

Shoe Storage with Shower Tension Rod

Create a space-saving shoe closet by customizing your closet drawer with a shower tension rod. It not only makes it easier to get in and out of your RV, but it also reduces the amount of clutter caused by having shoes all over the place.

Storage for Towels

Rather than storing towels inside the closet, search for extra open space on top of the closet or in the bathroom’s highest point. Add a shelf that you can mount, and that’s all—towels at your fingertips, neatly folded and ready to use.

Utensil Storage in the Kitchen Closet

Repurpose jeans or any other durable garment. You can hang it on a kitchen cabinet to store spoons, forks, bread knives, and other small culinary items.

Under-Bed Closet 

Make a closet out of the space under your bed to store RV supplies. Consider towel storage, shoe storage, bag storage, book storage, an emergency light, a foldable tent, and so on. It aids in the prevention of clutter and the efficient use of space.

Overhead Shelf

In your RV, there’s lots of vertical room. So you can convert the top section into an additional storage shelf to accommodate personal needs. Rubbermaid’s retractable stand, for example, can provide extra legroom by storing socks, undergarments, ties, belts, backpacks, and other items.

Shower Caddy

Do you have a spare shower caddy? You can use this clever mountable solution inside a closet or outside a closet door. You can use it to store smartphones, keys, socks, and other items.

Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer 

You have different ways of hanging shoes and pantry organizers. For example, you may hook into a closet door to keep personal belongings in place. They are made of robust plastic to carry kitchen staples and shoes.

Insta Shoe Rack

Is your closet too small to hold any more items? PVC pipe is ideal in making a shoe rack. Attach it to the closet’s foot for easy access when it’s time to dress and go somewhere.

Laundry Organizer

Keeping a hamper over a sink might use up a lot of space in your RV. Instead, replan a section of your bedroom closet or a concealed closet within the walls of your bathroom. Then, purchase a collapsible cloth hamper from a reliable retailer. 

Basement Closet

Still haven’t found enough room in your RV’s closet? RV basement storage ideas make the most of the camper’s basement by converting it into a closet. Just add a cargo slide and stack bins and hangers to keep items in place. 

Open Drawer with Clean Clothes in Closet

Our Top Tips on Storage Ideas for RV Closets

Storage Ideas for RV Closets make your work easier. Before you start, analyze what you’re having the most significant problems arranging in a hurry. Do you have trouble finding space to store your t-shirts? Is it underpants and socks, or both? Is it clothing that has to be hung? Or maybe it’s just clothes you need once in a while?

Knowing what kind of garments you have the most trouble arranging can help you choose the ideal RV essentials for you. If you can’t seem to find space for your underwear and socks, for example, buying new clothes hangers won’t help.

So, determine what you require the greatest assistance with and keep that in mind while reading.

  • Get in the habit of folding your clothes compactly. If you can’t produce extra space, make better use of what you already have. 
  • Add a hanging shelf to your closet. A hanging rack can provide much-needed storage space for sweaters and t-shirts. Many RV closets are too small to accommodate a 5-shelf hanger, but a 3-shelf hanger would be ideal. It is a little under 12 inches (30.4 centimeters) in width. Before purchasing an RV closet organizer, make sure to measure the closet in your RV.
  • Make use of the bedroom door’s backside. Utilize the “wasted” area on the back of the bedroom door with a hanging organizer. You can store your socks, underwear, and carefully folded t-shirts there.
  • Make use of a shoe organizer that you can hang on the wall (to organize lots of stuff). Yes, it’s called a “hanging shoe organizer,” but these multi-pocketed organizers are useful for much more than shoes.
  • To keep socks, underwear, and toiletries, some campers will hang one of these on the back of their bedroom door or the inside of their closet door. You can also clip them to make them shorter. (Then, for extra storage, cut each horizontal row and staple it to the bottom of the bed frame.)
  • 3-Drawer Plastic Organizer. You store your clothes in a plastic drawer organizer in a pop-up camper. Many campers may keep their clothes in their RV using 3-shelf organizers. Its width is only 12.5 inches (31.7 centimeters) without the wheels and 24 inches (60.9 centimeters) tall. 

As a result, you can fit this in most RV closets as a compact dresser or on the counter of a pop-up camper after you pop it open. However, throwing everything into a drawer isn’t the greatest option. This is why you might like the following suggestions: 

  • Divide your drawers with baskets: If your RV closet or nightstand does have drawers, you can use drawer divider baskets to keep things separately.
  • Store extra clothing and bedding in pillowcases: You can use a pillowcase to store extra clothing and bedding—stuff additional sheets and garments into the pillowcases. Your main cushion may become lumpy as a result of this. However, if you have a thin pillow, this clothes storage solution could help fill it out. 
  • Make use of packing cubes: This is another fantastic tip for arranging and storing your clothes in your camper. It only shows that packing cubes are helpful for more than just airplane travel.
  • Vacuum bags and storage under the bed: You can use vacuum bags to minimize the size of your rarely worn garments or jackets. Then you keep them in a cupboard or under your RV bed (if you’re lucky enough to have under-bed storage). If you need to wear a heavy coat one night, you can put it back in the vacuum bag and shrink it the next day.
  • Hanging clothing tension rods with S-hooks: Install a tension rod if your closet rod isn’t big enough to hold all of your clothes. Tension rods are fantastic since they eliminate drilling or screwing into the walls.
  • Laundry hamper (slim): We have to deal with more than just clean clothes in an RV. It’s also filthy clothing. Use the small hamper in the shower or in the corner of your RV bathroom close to your toilet (and take it out when you shower).
  • Additional dirty clothes storage options: Many RV users store their soiled clothing in a hamper in the shower. 

How to Store Clothes in an RV

Keep it Simple

Like with anything relating to RV living, the first step is to simplify. Whether you’re planning on living on the road full-time or just for a few weeks, there’s no room for unnecessary stuff, including clothing.

Take a cue from the capsule wardrobe and create clothes “building blocks” that you can use to make any outfit; casual, upmarket, indoor, or outdoor with only a few pieces.

Before going on a trip, check the weather forecast to ensure you’re not wasting room on jackets in hot weather or bikinis and flip-flops in cold weather. Of course, there will always be clothing that you haven’t worn in a long time that you can donate.

Clothes on Hangers

There are two types of clothes to store in an RV (or any home): hanging clothes and folded clothes. You should hang dresses, suits, and other items that might quickly get creases or damages when you fold them. Because many RVs only have a small closet (if one exists at all), it’s critical to maximize that space.

Fortunately, there are a variety of RV necessities in the market that can help you get the most out of your hanging clothes storage. For example, cascading hangers are an excellent choice to buy or make yourself out of soda can tabs.

Belt and tie racks can be more useful than just belts and ties; you can also use them to hang scarves, tank tops, and other items. Slim hangers also make it easier to fit more clothes into a compact space.

Clothes Folding

Although folded clothes take up less space, they can be challenging to store in an RV because there is little room for a dresser, and most drawers are outside the bedroom. Of course, if any drawers outside the bedroom aren’t in use, you might as well utilize them to store clothes. After all, RV living is all about making it work.

There are many alternatives for keeping folded items, including shoe boxes or shoe organizers and hanging and shelf storage. If there’s room behind your RV’s bed for a slim headboard, make sure it’s one with storage.

It’s possible to store Clothing under the bed if there is enough room. Try folding your folded garments Marie Kondo-style to save even more space wherever you want to put them.

Dirty Clothes

Finding space for clean clothes is half the problem; the other half is figuring out what to do with dirty garments until you can wash them.

Space is limited in an RV closet, just like it is in the rest of an RV. Cabinets in RVs are substantially smaller than those in even the smallest apartments. As a result, you must be extremely selective in using the limited space available to you. Here are some storage tips and tactics to help you in a successful camper organization. 

Solutions for Hanging Storage

In the RV closet, there is a clothes organizer that is hanging. Therefore, the most straightforward approach to making the most of your RV closet’s limited space is to use hanging organizers. You can store everything from clothes to shoes and accessories in cubes hanging organizers, which come in various sizes. 

Since these organizers come in a wide range of sizes and forms, you can simply select one that fits your closet and meets your needs. Using organizers to hang on the RV closet rod frees up room at the top and bottom of the cabinet. In addition, hanging collapsible or flexible organizers are lightweight and take up little space.

Shelves for Your RV Closet

There aren’t many RV closets with shelves already installed. However, Pre-made RV shelves are available at hardware stores across the United States, and they come with installation instructions. Furthermore, you require some handicraft skills for this project. Plastic or wire closet dividers are another option to add shelf-like storage to your closet.

These are pre-assembled stackable shelves that you can use to resemble real shelving in your RV closet.

Closet Door Storage for RVs

Do not overlook the closet door when it comes to RV closet organizing. You can use suction hooks or command hooks to hang everything from garments to lightweight organizers such as jewelry and tie hangers on the door. In addition, you can attach the wire, cloth, or plastic baskets to the doors for extra storage.

Create a multi-purpose storage solution by affixing a mesh sheet inside the RV door.

Stackable Hangers

Another option to make the most of the limited RV closet space is to hang garment items like jeans, slacks, skirts, and more on tied hangers. You may free up additional space within the closet by making better vertical storage space. 

Layered hangers are also ideal for displaying ties and other accessories. Choose slender closet hangers to maximize the number of hangers in a compact space.

Foldable Closet Organizers 

Foldable closet and door organizers are terrific ways to maximize your closet’s storage capacity. Use stackable closet organizers to hold anything from clothes to shoes to linen. The organizers are available in many sizes and sets, giving you plenty of options. In addition, they’re small and light, and they don’t take up much room while not in use. 

They’re multi-purpose, so the ones you’re not utilizing in your closet can work elsewhere in your RV for storage.

Vacuum Bags for RV Closet 

If you live in an RV full-time, you’ll need to travel with seasonal clothing and accessories that must be up in-store after each season. Vacuum bags are an excellent way to store anything you won’t need right away. Vacuum bags can fit in the bottom of a closet or even the bottom of an RV bed. 

Vacuum bags are ideal for transporting bulky objects such as coats, sweaters, and bed linens.

Dirty Clothes Hamper for RV Closet 

In an RV, where do you keep your dirty clothes? They go into a dirty clothing hamper that you may hang in your RV closet. A slim dirty clothes hamper keeps your dirty clothes in one location rather than scattered throughout the house. A hanging hamper saves the most space, and you can even hang it on the RV closet door. 

You can hang the hamper inside your RV bathroom if you don’t want to store your dirty clothes in your closet.

Shelf Dividers

Plastic shelf separators are one of the RV must-haves that make arranging your RV closet easy. On each closet shelf, you may utilize the dividers to create distinct divisions for your clothes and accessories. 

Shelf separators take up very little room in your closet but make it look sleek, tidy, and organized. In addition, you can adjust each section’s width and depth by moving them around.

Wire Cubbies 

The closet organizers you select for your motorhome must be strong to manage all of the shiftings around. Wire cubbies that fit inside your closet and provide additional storage space proclaim “sturdy.” Wire cubbies are both solid and light. They come in various sizes, so you can simply choose one that fits your closet.

Tension Rod Shoe Organizer 

You can utilize this simple DIY storage solution for shoe organizing if you’d rather store your shoes at the bottom of the RV closet than on a shoe hanger. Use shower tension rods to organize your shoes within your closet quickly. 

Shoe Storage in Closet

The Final Say

The above-mentioned camper ideas are worth every effort. You’ll be more efficient in your daily duties once you free up and organize your belongings. You might even realize that you have a good sense of where you keep objects. So, where did I put my car keys? Organize your belongings, and your life will become more orderly.

It’s easier to do so when it’s time to clean because everything is already arranged and in its appropriate position. It feels good to purge and declutter. It’s as though you have taken off a burden or obligation from your shoulders—more freedom with less stuff.

You’ll be more productive if you work in a clean and organized environment. Organizing your thoughts allows you to think clearly. Likewise, having a well-organized home can lead to a well-organized mind, which leads to better mental health.

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