The PROS And CONS of Travel Trailer Rental Revealed

What is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer is a mobile structure dragged by a tow vehicle. They are not self-propelled and need a tow vehicle to move. A travel trailer rental, a little house on wheels for rent, offers a much safer and more comfortable alternative. 

The sizes of travel trailers vary. These accommodations range in size from tiny trailers with a fold-out bed, a small bathroom, and a kitchenette to considerably bigger ones.

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The Pros of Renting a Travel Trailer

You can take a trip by car in various ways. You can always hop in your car, but nothing quite compares to the adventure of exploring this wonderful land while pulling a travel trailer behind you. 

People have the opportunity to travel without much difficulty, and the best part is that you can have this adventure without having to make the financial commitment to buy an RV. Renting a travel trailer makes it simple for anybody to get their hands on a recreational vehicle for a short period and experience the excitement of traveling in one. 

When you rent a travel trailer, you can take advantage of all of the benefits in the following paragraphs:

Spend Less Money

The cost of a hotel is consistently one of the most expensive parts of the road trip. You can spend more than one hundred dollars at a hotel. You can shop in an overnight full-service RV park, often between $25 and $40. In addition, a price tag goes with consuming food. 

You will likely be unable to store much inside a conventional car, so you must consume most of your meals. Because your RV has a refrigerator and a stove, you can make meals for the family without going elsewhere. You end up having an experience that is one of a kind when traveling without spending a lot of money.

Pack More Belongings

There is just a limited amount of space available in your automobile. If you have a large family but just a compact automobile, you might have to prioritize your belongings and pick what to bring on vacation and what to leave at home. When you rent a trailer RV in Minnesota, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. 

It is a home that you can move around. You will not have limits on the amount of luggage you can bring, which means you can bring even more gear. You can keep the family entertained during the trip by bringing along some board games, sports gear, and even a small BBQ.

You Can Have it Delivered to Your Preferred Campsite

You won’t need to worry about getting everything set up and connected when you get to the campground, so you’ll be able to enjoy your time away from work without hassle. You need to get there, and they will set up the trailer and deliver it to you. You will only be responsible for paying a delivery fee ranging from $50 to $150 for the initial 31 to 62 miles (50 to 100 kilometers) traveled. 

After paying the flat rate, you may ask certain businesses whether they will deliver the item to you for an approximately extra about $1 to $3 per mile (1.61 kilometers).

Get Up Close With Nature

Nowadays, it is more necessary than ever to disconnect from your electronic devices and spend some time in nature. Minnesota is home to many wonderful parks that showcase breathtaking panoramas. You have a front-row seat to the action while in a recreational vehicle (RV). 

When you stay in a cabin, as opposed to a hotel or a motel, you will have the opportunity to witness creatures and vegetation that you might not otherwise see. After you have located a suitable area to stop, you have the option of going fishing, hiking, or cycling. 

Everyone should set aside time to relax and get in touch with their natural surroundings. You can take your family to view the sights while creating memories together.

You Still Have a Vehicle to Use for Easy Transportation

When you hire a travel trailer, you can either tow it behind your pickup truck or sport utility vehicle or deliver it directly to your chosen campground. Nevertheless, you will still have access to your automobile, which will come in handy if you need to run errands, go shopping, or explore the surrounding area. 

Driving through the crowded national parks in a truck or SUV makes sightseeing much simpler. Driving a motorhome (35 feet 10.7 meters) long through Arches National Park would be a nightmare.

Bond With Your Family

The pace of modern life may often be very frantic at times. While the children are in class, you and your husband are busy with your careers. Taking a trip in a recreational vehicle together is a fun and relaxing way to spend time together. 

While one of the adults is behind the wheel, the rest of the group can get to know one another in the interim. You could either tell each other stories or play board games together. In the evening, you can make yourself home in the RV park and then tell scary tales to one another while sitting around the campfire. 

It will make for a trip that you, your children, and anyone else who comes along will never forget. The best part is that you can continue doing the same thing over and over again the next year. You can continue to have fun by renting another RV and driving around.


There is a far wider variety of options regarding travel trailers and the floor plans they offer. When it comes to floor layouts, there is a great deal of leeway because there is no requirement for a driver’s seat to be upfront or for a raised area to be above the hitch, as there is with a fifth wheel

There is also a large selection of travel trailers available in various lengths, ranging from as low as eight feet to as long as thirty feet or beyond.


Towing a travel trailer provides you access to a regular-sized vehicle, which, once you’ve arrived at your campsite, is a significant step up in terms of convenience. 

When you reach your camping spot, you can set up your trailer and use the car you towed it with to go on excursions. Driving through a city in a motorhome or needing to pull a car behind a motorhome is a lot more difficult than it is to do this.

Fewer Germs and Risk of Illness

Compared to other travel methods, you will have a lower risk of contracting various diseases and germs. You can maintain a safe distance from other individuals during the ongoing pandemic. 

Additionally, most recreational vehicles come equipped with a kitchen, a refrigerator, and a restroom, so you do not have to make as many stops, and it is much simpler to wash your hands frequently.

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The Cons of Travel Trailer Rentals

Hotels Might be Cheaper

Compared to staying in hotels, renting an RV is not guaranteed to be less expensive than staying in hotels. The nightly rates for the majority of non-luxury accommodations are noticeably lower. 

In addition to the higher per-night rental costs, you will still be responsible for paying the fees for the RV spot. The expense of staying in RV resorts can quickly add up to a significant amount.

Renting Costs More Than Buying Over Time

If you plan to take your RV on many road trips, there are more cost-effective options than renting one. There is a wide range of pricing options, ranging from $80 to over $200 per night. Many long journeys can quickly become prohibitively expensive when you factor in other costs like fees and insurance.

It’s a Lot of Trouble

When considering the amount of time and effort required to get on the road, taking a short vacation in an RV may not be worth the cost of renting one. On the other hand, in addition to their expenses, you could overstate the versatility of RV travel trailers. It takes longer than an hour to get a rental travel trailer and go through the orientation process.

Navigating City Streets May e Impossible

In addition to the difficulty of finding parking, many large vehicles or travel trailers may need help to access smaller roadways in metropolitan areas. Towing a trailer behind your RV reduces your gas mileage and makes it more difficult to handle too.

Driving Takes Lots of Practice

Driving an RV travel trailer rental in and of itself can be difficult. If you have never driven anything more substantial than a regular passenger car or a vehicle that tows a trailer, you should not attempt to do so. 

It requires training and attentiveness, particularly when coping with challenges such as low bridge clearances, curves, and passing on the inside of a curve. We include this as one of the top reasons you should NOT rent an RV.

Paying the Extra Vehicle Fee

In addition, some RV businesses and parks may charge additional vehicle costs if you pull a car behind your RV. When “dry camping” (also known as “boondocking“), in which there is no electrical hookup available, you will need to ensure that you have access to sufficient water and power. This contrasts the situation in national parks and private RV campgrounds.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Travel Trailer?

When considering whether or not to go on the road for an upcoming vacation, one of the first things that come to mind is, “how much does it cost to rent a travel trailer?” 

Even though renting a travel trailer may be lower than the expense of taking a regular vacation, which typically involves flying and staying in hotels, there are still many fees and costs to be aware of. You can only go further if you are interested in knowing more about the costs of renting a travel trailer. 

You may be certain that every one of your inquiries will get an answer here. There are a variety of components that contribute to the overall cost of renting a travel trailer. The kind of travel trailer that is most suitable for your needs should be the primary focus of your attention. When searching for a travel trailer to rent, one more thing to consider is how old it is. 

The price of renting a travel trailer can be significantly affected by factors such as age. The cost of renting a travel trailer might also vary depending on the time you have it. In most cases, the daily pricing will decrease proportionally to the length of time you rent for.

You will adore that we can bring our car along because we have a travel trailer. When you go camping, the first thing is to set up your trailer, and then we utilize the vehicle that pulls our trailer to explore the surrounding area and check out various locations. 

Can you rent a travel trailer rather than a motorhome? And what is the price per day for renting a travel trailer? There are a variety of travel trailer RV rental firms and peer-to-peer marketplaces where you may hire a travel trailer for an average price of $120 per night. 

The nightly rental fee will run anywhere from approximately $40 to $350, depending on the size of the travel trailer as well as the amenities that come with it. There is a wide variety of both appearance and capacity in travel trailers. In general, the greater the trailer length, the greater the number of people who can sleep inside. 

Looking at the chart below, you may get an idea of how much it will cost for a travel trailer rental monthly for your group:

  • Small travel Trailer Rental: Approximately $50 to $125/night- 10 to 25 feet (25.4to 63.5 centimeters)
  • Large Travel Trailer: About $100 to $240/night – 20 to 40 feet (50.8 to 101.6 centimeters)
  • Fifth Wheel: Approximately $100 to $275/night -25 to 45 feet (63.5 to 114.3 centimeters)
  • Pop-Up Camper: About $45 to $110/ night- 15 to 20 feet (38.1 to 50.8 centimeters)
  • Toy Hauler: Approximately $110 to $250/ night – 25 to 45 feet (63.5 to 114.3 centimeters)
  • Tear Drop Camper: About $50 to $95/ night – 7 to 15 feet (17.78 to 38.1 centimeters)

Additional Travel Trailer Costs

When renting an RV, it is essential to read the fine print, just as one would before making any other significant monetary commitment. There are frequently other expenses that you must account for in addition to the cost of the nightly rate. 

Make sure you completely understand all the additional costs associated with the camper before you make your final decision. These are some examples of additional costs:

  • Gas
  • Extra miles
  • Generator
  • Linens
  • Cookware
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning

The easiest method to locate what matches your budget is to start looking, given all the factors under consideration when calculating the cost to rent an RV. Setting criteria on a website like Outdoorsy makes it simple to find the finest solutions for your needs. No matter how much it ultimately costs, your RV trip will be well worth the money!

Tips on Using the “Travel Trailer Near Me” Feature

Suppose you are requesting to look at a travel trailer that is currently in use. Certain owners have the invitation to participate in the referral scheme. Property owners all over the country have generously offered their time and resources to educate potential renters about the distinction between the two types of rentals. 

When requesting a field Visit, you have two different alternatives. First, you can call their offices and ask to speak to the person in charge of their field visits. The second choice is to fill out the form on the feature, after which the field visit coordinator will phone you and another local owner to organize a time for your unique field tour. 

As much detail as possible, this could include your full name, physical address, and other information. What kind of travel trailer are you interested in renting, how big is it, and what additional features? 

You also have the option of choosing which model you want to rent. Check out the prices, and select the one that best fits your budget, given the number of people in your family. After that, you can make an appointment to visit a travel trailer close to you and finally rent a trailer.

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Parting Thoughts

If you consider taking your family on vacation in an RV, you are probably concerned about travel trailer rental prices. This question has been frequently asked: “Where can I find an affordable travel trailer to rent?” This article provides some of the best advice for locating reasonably priced travel trailers for rental.

Spending time together as a family while also experiencing new places is one of the many benefits of traveling in a travel trailer. You can find campsites in incredible locations that you would never be able to afford to stay in if you booked a hotel room instead. In addition, you will be able to bring all of the conveniences of home with you.

You might be wondering, however, if you lease a travel trailer will put a significant dent in your budget. But just like with any other trip, you can find ways to create memories that will last a lifetime while spending less money. One possible example is renting a travel trailer rather than purchasing one. This article contains all of the information that you require.

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