TRIPLE The Fun With The 10 Best RV Rentals in Orlando, Florida

Finding perfect RV rentals in Orlando, Florida, may seem torture for those who have no idea where to start. And it is understandable, especially when the list of options seems unending. 

This article may help you find the best Florida motorhome rental and start a journey with comfort. As a bonus, one will also learn about places to visit in Orlando, depending on the mood and interests. This way, everyone finds something fun.

RV road trip in the mountain

RV Rental in Orlando 

Comparing camper rentals between cities, RV rentals in Orlando, Florida, have some of the best options. From medium-sized RVs to huge motorhomes with awnings or bathroom skylights.

The variety of options allows for traveling alone, with family, or friends. Some of the RVs are pet-friendly, which means traveling with fur babies.  

Regardless of the final choice, the bare fact of many options inspires one to dream of the next vacation.

Our Ten Preferred Camper Van Rentals in Orlando, FL 

10. 2016 Mercedes Benz Interstate Grand Tour 24′ (7.31 meters)

A compact and stylish option for a couple of trips. If one needs nothing more but a tidy and comfortable space for two, then this RV for rent in Orlando, Florida, is a perfect choice.

The kitchen and sleeping spaces mingle together in harmony without creating a jam. Instead, this RV’s technical parts are interactive and convenient to use.

Unfortunately, this Mercedes Benz RV is not pet-friendly. And, to be completely honest, while a smaller pet would still fit, a bigger dog would not. 

In terms of price, to rent this RV for at least one night, the couple will have to give around $199. Affordable for comfort like this. 

9. 2000 Coleman Destiny Sea Pine 21′ (6.4 meters)

Coleman is a perfect beach RV rental Orlando edition. Compact but mighty, Coleman has all it takes for a nice weekend at the beach or forest. 

The king-sized, full beds and a couch have enough space for 8 people, so spending the weekend in friends’ company becomes possible.  

Transparent nets open a beautiful view of the destination, so sleeping under the stars can be comfortable and romantic.

The convertible dinette table is also comfy for either having a dinner or a small drink party. 

And the biggest advantage is that one can take their pets to travel with them!

Altogether, this Orlando camper rental costs around $65 per night.

8. 2017 Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 40′ (12.19 meters)

This RV resembles the Holiday Rambler’s sense of comfort and space. 

With enough place for eight people, this RV has a big kitchen and comfortable coaches to sit while it’s steaming and frying. An HDTV also helps spend time, either with the company or alone, while the rest of the crew observes the destination. 

At the end of the day, one can watch the sunset with a cup of something steamy on a wide back porch. 

But, like with most cases of Orlando RV rental, it is impossible to bring a pet. As for the price, about $220 per night guarantees the trip of one’s life.

7. 2017 Keystone Cougar 40′ (12.19 meters)

This RV is an example of the nicest Florida motorhome rental. The number of advantages it has can persuade anyone to travel with family and friends all together.

The reason for this is an ample living capacity 一 the RV is 4- ft. long (12.20 meters). The Cougar can fit ten people inside so that everyone has a place to relax and rest.

The RV also has a wide range of amenities. Some practical ones include inside and outside showers, a toilet, an oven, a microwave, a stove, and so on. There is also an air conditioner, ceiling fan, and heater for regulating the temperature to everyone’s taste. 

As for traveling and sightseeing purposes, the RV has an awning and extra storage space for that.   

Unfortunately, renting the Keystone Cougar does not allow bringing cats. Dogs, however, can join their owners. 

As for the rent charge, one will have to pay around $250/night.  

6. 2008 Fleetwood Revolution LE 44′ (13.41 meters)

The Fleetwood Revolution is another spacious RV one may need when traveling with a small company. 

This RV has all the necessary amenities. One immediately notices a vast kitchen space with a stove, an oven, a microwave, and enough surfaces for cooking. Not only that, the RV offers four HDTVs and enough sitting furniture to watch it.

A king-sized bed and 1.5 bathrooms also provide all the necessary comfort. Two couches can unfold for air beds, giving more places to sleep.  

There is also enough storage space to fit all necessities and a few indulgences. Living in this RV may feel like home despite having to pay about $250 per night. 

Another fat advantage of Fleetwood Revolution is pet friendliness. Overall, the RV has mostly positive reviews from owners and renters. 

5. 2017 Dutchmen Voltage 41′ (12.50 meters)

The Dutchmen Voltage is, no less, a luxurious dream of Orlando RV rentals. With a polished interior and a beautiful view, this RV can give all the aesthetic satisfaction one may need.

To more practical details, four beds and a large kitchen provide a comfortable sleeping and dining experience. 

The bonus of this RV is an electric fireplace one can gather around to listen to music, watch a movie, or just chat. An electric generator makes sure to supply the RV with all the electricity it needs. 

Finally, the awning opens a space for stargazing or night talks with a glass of wine. 

Unfortunately, the Dutchmen Voltage is not pet-friendly, so one will have their fur babies at home.

The price for this RV is pretty affordable 一 around $195.   

4. 2017 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 42′ (12.80 meters)

One of the most luxurious RVs on the list. Holiday Rambler is perfect for a family trip with children, with a king-sized bed in the main suite for parents and bunk beds with DVD players for their hyperactive offspring.

Overall, the RV has space for eight people so that one can organize a little party event for friends or family. 

The RV also has a vast kitchen space with all the necessary amenities and a big HDTV for the whole family. 

Unfortunately, like in most cases with RV rentals in Orlando, Florida, one cannot take the animal on board.  

The price per night will be about $299, so it is better to rent the Holiday Rambler for a really significant occasion. 

3. 2018 Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite 30′ (9.14 meters)

A wide and sleek RV for the most comfortable trip. The Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite has all it takes for a satisfying journey in a compact form. A comfy couch and a window for a beautiful view accompany a tidy kitchenette and a dining table.

When traveling in this RV, one surely will not feel uncomfortable or long for wide spaces of the home. The interior and a thoroughly calculated convenience allow one to forget it is not an actual home. 

The RV has enough space for eight people, so having a good time with friends will not feel like a jar of pickles. 

Still, despite all the advantages, Thor is not pet-friendly; a regular thing for RV share Orlando.

In terms of payment, the night in this RV will cost around $210, so it is better to rent for long miles.  

2. 2018 Mallard M33A Bunkhouse 33′ (10.05 meters)

Mallard is a more affordable Orlando camper rental, yet it has all the necessities one may need, along with a beautiful view. 

This travel trailer can fit up to 10 people on its board, with two private rooms couples can take. 

A medium-sized kitchen and dining space has all it needs for comfortable cooking, and two couches can fit the travelers for a nice meal and talk. 

And if talking is difficult when eating, there are smart HDTVs and DirecTV satellite service for television or a movie night. 

One night in Mallard costs 148 per night, which is a reasonable charge for all the comfort. Unfortunately, the rent does not permit animals on board.  

1. 2017 Thor Motor Coach Quantum LF31 32′ (9.75 meters)

A great budget option for a big company. This RV provides maximum comfort for a good price, at about $199 per night 一  but gives something to remember about the trip for a long time.

To start with five HDTVs on board, no one will need to fight for a remote. A compact kitchenette with all the necessities serves just right for all hungry for a journey.

The RV also has a lovely bathroom skylight, so one can enjoy showering under the moonlight. Finally, the main attraction 一 a rear queen bed for maximum comfort. 

Overall, it’s a perfect attraction in itself, unfortunately, without pets. Still, it’s an ideal Orlando camper rental for young people or a friend company.

RV trip in nature

Recreational Activities in Orlando

Orlando has lots of places to amaze a traveler hungry for discoveries. Here is the list of the 15 most diverse activities one can engage in. 

  1. Kennedy Space Center Adventure with Transport from Orlando

According to TripAdvisor, the destination holds the first place in the list of outdoor activity providers in Orlando. A perfect place for fans of outer space, whether an adult or a child. 

The journey starts with morning pickup from Orlando with the next ride to the Space Center, where one can immerse themselves in space through a guided walking tour. Numerous exhibitions, installations, and even passing by astronauts will create unforgettable memories. 

  1. 2-Hour Glass Bottom Guided Kayak Eco Tour in Rainbow Springs

Everyone knows Florida is home to fascinating nature, and kayaking is one of the best options to explore and create good memories. 

One can rent a glass-bottom kayak and a guide to experience the wonders of Rainbow Springs. The place is rich in flora and fauna, with fishes, turtles, and alligators. If one is lucky, one may even see otters.

However, this tour is popular, so one better book it as fast as possible when planning a trip.

  1. SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

Those who prefer less active or effortless sightseeing can try visiting SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium. There, the variety of sea creatures of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans can amaze even the most tempting visitors. 

Over 5,000 crustaceans, marine mammals, and fish astonish people at 30 exhibitions through a 360-degree underwater tunnel. 

In general, SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium is a perfect option for the family trip as kids will not leave this place till the end of it. 

  1. Museum of Illusions Orlando

The Museum of Illusions is a top-rated attraction. With more than 50 interactive exhibits, visitors can learn about various optical illusions—a great place for aesthetic Instagram photos.

Unfortunately, as this place brims with visitors, one should book tickets in advance. This will save one from standing in line.

One should start with the Ames Room or the Reverse Room to save time. The visitors recommended them as the most entertaining. 

  1. Central Florida Everglades Airboat Tour from Orlando

However, for those who crave intense time spending, the best place to go is the Central Florida Everglade. Suppose one is brave enough for a 4-hour airboat tour and glide over a float of alligators. In that case, the reward is fascinating scenery and crystal clear water. 

After that, the audience can watch a 20-minute show starring the same alligators.

This may not be ideal for children, so better visit it with friends, family, or significant other.

  1. Madame Tussauds Orlando

Coming to Madame Tussauds Orlando to practice is a good idea if one wants to meet their favorite celebrity but is afraid to mess it up.

The exhibit presents more than 200 models of the most beloved actors, musicians, TV stars, athletes, political figures, and many more. 

Everyone must know names like Oprah, Barack Obama, or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Madame Tussauds Orlando gives a great opportunity to practice the speech in case some of them walk the streets of one’s neighborhood. 

A great bonus when booking a ticket to this place is that one gets a chance to upgrade to a 2- or 3-attraction pass, which means more Orlando attractions to see!

Madame Tussauds
  1. The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show, Orlando

From those who visited this 90-minute improv comedy show, the only commentary is everybody must go there. Not just a comedy 一, the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show gives a piece of magic to everyone who comes there. 

Crazy energy, active engagement, and loads of fun 一 these three things describe this event the most accurately. 

The show will not leave you hungry in all meanings. All the visitors have access to pizza, salads, and soft drinks. No alcohol, so kids are safe to visit and share good times with their parents.

Booking a ticket to this show also allows upgrading to one more attraction to WonderWorks amusement park or a Laser-tag game.

  1.  The Asylum Escape Room

A perfect place for a group of bored friends who seek adventures. The storyline for this arcade is the following: five patients are officially dead, but the bodies have disappeared. Dr. Rutger is the first to fall under suspicion. Even his wife has made a deathbed confession. Still, the case stays open. 

The players’ mission is to solve the case and find out what really happened. The game lasts 60 minutes, so there will be no time to relax.

If this sparks one’s eyes, visiting this place will stay in memory for a long time. And when the game exhausts the players, there will be food and drinks to restore their energy. 

Furthermore, another great bonus is the hotel pickup and drop-off, so one does not have to worry about finding the place. 

The destination is wheelchair-friendly, so in case of disabled players, no one will stay behind. 

  1. Orlando Magic NBA Basketball Tickets

Surely, there must be basketball fans in every friend group. Through TripAdvisor, one can pre-book their admission to witness the Orlando Magic basketball team playing. 

The facility has one of the tallest scoreboards in the whole NBA. Not only that, but it also involves interactive fan areas and several restaurants and bars. 

This is a formula for the perfect weekend with a group of best friends or family.

  1. Titanic 一 The Artifact Exhibition Ticket 

Everyone knows the story of Titanic. Now everyone has an opportunity to study the tragic events from April 1912. The visitors will be able to visit the exhibition and interact with costumed actors who will guide them through all the items. 

Currently, there are 300 artifacts worth looking at. In addition, there is also the full-scale recreation of the Grand Staircase, the Verandah Cafe, and the First Class Parlor Suite so that everyone can feel like a member of high society from the 1910s.

The Word’s Out!

Planning a trip can be exhausting if one does not know where to start. Luckily, the transport issue is easily solvable now, with many available RV rentals in Orlando, Florida. One can now choose from a collection of options and rent a camper in Orlando.

And when the group reaches the destination, they already have places to go the minute they set foot on the ground. After all, the last few years showed that living in the moment is not overrated, and so be it. 

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