The Best RV Parks in Utah (United States)

RVing in Utah, America

Taking the road on a camper in Utah, United States brings you an out-of-this-world experience. Several best RV parks in Utah make RV camping moments even more nostalgic. Recreational facilities also enhance the stay of every RV enthusiast to another level. 

Being a state with lots of nature, where else can RV lovers wish to explore? So many different forms of nature surround the RV sites in Utah, making it an absolute RVing destination. Read our article and find out 34 Interesting Facts About Camping.

RVs traveling through desert, Utah

The State of Utah

Many factors describe the state of Utah. Utah thrives from a long history of existence to a thrilling culture and beauty. Let’s dive deeper:

The History of Utah

The United States of America took control of Utah in 1848. Before this time, Mexico was responsible for governing this region. However, for an extended period, misunderstandings between the United States government and LDS church leaders kept the area from becoming a state. 

Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wanted to join the USA but only in the form of the state of the desert. The Americans did not seem to welcome such an idea. After some time, the two parties agreed, and finally, on January 4th, 1896, Utah became the 45th state of America. 

By the 1860s, this state became more connected to the rest of the country. During this period, Salt Lake became the capital city of the state. 

The Economy of Utah

For more than 15 years now, Utah has boasted of a thriving economy. As a result, this state has surpassed the most challenging economic events like the 2008 housing and financial crisis and several other natural disasters like the COVID-19. 

One method this state uses to overcome challenging economic periods is saving up a lot of funds during the best economic times. Such a strategic plan puts Utah on a good map regarding financial matters.

The Culture of Utah

Utah’s culture lies around the Mormons in a more significant part. The Mormons are also called the Latter Day Saints (LDS) or the Church of Jesus Christ. The LDS is very against activities such as homosexuality, smoking, consumption of alcohol, use of caffeine, and abuse of drugs. 

Since the Mormons cover the most significant part of Utah, their influence runs as broad as Moab, Park City, and Salt Lake City. 

Over the years, the governing council has cooled down strict laws like drinking. However, most businesses will stay closed on Sundays since they honor it as the official rest day. Utah is always open to outsiders since being friendly and welcoming is a part of their culture. 

The Beauty of Utah

The beauty of Utah spreads across all sides. There are very many places to visit while touring around this state. You can be sure of having a blast from historical tourist attractions to sites with scenic views. Below are some of the main scenic attraction destinations that define Utah:

  1. The Natural Bridges National Monument
  2. The Great Salt Lake
  3. Cedar Breaks National Monument
  4. St George
  5. Dead Horse Point State Park
  6. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
  7. Moab
  8. Salt Lake City Temple
  9. Monument Valley 
  10. Zion National Pak

The Natural Bridges National Monument

You never find a natural bridge formation just anywhere. Instead, this destination offers visitors a perfect view of several natural formations. Lying on the south side of the Canyonlands National Park, this monument hosts three main natural bridges: Owachomo, Kachina, and Sipapu. 

These three natural bridges are easily accessible. Vistors never need any special equipment to get to these sites. With just a short hike, you will be around the scenic views in no time. The Sipapu natural bridge gives out the most spectacular scenery, and at the same time, it is the largest. 

You may consider this bridge your first stop when thinking about visiting the Natural Bridges National Monument of Utah. 

On the other hand, you may reach the Kachina natural bridge by hiking just about 1.5 miles on a round trip. Moreover, when hiking to and from this bridge, you also enjoy other natural views making the walk further enjoyable. 

When reaching the Owachomo natural bridge, the trailing gets a little simple. That fact comes because the location of this bridge is only a half-mile on a round trip. Despite this bridge being the smallest among the three, its view still leaves most visitors with a gasp. 

While still at this destination, do not hesitate to visit the Horsecollar Ruins. On this site, you may get the thrill of witnessing the remains of ancient Native American buildings. The natives inhabited these buildings 700 years ago. After touring around, you may get to camp in one of the Utah RV parks. 

The Great Salt Lake

This salt lake lies only a half-hour drive northwest of Salt Lake City. This lake has 72 miles (115.8 kilometers) long, 34 miles (54.7 kilometers) wide, and 50 feet (15.2 meters) deep, making it the largest inland lake on Mississippi’s west side. 

As a result of evaporation, this lake shrunk. The lack of outlets was another reason for the shrinking of the lake. These processes brought up the rise of the Great Salt Lake Desert. 

This lake allows bathers to remain afloat and not sink, just like the Dead Sea of Israel. For that reason, there are several bathing beaches on the lake’s south side. Such a recreational facility adds some fun to visitors from the Utah RV parks.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Forces of nature shaped this national monument, bringing a scenic amphitheater-like attraction site. Sinking more than 2,000 feet (609.6 meters) deep and three miles (4.8 kilometers) wide, this tourist attraction site has a lot of colorful hoodoos. 

From fall to spring, snow usually covers the peak of this site—the snow results from the 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) elevation. From the middle of November to the end of May or June, highway 148 closes down. The highway closes down because of safety reasons.

If you are RV camping in Utah and visiting Cedar Breaks, you may choose Rim Drive. This road offers almost the same scenic views as highway 148. With access to the bristlecone pines, you can hop out of the vehicle and have a little hike around. You may take your stroll further by reaching the forest and the alpine meadows. 

You may stroll by the Spectra Point and Ramparts Overlook Trail when heading for the Cedar Breaks Amphitheater. This trail is a very known route along the edge of the plateau. 

There is also a circular trail for about two miles (3.2 kilometers). Alpine Pond Trail is the name of this trail. This route is not spectacular but worth visiting since it takes you to the subalpine forest meadow and a pond. 

St George

This city is on the southern side of Utah. Beautiful parks surround this city, making it convenient to pass by. There are many outdoor activities that you may enjoy. If you are an outdoor city person, you will love it. 

St George is a combination of nature and city life all in one. Several camping sites are in place to make your nights memorable. You get to the city center and rush back to your camping site in no time. 

While you are in the city, there are several attractions that you may visit. The Brigham Young Winter Home Historic Site and St. George Temple are some of these attractions.


The town of Moab hosts a lot of attractions in Utah. This town is on the map for breathtaking sceneries, from many surrounding mountains to the rolling petrified dunes. In addition, Moab hosts mountain bikers racing during spring and fall. The outskirts of the town have the perfect terrain for biking bringing out the best riding experience.

When camping at the RV resorts in Utah, you may visit Moab and get a chance to enjoy a bike riding experience at any time of the year. The level of expertise that you have in riding does not matter. There are different terrains for all levels of expertise. 

While in Moab, you may also get on other adventures like hiking and rafting. While going around your experiences in this place, you enjoy scenic views, including the Delicate Arch. 

When winter knocks in, adventures in this region usually go on a low scale for some time. The weather gets more harsh than usual, and some attraction sites become hazardous. Because of such a reason, your perfect time for visiting this place is around spring and fall. 

Dead Horse Point State Park

When moving just outside the town of Moab, you will come across the amazing Dead Horse Point State Park. If you may be looking for a spot that provides the most beautiful lookouts, check no further. While at this location, you may experience several natural beauties from a single viewpoint. 

There are several viewpoints around this location, but there is one that catches the breath of almost everyone. While at this viewpoint, you get to see the spectacular Colorado River Carving. Several colorful landscapes are also around.

This Utah destination also hosts several cliff walls. These walls rise to 2,000 feet (609.6 meters). Several views also go around these cliffs, making the visitors’ experience even more nostalgic. You also enjoy a view from the Thelma and Loise Point as you drive or hike along the Potash Road. 

To best enjoy all the scenic views of the Dead Horse Point State Park, you need to move around by walking rather than quickly driving around. So take strolls and hikes on the rim. 

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Many terrains, together with arches, hills, canyons, and landscapes, surround this monument, making it a perfect destination worth visiting. This location is quite remote, unlike most of the other destinations. Rugged terrain covering a large section of the Grand Staircase Escalante is the main feature that facilitates this remoteness. 

Tourists visiting this place get to experience a lot of fun. The monument covers more than 1.9 million acres making it have long dirt roads. On these roads, you can drive for long hours without getting any interruptions from other vehicles, leaving you with quite an experience. 

The intense size of this monument makes it the most significant monument in Utah and the whole country. Unlike many other tourist destination sites in the United States, the Bureau of Land entirely looks after this land. The National Park Service usually governs most of the other national tourist sites. 

For most people visiting this place, hiking seems to be the best way of making explorations through the whole region. Hikers get to enjoy breathtaking views from the Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail. 

You also get to enjoy some historical facts while in this location. One of the most famous historical sites around is the Paria town. The town is just around the Paria River and south of the other scenic sites. By 1920 the inhabitants abandoned this town, leaving behind remnants that attract many people today. 

The Salt Lake City Temple

Skiing and many other winter activities happen in this city. You may visit most ski resorts with only a few hours of driving. There are several activities to do in this city during any season. 

Salt lake city hosts the most significant Latter Day Saints Church of Jesus Christ. This church is one of the main sites in the middle of the town, and it is worth visiting once you are RV camping in Utah. You may also see the Salt Lake Tabernacle when touring the temple since it is just a few steps around the corner. 

Once in a while, this temple goes through some renovations. During this time, there are restrictions on moving around. For such a reason, when planning to visit this temple, you should first confirm so that you are not disappointed on your tour. 

Monument Valley

Located on the Navajo Indian Reservation, this valley has breathtaking natural views. One of the best views is the red rock buttes rising from the desert floor. In addition, the old scenic western view from this location is just irresistible. 

The red pinnacles and the red mesas are added to the breathtaking view. While in the Monument Valley, you also enjoy viewing beautiful landscapes while driving on the Valley Drive. This route covers a 17-mile (27.3 kilometers) dirt road. 

While driving along this road, you also get an excellent chance to take beautiful photos. The scenery naturally serves every photo session just right. 

A tour guide may help if you get to yearn for more adventure on this side of Utah. The visitor center for Monument Valley is responsible for handing out guides if visitors need them. While at the visitor center, you still get a beautiful view of almost the whole valley. 

Bonneville Salt Flats

While RV camping in Utah, visiting this site can be your best decision. A beautiful flat land lies around 90 minutes on the west side of Salt Lake City, creating the Bonneville Salt Flats. The flat land goes ahead for a very long distance, making it the best choice for different racing activities. 

You may enjoy the high-speed racing competitions if you visit this destination during August or September. However, during the non-racing times of the year, you get a chance to try out the race by yourself. 

While racing on either your bike or vehicle, you can enjoy the scenic long flat land to the other side. Unfortunately, driving or riding to this destination is dangerous when winter comes. Also, driving on the Bonneville Salt Flats is hazardous when wet. You may risk getting stuck alone. 


The Best RV Parks in Utah 

While touring and enjoying the scenic views of Utah, there are several RV parks that you may consider for keeping your RV or staying for a while as you move around. Some of the leading RV parks in Utah that you may consider are:

  1. Lagoon RV Park and Campgrounds
  2. Wagon West RV park
  3. Leeds RV Park and Motel
  4. Zion River Resort
  5. Temple View RV Resort
  6. Thousand Lakes RV park
  7. Park City RV 
  8. Willow Wind RV Park
  9. Portal RV Resort
  10. Fossil Valley RV park

The Lagoon RV Park and Campground

There are many reasons why this RV park is among the best in Utah. While camping here, you can enjoy several activities before heading to tourist destinations. 

The Lagoon RV park offers guests some fun, from live entertainment to an amusement park with different kinds of rides, including water park rides. While at the RV park, you may also ride around on the walking trails while enjoying scenes from planted vegetation. 

Campers in this park also enjoy a modern laundry facility and an internet connection to keep you connected to the outside world. The Lagoon RV park is among the top campgrounds in Utah that offer these special services. 


The Lagoon RV Park & Campgrounds is 375 Lagoon Dr. Farmington, UT 84025. The telephone number is (801) 451-8100.


Rates: Call to inquire

Number of RVs: 200

Full Hookups: Yes

30/50 Amp: Both

Back-In/Pul-Through Sites: Both

Wagon West RV Park

If you are looking for Utah RV parks with a low budget, the Wagon West RV Park could be your best option. The RV park charges relatively low amounts for either daily, weekly, or monthly packages. This RV park gives its campers the best camping services for quite a low fee. 

This RV park offers spacious camping locations for every camper around. The total number of sites is 55. All these 55 sites have an equal space providing everyone with the necessary privacy. 

Clean water and showers are also available. Internet connection is also in place to make communications in and out of the RV park swift. 


This RV park is located at 545 N. Main St. Fillmore, UT 84631. The telephone number is (435) 743-6188


Rates: Call to inquire

Number of RVs: 55

Full Hookups: Yes

Pool/Hot tub: No

Back-In/Pull-Through Sites: Both

The Zion River Resort

A mountainscape and a trickling river surround this Utah RV park. These two main features make a stay here quite unforgettable for every camper. Another advantage of camping at this resort is that several tourist destination sites are nearby. Bryce Canyon National Park and Grand Canyon North Rim are some destinations.

The resort offers activities for everyone despite their age. A large playground is in the resort to keep the kids entertained. On the other side, a pool and a hot tub are available to keep the adults away from boredom.

This RV resort in Utah also has friendly staff that offers help whenever you are in need. Because of its employees, campers can enjoy the resort either day or night. 


Zion River Resort is at 55 E. State Route 9, Virgin, UT 84779. The telephone number is (888) 882-8594.


Rates: Call to inquire

Number of RVs: 131

30/50 Amp: Both

Full Hookups: Yes

Back-In/Pull-through sites: Both

Temple View RV Resort

St George’s town is the home to this Utah RV park. The resort offers several luxurious facilities to make its campers feel more than homely. However, basic facilities also make access to some commodities a little simpler. The RV resort’s main facilities include shops, hardware stores, restaurants, and grocery stores. 

These facilities enhance campers’ stay in this resort by ensuring they get everything they need without leaving the vicinity. While camping here, you also get to enjoy a lot of nature. There are several tourist destinations around the RV park, meaning you can access them anytime without traveling a long distance. 

Some of the main attractions around the RV park are the Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site, Snow Canyon, and many others. These destinations will give you the perfect treat for hikes and RV trips before returning to the resort later. 


The resort is at 975 S. Main Street, St. George, UT 84770. The phone number is (800) 776-6410. 


Rates: Call to inquire

Number of RVs: 260

Full Hookups: Yes

30/50 Amp: Both

Back-In/Pull-Through Sites: Both

Thousand Lakes RV Park

This RV park offers you the very best that nature provides. By choosing Thousand lakes while RV camping in Utah, you get to feel the taste of sagebrush-covered plateaus and red rock mountains from a distance.

A family runs this Utah RV park, so they have built spacious sites for tents and cabins to ensure that families camping here get an absolute home away from home feeling.

Every site includes a picnic table, fire rings, grills, and a vast playground for children. The sheer size of the Thousand Lakes RV Park also accommodates other special facilities like an auto repair shop and hardware. Hair salons and diners are also in place. For those looking for more adventures, 4-wheel drive vehicle rentals are around. 


Thousand Lakes RV Park is at 1110 W. SR-25 Torrey, UT 84775. The telephone number is (435) 425-3500.


Rates: Call to inquire

Number of RVs: 62

Full Hookups: Yes

30/50 Amp: Yes

Back-In/Pull-Through sites: Both

Wifi: Yes

Park City RV 

While touring through the great tourist destinations of Utah, this Utah RV park will offer you some of the best that RV camping facilities have to offer. In addition, several mountain views surround this park giving its campers a stay full of nature. 

While RV camping in Utah at this resort, you may enjoy other activities like biking, fly fishing, and hiking. The RV park is quite vast, giving way to tent camping and more if you wish. The friendly staff usually treats every guest in a VIP class manner. 


The park is at 2200 Rasmussen Rd, Park City, UT 84098. The telephone number is (435) 260-4267. 


Rates: Call to inquire

Number of RVs: Call for more details

Gym: Yes

Pool: Yes

WiFi: Yes

Bathroom and showers: Yes

Willow Wind RV Park

This Utah RV park serves as a perfect getaway camping place if you want a relaxing RV park. While at this RV park, you have a chance to hop into several tourist destinations and back within a short time. Some main attraction sites are the Sand Hollow Reservoir and the Zion National Park. 

Every family always enjoys staying in this RV park. This camping site offers activities that cut across people of all ages. There are many adventures to take together with other additional amenities. 


Willow Wind RV Park is at 80 South 1150 West Hurricane, UT 84737. The telephone number is (435) 635-4154. 


Number of RVs: 177

Full Hookups: Yes

Back-In/Pull-Through Sites: Both

30/50 Amp: Both

Showers: Yes

WiFi: Yes

Portal RV Resort

Luxury, fun, and comfort are the general language of this Utah RV park. This resort has the largest RV campgrounds in Utah. While camping here, you may get a chance to visit destinations like the Arches National Park and the Colorado River. These two destinations are just a few minutes away from the resort. 

The resort offers its campers, jeep tours, and other additional amenities. While at this RV camp, you may also bike or hike around. 


Portal RV resort is at 1261 N Hwy 191 A Moab, UT 84532. The telephone number is (435) 500-2122. 


Rates: Call to inquire

Number of RVs: Call for more information

Bathroom: Yes

Full Hookups: Yes

WiFi: Yes 

Pool: Yes

RV Boondock Camping, Hamburger Hill, near Canyonlands National Park

What Are You Waiting For?

Now you know the best RV parks in Utah that you may camp at when touring the state. Each RV park comes with different amenities depending on its rates. Choosing the best park depends on your budget since there is something for everyone. 

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