The Top Ten RV Rentals in Phoenix, Arizona

Where Can I Rent an RV in Arizona?

Where can I rent RVs in Arizona.? There are different websites or companies where you can rent RV rentals in Phoenix, AZ, such as Outdoorsy, RVshare, and RVezy. Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer company and the best and easy place to find and rent an RV; it’s like Airbnb for RV rentals.

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The Top Ten RV Rentals in Phoenix, AZ

10. 2016 Airstream Trailer

2016 Airstream Trailer is a small, maneuverable, and easy-to-drive RV rental in Phoenix, Arizona. The 2016 Airstream Trailer can accommodate six people, has zero slides, and is a pet-friendly RV rental.

The 2016 Airstream Trailer charges around $149 per night, and it is perfect for long-term travelers, weekend wanderers, and families.

9. 2018 Rough Rider Trailer

The 2018 Rough Rider Trailer is a comfortable travel trailer that can accommodate three people, has zero slides, and is pet friendly. The 2018 Tough Rider Trailer is an elite RV rental trailer in Phoenix RV rentals park. You can ride it in the Phoenix desert for an enjoyable night under the stars.

The 2018 Rough Rider Trailer charges approximately $109 per night. You can enjoy various amenities such as a queen-sized bed, a perfect window for gazing outside, and black curtains to ensure a peaceful sleep no matter the time.

8. 2019 Forest River Georgetown 37’ (93.98 cm)

The 2019 Forest River Georgetown is a luxurious and comfortable private RV rental Phoenix motor home that can accommodate six people, has three slides, and is not a pet-friendly RV. Chad owns this 2019 Georgetown brand-new RV rental and keeps it in perfect condition.

The 2019 Forest River Georgetown has luxurious amenities such as the main bedroom with a private master bath and a queen-sized bed, a hall bath, pull out sofa, two bunk beds with LCD TVs, a drop-down over the cab, an outdoor shower, a BBQ grill, awning and auto levels.

The 2019 Forest River Georgetown RV rental charges about $309 per night, and if you spend time on this RV, you will never want to go home.

7. 2017 Other Homebuild 9′ (22.86 cm)

The 2017 Other Homebuild is a lovely neat little wood interior teardrop trailer. The 2017 Other Homebuild RV can accommodate only two people, is pet friendly, and has zero slides.

The 2017 Other Homebuild Trailer has high-quality equipment, such as 33’ (83.82 cm) in all-terrain tires, front tongue for extra storage, and heavy-duty Timbren axel-less suspensions with breaks, and is always ready to go anywhere.

On the inside, screened windows are on each side, and a ceiling fan, queen-size pillow-top matres, multiple USB ports, and 12-volt outlets are available throughout the galley and cabin.

The 2017 Other Homebuild Trailer charges approximately $150 per night.

6. 2015 Ford Transit Camper Van

The 2015 Ford Transit Camper Van is a lovely RV rental in Phoenix, AZ, that can accommodate two people, has zero slides, and is pet friendly. Due to its maneuverability, the 2015 Ford Transit Camper van is easy to park in regular spots, and anyone can take it for a spin.

The 2015 Ford Transit Camper Van has various equipment, such as interior lights, a 220-ah appliance battery that charges through solar power when the engine is still running, and a twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 engine. The 2015 Ford Transit Campe Van charges approximately $179 per night.

5. 2019 Winnebago Outlook

The 2019 Winnebago Outlook is a luxurious, absolutely gorgeous, and spacious RV rental in Phoenix that charges around $190 per night, can accommodate six people, has no slide, and t is not a pet-friendly van. The 2019 Winnebago Outlook RV rental is incredibly spacious and easy to move around, especially in the bathroom. 

The 2019 Winnebago Outlook motor home rental feels like a hotel suite.

4. 2019 Jayco Jay Flight 21′ (53.34 cm)

The 2019 Jayco Jay Flight trailer is an affordable RV rental that charges around $75 per night. It has one slide and can accommodate six people.

The 2019 Jayco Jay Flight is perfect for a family or friends to check out the incredible sights Arizona offers. These travel trailer amenities are a queen-sized bed, twin bunks, a convenient dinette that can sleep one or two people, a well-equipped kitchen, a microwave, and two range burners for a convenient meal or snacking time.

With the 2019 Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer, you can enjoy meals under the star using the power awning and LED lights. If you don’t have a tow vehicle Kimberly, the owner, rent out an SUV or drop it at your campsite for your trip.

3. 2006 Skyline Weekender Trailer

The 2006 Skyline Weekender trailer is a newly rebuilt camper with a bathroom, living area, and kitchen. The 2006 Skyline trailer can accommodate four people, is pet friendly, and has zero slides. On the inside, it has pretty cool perks.

The 2006 Skyline Weekend charges around $110 per night and is perfect for families. You can use large SUVs or trucks to tower this vehicle.

2. 2017 Coachmen Leprechaun 31′ (78.74 cm)

The 2017 Coachmen Leprechaun is a spacious camper rental in Arizona that can accommodate eight people, has two slides, and is pet friendly. It can be your base station on the wheels and is perfect for family road trip adventures.

The 2017 Coachmen Leprechaun charges approximately $209 per night. It has different amenities such as a queen-sized bed, converting dinette, comfortable couch, large main bedroom, sofabed, an over-the-cab bunk, and a kitchenette with a refrigerator, giving everyone a convenient home on the road.

1. 2015 Ford Transit Camper Van

The 2015 Ford Transit Camper Van is also the Big Blue Adventure Van. It can accommodate three people, has zero slides, and is not a pet-friendly campervan. The big blue adventure van is perfect if you want a get-up-and-go road trip.

This camp van makes it easy to cruise down the highway due to the wide mirrors, side windows, and lane assist warning.

The 2015 Ford Transit Camper Van has a memory foam mattress for a comfortable sleep before hitting the road. It also has oversized all-terrain equipment to ease traveling on an improved gravel road. If you are looking for a cozy camper rental in Arizona, the 2015 Ford Transit is the best.

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RV-Related Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona State is also known as grand canyon state because of its ideal destination for RV travelers or campers. Arizona has low rainfall, plenty of sunshine, stunning natural scenery, and relatively warm temperatures most of the year, even in January.

Most people use Arizona State as a prime escape from winter weather. There are a lot of great Phoenix RV park rentals for RV travelers to relax and explore everything the state has to offer.

Usery Mountain Regional Park

Usery Mountain Regional Park is also known as the moonlight trail. It is 40 minutes from Phoenix, Arizona and in the middle of the desert, listening to bird sounds and seeing everything by the moon makes it a wonderful experience. The guided trails ask you to turn off flashlights and allow the moonlight to guide you.

There are many cool hiking trails at the Usery Mountain Regional Park, and you can experience them using your elite RV rental.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain is in the middle of Scottsdale city. Camelback Mountain is unique due to its hiking nature.

Depending on your trail, you will hike 2 or 2.5 mi (3.23 or 4.02 km) one way. This hike is very convenient, but a lot of foot traffic. During summer, it is not advisable to hike. Most people underestimate hiking, but it is a quiet challenging spot, and you can go hiking while still enjoying your stay in your RV rental.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon is the best place for exploring outdoor experiences and is perfect for experienced or new campers. Grand Canyon National Park has breathtaking views, historical sites, and quaint stores that socially distance.

Grand Canyon Park was created in 1919, covering an area of 1,902 square miles (4,927 square km). Grand Canyon is one of the most renowned scenic wonders worldwide and is perfect for campers to visit and unwind.

Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum is unique and exhibits over 6,000 musical objects and instruments from every country worldwide. According to TripAdvisor, musical instruments are the number one attraction site in Phoenix, Arizona, and the fourth perfect museum for families in the USA nationality.

RV travelers can experience and explore the world’s different music varieties in the 200,000 sq ft (18,580 sq m) building, which has two floors of musical instruments theater and a cafe allegro. It is crucial to spend a lot of time at the Musical Instrument Museum and enjoy the galleries and exhibits.

The museum’s gallery uses video screens and wireless technology to enable the guests to see instruments, observe and hear their sounds playing in their original settings.

Musical Instrument Museum organizes family-focused events throughout the year to engage and provide exciting opportunities for all generations to celebrate different instruments, cultures, and music from around the world.

The Musical Museum hosts approximately 200 concerts annually. It plays all types of music, from bluegrass jazz to songwriters/singers making the museum an unparalleled venue for RV travelers enjoying new and old sounds globally.

Westgate Entertainment District

Westgate Entertainment District is the first entertainment destination where people come together for nightlife, shopping, dining, business, sporting events, community events, business, concerts, and all types of celebrations.

Westgate Entertainment offers a vibrant outdoor setting with a jumping and dancing water fountain for kids making it the best place for RV travelers traveling with their families.

Westgate District gives an interactive experience during the day or night, and more than 20 restaurants, retailers, and entertainment venues such as Yard House, State 48 Funk House Brewery, Salt Tacos Y Tequila, Johnny Rockets, A Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, and the largest AMC Theater with 20 screens surround it.

Westgate District hosts more than 250 events yearly, ranging from live music on Friday and Saturday nights to hot rod nights, bike nights, a holiday ice rink, fitness in the district, and fan experience events. There is always something fresh, exciting, and fun happening at Westgate District every season.

South Mountain Park & Preserve

South Mountain Park and Preserve are among the largest municipal parks in the USA, covering over 64,750 hectares (16,000 acres). At the Southern Mountain Park and Preserve, there are more than 58 mi (93.34 km) of trails and various places and unexpected attraction sites you can visit.

Every Sunday, Southern Mountain Park holds a “Silent Sunday”; on the first, second, third, and fifth Sunday, the park closes the main roadway to motor vehicles at the 1 mi (1.61 km) mark to the park from 5 am to 7 pm, and on the fourth Sunday, they preserve the park’s roadway for motorized activities such as jogging, hiking, walking, walking and other physical activities.

Places and attraction sites RV travelers can visit at South Mountain Park and Preserve


South Mountain Park offers 58 mi (93.34 km) of trails for mountain biking, hiking, and horse riding for all ability levels. Most of the construction of these trails was in early 1930, and they are accessible from several park parking or entrance lots, such as 

  • Park main entrance at 10409 S. Central Ave.
  • Mormon trailhead at 8610 S. 24th St.
  • 19th Ave trailhead at 10500 S. 19th Ave.
  • Pima Canyon trailhead at 9904 S. 48th St.
  • Beverly Canyon trailhead at 8800 S. 46th St.
  • Telegraph Pass trailhead at 14251 S. Desert Foothills Parkway

Dobbins Lookout

Dobbins lookout is the highest, perched at 2,330 ft (71,018.4 cm), and the most accessible point in the park with a north-facing view of the city.

There is a stone ramada at the top to offer shady seating and a small observation platform to identify phoenix landmarks visible from the panoramic view, such as downtown Pheonix, Camelback mountain, and more Local Mountain Ranges.

Horse Riding

At South Mountain Park and Preserve, you can saddle up and explore the park in a cowboy way with a guided horseback tour from Ponderosa Stables and enjoy get-up rides close to the ancient petroglyphs the stables offer throughout the park every Saturday. 

South Mountain Environmental Education Center

At the South Mountain Environment Education Center, you can learn about the natural history of plants and animals and the Sonoran desert’s conservation needs. Outside the door is a Judith tunnel-accessible trail with two barrier-free and half-mile loops. The interpretive loop has a sign about animal life and native plant.

Mystery Castle

Mystery Castle is a three-story building with 13 fireplaces and 18 rooms with Southwestern flair and funky designs. Boyce Gulley built the castle for his daughter Mary Luo, and the memories of structuring sand castles together in Seattle inspired him.

Non-profit Mystery Castle Foundation leads the Mystery Castle, and it opens for tours between October and May.

Desert Botanical Garden

At the Desert Botanical Garden, you can discover the tranquil vibrancy of desert plants snuggled amid the red rocks of Papago buttes. Rv travelers can stroll through the five sectional trails and explore the beauty of the Sonoran desert, from alluring succulent and towering cacti to brilliant lush trees and wildflowers.

The garden holds festival events, dazzling exhibitions, and children and adults classes where you can learn more about the desert’s nature art, landscaping, cooking, and wellness.

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

Mccormick Stillman Railroad Park is a 12.14-ha (30 acres) park operated by the city of Scottsdale’s park and recreation department. It is a unique park of its kind in the USA. It is a perfect park for RV travelers to visit various museums, and shops, relax on the grass under a tree, and for the kids to play in the play area.

Odysea Aquarium

OdySea Aquarium is in Scottdale, the newest aquarium and the most-voted kid’s best indoor entertainment. It is the largest aquarium in Arizona and holds more than two million gallons of water. Odysea Aquarium has more than 65 exhibits and 370 species and offers an interactive, entertaining, and educational experience to their quests.

Odysea Aquarium

In Conclusion

Pheonix is the most popular and largest city in Arizona state. It is the only capital state with more than one million population and the best place to visit and explore with an RV rental. There are different companies in Pheonix where you can rent an RV if you want to explore the city of Arizona.

If you want a comfortable, spacious, and private motor home, the 2019 Forest River Georgetown 37’ (93.98 cm) is the best travel trailer for you. It has the best amenities making it a home away from home.

Visit Phoenix, Arizona, and experience the best trail attractions and the greatest adventures.

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