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Campers for Rent Albuquerque

Life is about moments. An RV rental in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is one of them. RVshare is the largest online community for RV renters and owners. Search by location and tell us where you want to pick up or deliver your RV. 

Message the owner and learn more about your favorite RV and the best local destinations. Request a booking, send a request directly to the host, and start preparing for your adventure.

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Our Preferred Campervan Rentals

10. 2014 K Z Manufacturing Escape 17 Inches (43.18 Centimeters)

Price: Approximately $99/night

Pet friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 4

This 2014 K Z Manufacturing Escape will get us started on the right foot here. The varied landscape of New Mexico makes it an ideal destination for a vacation with the whole family. This RV rental New Mexico travel trailer may look a little outside, but it contains a dinette that transforms into a queen-sized bed to sleep two people. 

In addition, there are two sets of bunk beds for the children. The toilet in the bathroom is flushable, and there is a shower stall within. After a long and muddy hike, there is also an outside shower where multiple people may rinse off and get clean. 

The RV owner will even give the necessary items to set up the vehicle. You only need to bring your clothes, bedding (including sheets and blankets), and possibly a television if needed. It is one of the best camper RV rentals Albuquerque can offer.

9. 2004 StarCraft Travel Star 21 Inches (53.3 Centimeters)

Price: About $79/night

Pet friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 6

Are you prepared to go on an exciting journey? There are several RV rentals Albuquerque offers. This is definitely one of them. Get behind the wheel of this 2004 Starcraft Travel Star, which features an expanded cabin, and head out on the open road. When pulled out, this roomy travel trailer rental Albuquerque offers you a living space that is 29 feet (8.84 meters) in length.

It is a perfect lightweight trailer perfect for families. This recreational vehicle has a full bathroom, a water heater, two queen beds, two full beds (convertible dinette and couch), and a full kitchen. It also has a large amount of RV storage, which you can use to keep everything organized and tidy. 

Eleanor, the owner of the RV, will supply you with utensils, a grill, and a coffee machine during your stay. You only need to bring your clothes, food, toiletries, and other essentials like a mattress and towels.

8. 2017 Forest River Evo 21 Inches (53.3 Centimeters)

Price: Approximately $108/night

Pet friendly?: No

Sleeps: 5

This 2017 Forest River Evo is waiting for you to take it for a spin! Taking a trip through New Mexico in this rented travel trailer is an experience that is well worth every penny. The proprietor of an RV, Richard, refers to it as his “home away from home.” 

There is sufficient space for five people to sleep thanks to the presence of a queen bed, two bunk beds, and a dinette that converts into a bed. In addition, a full bathroom and a kitchenette are available for your use. On top of that, Richard is willing to provide supplementary camping gear to anyone who makes a request and pays a small price.

7. 2017 Keystone Passport 32 Inches (81.3 Centimeters)

Price: About $129/night

Pet friendly?: No

Sleeps: 10

Are you part of a huge traveling party? Look at this spacious 2017 Keystone Passport and consider going on an adventure! Because it is 32 feet (9.7 centimeters) long, there is sufficient space for everyone. This NM RV rentals weigh less than 5,500 pounds (2,494.8 kilograms), which is light considering its size. 

Because there is so much into this, you will be even more surprised by it. There is a master bedroom with a queen bed, a bunkhouse with four beds, a couch bed that is full size, and a large dinette that turns into a bed. 

There is a complete indoor kitchen for all your cooking requirements, complete with a microwave, oven, and stove. In addition to that, there is a kitchen located outside! The RV owner, Ken, can supply all the necessities for a set fee for the rental duration. In addition, for a modest additional cost, he provides a generator.

6. 2019 Winnebago Minnie 32 Inches (81.3 Centimeters)

Price: About $98/night

Pet friendly?: No

Sleeps: 8

This 2019 Winnebago Minnie is a brand-new camper rentals in Albuquerque that can accommodate eight people in the utmost comfort. Consequently, going to Albuquerque is a fantastic option to consider. Both the inside and the outside of this rented RV are stunning. Thanks to all the room it provides, you will have abundant space to spread out. 

It features a fully equipped kitchen as well as a complete bathroom. You can use a slide to enlarge your living area and kitchen so that you do not have to tread on any of your family or friends. Cook dinner with the outside slide-out burner while you relax beneath the electric awning with LED lights and enjoy the desert nights.

5. 2016 Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25 Inches (63.5 Centimeters)

Price: About $109/night

Pet friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 4

In need of a private getaway for the two of you? Taking a trip through New Mexico in this 2016 Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite is something we would highly recommend. Although it can accommodate four people, it is ideal for a romantic getaway for just two!

This RV rental in Albuquerque, NM, is stunning in every way! This particular travel trailer is the most intriguing option among those covered in this article. This travel trailer features a rear bathroom with a full shower, sink, toilet, and storage thanks to its innovative design, which also includes two entrances. 

In addition to a refrigerator and dinette, the galley kitchen also features an entertainment center located over the dinette. In addition, there is a wide sofa, a microwave, a double sink, and a stove with three burners. The front of the recreational vehicle features a Murphy bed that converts into RV storage when flipped up, nightstands, and wardrobes.

4. 2001 Coleman Grand Tour Utah 25 (63.5 Centimeters)

Price: Approximately $120/night

Pet friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 6

This Coleman Grand Tour Utah from 2001 is an excellent option for a family vehicle. Have fun camping with a tent that looks straight out of Harry Potter. Do not be led astray by the fact that the picture makes this rent camper Albuquerque appear smaller than it is. This bad boy has enough room for six to eight people to sleep. 

It contains two king beds that slide out, a dinette that converts into a couch, and a couch that folds out! There is sufficient space for everyone in the family to have their bed. In addition, there is a 30-gallon fresh water tank, a three-way refrigerator, a heater powered by propane, an outdoor shower equipped with a water heater and a water pump, and lots of storage space!

3. 2014 Thor Motor Coach Chateau Citation 24 Inches (60.9 Centimeters)

Price: Approximately $246/night

Pet Friendly?: No

Sleeps: 4

What a pleasant and relaxing journey! In this 2014 Thor Motor Coach Chateau Citation. It is one of the best campers for rent in Albuquerque has. You may take in the sights of New Mexico as you travel around the state. Because this rented RV drives just like a car, you will have no trouble maneuvering it into and out of the parking lots of convenience stores and petrol stations. 

You can travel while reducing the amount of money spent on gas thanks to the vehicle’s good fuel efficiency. Because this RV rental is reasonably priced, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to go camping in state or national parks.

2. 2017 Keystone Laredo 35 Inches (88.9 Centimeters)

Price: Approximately $125/night

Pet Friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 4

The inside characteristics of this 2017 Keystone Laredo scream luxury throughout! The best aspect is that you can travel comfortably through New Mexico without going bankrupt. Max, the RV owner, will deliver to campgrounds in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, a significant benefit of renting this travel trailer! 

Regarding the inside, the living room contains a leather couch and chairs. Reading a book from the well-stocked library next to the LED fireplace is another way to unwind. The indoor kitchen includes a large fridge, an island, three burners, an oven, and a microwave. The outdoor kitchen contains two burners, a microwave, a mini-fridge, and a pull-out TV with surround sound.

1. 2018 Forest River Legacy 40 Inches (101.6 Centimeters)

Price: About $300/night

Pet friendly?: No

Sleeps: 10

The 2018 Forest River Legacy comes in last. However, you should not consider it the least important event. Renting a motorhome like this is a wonderful experience for groups of people, including families, two or three couples traveling together, and those traveling alone. It is quite recent and has a large amount of available area. 

The package includes two complete bathrooms, a washer, a dryer, and a generator. The fact that it comes with utensils, bedding, and towels, in addition to other conveniences, is a significant plus!

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What is there to Do in Albuquerque?

Private Hot Air Balloon Flights with Elevated New Mexico

There is no better location to launch your hot air balloon than Albuquerque, known for its hot air balloon festival. With this private hot air balloon flight, you may have a more individualized experience than cramming into a basket with strangers. 

While floating through the air, you may take in views of the setting sun and toast your accomplishment with an included drink. Our FAA-certified pilot has nearly 30 years of hot air balloon flight expertise. We will pick you up from any location of your choice for a modest price, or we can meet you at our launch site. 

While you take in the breathtaking views of the Rio Grande River Valley and the Sandia Mountains, our experienced pilot and crew will put up the balloon or balloons and prepare for our journey. 

Your guided aerial tour of the city and its surroundings will wow you once we take off! To commemorate our flight and share the history and customs of the hot air ballooning community, we will gently land the balloon after about an hour of flying, pack it up, and serve light refreshments.

ABQ Beer Tour: A Curated Craft Beer Experience in the Land of Enchantment

On this small-group tour, venture off the beaten path with your guide to some of Albuquerque’s greatest craft breweries. Meet in the evening in the heart of Albuquerque and get ready to explore; you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at each brewery you visit and learn everything there is to know about the brewing process. 

You can sample beer styles accompanied by snacks and water. Join us for a tour of the diverse beer scene in Albuquerque. A lover of artisan beer will enjoy Albuquerque. There is something for every beer drinker in the metro area, with over 30 breweries. 

Crisp pale lagers, bitter and bittersweet IPAs, fruity and juicy NEIPAs, complex and funky sours, and malty and roasty porters and stouts are all available to us.

What it Includes:

  • Flights of samples at each brewery we go to
  • Visits to each brewery’s brewing facilities behind the scenes.
  • Our professional beer guide will discuss the procedure and background of brewing and beer.
  • We will have a great appetizer at one brewery.
  • Bottled water

Small-Group E-Bike Tour in Albuquerque

The best way to see more of Albuquerque is on an e-bike tour rather than driving or walking about the city. As this small group takes you to some of Albuquerque’s less well-known areas, you will have the opportunity to explore the city’s history, culture, and landscape more deeply. 

The best part is that riding an e-bike is simple, making this trip appropriate for persons of all levels of physical fitness. We invite you to come with us on a relaxing 2.5-hour E-bike tour so that you may view the public art that makes our great city so vibrant. 

Explore the historic core of Albuquerque, sometimes referred to as “Duke City,” and immerse yourself in this area. The city got its name in honor of the 10th Duke of Alburquerque, the ruler of New Spain at the time. Along the path are several sculptures made out of bronze, steel, and wood, as well as fresco murals and walls covered in mosaics. 

Everyone will get orientation and a safety briefing from our guides. After that, they will show you your brand-new electric bike, which will have a plate bearing the name of a city in New Mexico. The first step of our adventure on the Duke City E-bikes is a demonstration ride directly in front of our shop in the parking lot.

Breaking Bad RV Tours

This humorous and action-packed tour is not one that fans of the show Breaking Bad will want to miss since it contains several locations from the show that only dedicated viewers would recognize. 

Explore numerous places, including Saul’s place of employment, Walter White’s house, Jesse’s RV junkyard, the car wash, Jane’s apartment, and Jesse’s home, among others. You can even get a quick breakfast at Los Pollos Hermanos while you’re on the road in an RV replica of the one shown on the show. 

It will test your knowledge of breaking bad in the form of show trivia, and you will have the opportunity to win prizes. The shooting sites are subject to vary depending on the schedule for the production. Have you watched breaking bad but not El Camino? The show will come to life for you during our three-hour tour of the sites. 

You will have the opportunity to ride in an RV similar to the one shown in the television show Breaking Bad. Relive the sights and sounds of the filming experience in the fully interactive and climate-controlled studio film setting. 

It is a more than three hours and twenty minutes film site tour. The tour will take you to your favorite Breaking Bad locations, including a light breakfast or lunch at Los Pollos Hermanos. 

The Ghost Tour of Old Town – New Mexico’s oldest Ghost Walk – Since 2001

A guided ghost tour through Old Town Albuquerque’s famous haunts will reveal the eerie side of the neighborhood. The standard walking tour gets an interesting touch with ghost stories delivered by lantern light. 

Everyone, whether a believer or a skeptic, can appreciate learning about the history of Old Town as your guide takes you through old structures, shady alleys, and secret graves that most visitors are unaware even exist.


  • Take a ghost tour to immerse Old Town Albuquerque’s paranormal past fully.
  • Your guide will share historical and eerie tales with you.
  • Take your camera along, and discover how to spot potential paranormal activity in digital images.
  • The eerie tales and sights are suitable for children.

Turquoise Museum Visit

Visit The Turquoise Museum in Albuquerque to learn everything there is to know about turquoise while you’re in the American Southwest. The Turquoise Museum is in a cutting-edge “castle” that is as intriguing as the exhibits and offers a sizable collection of turquoise jewelry and other items like old furniture. 

You can choose to upgrade your entrance ticket to include a Turquoise 101 session or a guided tour, or you can take a self-guided tour. View some of the rarest and most valuable turquoise and turquoise jewelry.

12 pm – Public High Noon History, Legends & Lore Tour – Guided Old Town Stroll

Explore Albuquerque’s Old Town with someone familiar with it and can provide context rather than going it alone. This intimate walking tour takes you to all the most significant landmarks while introducing you to this historically significant neighborhood’s myths, tales, and colorful individuals. 

Certified tour guides lead you on an exhilarating journey through time while dispelling the stories and myths about the “Duke City” with accurate information. Take a 75-minute guided stroll around one of the oldest towns in North America, passing through its streets and lanes.

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show – Albuquerque

Attend America’s largest interactive murder mystery comedy dinner show to enjoy supper and entertainment on an unforgettable night in Albuquerque. You will play the detective role while enjoying a wonderful four-course meal by attempting to solve a crime and apprehend the key suspects lurking in plain sight. 

You can solve a hilarious and difficult mystery while enjoying a delicious dinner at The Dinner Detective. Just be careful! Somewhere in the room, the offender is hiding from view, and before you know it, you may be a Prime Suspect! Since 2004, we have been touring the nation with our captivating and distinctive murder mystery dinner theater productions.

Retro RV camping


Albuquerque receives more than 300 days of sunlight annually. This makes it a wonderful spot to visit year-round, even outside the week-long balloon festival. Enjoy the warm weather while strolling through the Old Town’s winding lanes, where century-old adobe homes still survive, and you can find restaurants serving sopaipillas and enchiladas.

Even though some of the original roadbeds are beneath I-40, Route 66 has always traveled through Albuquerque since time immemorial. You won’t get lost if you follow the neon signs and mom-and-pop hotels along Central Avenue. If you enjoy art and tacky Americana design, you’re lucky because they’re along this busy section of the Mother Road.

Don’t forget to search the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science for historical artifacts. Since a shallow sea previously covered New Mexico, finding fossils here is a serious business. See what other than a roomful of dinosaur skeletons paleontologists have uncovered.

There is still more. Everything related to the American Southwest seems to carry its celebrations in Albuquerque. 

There are museums or centers devoted to hot air balloons, rattlesnakes, Indian Pueblos, Hispanic culture, nuclear science (Albuquerque was important during the US Atomic Age), meteorites, vintage vehicles, gems, including turquoise, and nuclear physics.

Indeed, New Mexico is also the “Land of Enchantment,” and it’s easy to understand why. Discover the best RV rental in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and explore the area on foot or with the ABQ Ride buses. Impressed?

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