What are the Best Types of RV Rentals in Colorado Springs?

RV Rentals in Colorado Springs

Are you trying to find RV rentals in Colorado Springs? Find it now! We identified the top 10 camper rentals in Colorado Springs, which range from budget-friendly to opulent, compact off-road travel trailers to enormous Class As. Are you prepared to witness Colorado Springs’ beauty? Read on and start making plans now!

Travel Trailer camping in Colorado

The Best Types of RV Rentals in Colorado Springs

2020 Forest River Trailer

For a big family, two smaller families, or a bunch of friends, the 2020 Forest River Trailer is the ideal one! It contains a queen-sized bedroom up front and a bunkhouse with two bunk beds in the back. The owner provides pots, pans, and cooking equipment in this trailer for your convenience. 

Rental price: Around $130 per night

Animal Friendly?:Yes

Sleeps: 4

2017 Starcraft Ar One 19′

Pick up your wife, kids, and dog and embark on a road trip in this 2017 Starcraft Ar One! In Colorado Springs, camper rental doesn’t have to be a problem. This is because this rented travel trailer is in excellent shape, and you can tow it using almost any truck or SUV.

Thanks to the spacious master bed and bunk beds, everyone has space. The RV owner also includes extras like pots, pans, and cutlery for your vacation.

Rental price:  Around $109 per night

Animal friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 5

2017 Promaster Custom 18′

This RV rental in Colorado, 2017 Promaster Custom 18’, is the ideal option if you don’t need to rent an RV for more than a few people. In this 2017 Promaster Custom, you will enjoy exploring Colorado! Imagine traveling for a weekend in this camper van: You may alter this camper van to suit your needs, thanks to its incredibly adaptable interior.

Sleep soundly on the full-sized memory foam mattress, which has space for two more people on the floor and available extra mattresses. A fully equipped kitchenette, comfortable sleeping quarters, entertainment options, and travel guides are all included.

Rental price: Around $186 per night 

Animal friendly?: Yes


2019 TAXA Teardrop Camper

Enjoy your time in this Colorado Springs RV rental. Take a journey in this 2019 TAXA Teardrop Camper that looks little but mighty. Almost any car can easily tow this teardrop trailer! The huge side opening in TAXA’s NASA-inspired design provides convenient access for loading and unloading, breathtaking vistas, and a breeze from all directions.

Rental price: Around $100/night 

Animal friendly?: Yes


2014 RAM Promaster 1500

The 2014 RAM Promaster is screaming, “Look at me! This is because of how beautiful it looks. “Rent an RV that is top quality, from its distinctive exterior to its sleek, spacious interior. The manufacturer used tongue and groove pine boards to finish the interior and hand-built cabinets to add extra storage. Drawer fronts made-to-order provide a creative touch.

The RV has a ceiling fan for warm nights and a Webasto gas heater for chilly ones. The blackout curtains, insulated window covers, and inside LED lighting will provide privacy and comfort. It doesn’t matter whether you camp outside or inside.

Rental price: Around $179 per night

Animal friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 2

2017 Forest River Surveyor 33′

What a dream this 2017 Forest River Surveyor is! Have a wonderful camping trip in this beautiful RV at one of Colorado’s numerous state parks. The interior immediately evokes a sense of familiarity. Retire to the queen-sized bed in the private main bedroom.

This campervan also has an Apple TV and flat screen for those who can’t miss their favorite show! This is unique compared to other RV rentals in Colorado. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance!

Rental price: Around $115 per night

Animal friendly?: Yes

Slides: 1

Sleeps: 6

2008 EarthRoamer 12′

Going to Colorado Springs is impossible without experiencing Mt. Squalor! One of the Colorado RV rentals is this ideal off-road truck camper, the 2008 Earthroamer! Inside this RV, visualize your perfect camping adventure!

Consider taking this truck camper if you want to spend some time in the wilds of Colorado. It includes a queen-size mattress and a camp heater powered by gasoline. A solar panel powers even the refrigerator so you can relax with a nice beverage after a strenuous trip!

Rental price: Around $200 per night

Animal friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 2 

2018 Forest River Salem 28′

Are you in need of an RV rental in Colorado? This 2018 Forest River Salem will get your attention for some reason. It could be that it has something to do with how plain it appears from the outside, yet how spacious it is within!

The RV contains everything you need for camping, including chairs and kitchenware. Sleep soundly in the queen bed or bed you can make out of the dinette. Bunk beds for youngsters are a must! The very best in camping is available in this trailer!

Rental price: Around $117

Animal friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 8 

2018 Jayco Greyhawk 31′

If you are searching for a spacious motorhome rental Colorado RV, look no further than this 2012 Thor Motor Coach. This is the perfect option for you to make lifelong memories. This opulent RV has a ton of features and comforts.

The owners also included a backup camera (which is very useful for those with little to no experience driving motorhomes). All the supplies you’ll need for your camping trip are in it!

Rental price: Around $215 per night

Animal friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 5 

2016 Jayco Jay Feather Trailer

Do you want to rent a camper Colorado van to have the best possible glamping experience? The 2016 Jayco Jay Feather Trailer is ready for you to board! There are numerous benefits to this trailer. For instance, most automobiles can tow this trailer, even in difficult-to-access mountain regions.

Rental price: Around $89 

Animal friendly?: Yes

Sleeps: 7 

Recreational Activities in Colorado Springs?

Planning your activities is the next step after booking your trip! Looking for things to do in Colorado? Here are some suggestions:

Fins Course Scenic Zipline Tour

Spend three hours on Colorado’s most original zip-line trip to feel the marriage of adrenaline and nature. The unique geologic characteristics found exclusively in Seven Falls have the zip-line’s design. 

Enjoy riding the Fins course, which includes two suspension bridges, a 180-foot (54.8 meters) assisted rappel, five zip-lines ranging in length from 300 to 1,800 feet (91 to 548 meters), and more. All visitors must be between 90 and 250 pounds (40.8 and 113 kilograms) when dressed to their fullest. For everyone’s protection, this weight restriction is rigorous.

You will need to make your bookings. If you book online, you will get reservations that come with confirmations. What you will also enjoy is minivan transportation with air conditioning. You will enjoy the services of a tour guide and bottled water as you tour.

Red Canyon Loop Half Day

Take a 4×4 Jeep tour from Canyon City to explore the remote areas of Red Canyon. Put your seatbelt on and start the exciting, rough ride. Enjoy breathtaking views of the majestic red towers while looking for bears, mule deer, and other wildlife.

You get the inside scoop on the region’s distinctive geology and history from your guide. The Overlook Arch and actual dinosaur footprints are other highlights.

Garden of the Gods Nature Center

You will find dramatic views at Garden of the Gods Park, a National Natural Landmark. The 300-foot (91 meters)-tall sandstone rock formations seem stunning against the snow-covered peaks and the clear blue sky. The Garden of the Gods consists of up to 300-foot-tall stone towers and fins.

Hikers who want to explore this National Natural Landmark more closely have access to 9.32 miles (15 kilometers) of paths. Tour the Garden of the Gods Park and Nature Center to learn more about the region and the geology that created these formations.

This park is home to many flora and animals, including a newly discovered dinosaur species and an unheard-of subspecies of honey ants.

Garden of the Gods RV Resort

The Garden of the Gods RV Resort is in the foothills of Pikes Peak, America’s most popular peak. It shares its location with Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City. It is conveniently close to some of Colorado Springs’ top sites for sightseeing, hiking, dining, and other activities.

Most of the RV sites offer this breathtaking view of Pikes Peak. Pack all of your “toys” to maximize your Colorado vacation!

National Museum of World War II Aviation

This museum provides documentation of military aviation’s contribution to the rise of the United States as a superpower. The museum tells of the battle’s incredible scientific advances in aviation and the achievements and sacrifices made by the men and women who helped win the air war.

In addition to its operational World War II-era aircraft collection, the museum provides a well-balanced combination of relics, archive material, interpretive narratives, maps, and audio-visual technologies.

Visitors can read about the circumstances that led to America’s entry into World War II and how those circumstances affected a fledgling aviation sector in the museum’s first section. The next visitor stop is a gallery that details America’s early engagement in conflict’s European and Pacific theaters.

There are also lessons that soldiers fighting on the front lines learned. Finally, visitors know how the effort on the home front to design, develop, and construct the airplanes eventually won the war.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a zoological park situated on Cheyenne Mountain in the United States, southwest of the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is the tallest zoo in America, rising 6,714 feet (2,046 m) above sea level. There are 140 acres (56 hectares) in the zoo, 40 acres (16 hectares) of which are already in use.

More than 750 animals, representing almost 150 distinct species, including more than 30 endangered species, are housed in the zoo. In 2018, USA Today recognized the zoo as the fourth-best zoo in North America. 

Black-footed ferrets, Wyoming toads, mountain tapirs, and Mexican gray wolves are just a few endangered species the zoo breeds. The zoo participates in more than 30 projects under the Species Survival Plan.

Through Quarters for Conservation, which lets visitors choose which programs the zoo supports, it provides financial support for several field conservation activities.

Cheyenne Mountain

Rocky Mountain National Park

The US Park System’s Rocky Mountain National Park is one of its crown jewels. This national park does a fantastic job of keeping a stunning portion of the southern Rocky Mountains accessible to the public. It is the ideal location to escape the pressures of our busy lives and re-establish connections with family, nature, and the truly important things.

Rocky Mountain National Park has everything you need for an amazing vacation, whether traveling alone, with a special loved one, or with the whole family. This includes an abundance of wildlife, 100+ lakes, more than 350 miles (560 km) of trails, hiking, roads that take you to the top of the mountains, and all the amenities you need just outside the park’s boundaries.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Choosing the Right RV to Rent

Many alternatives are available, so deciding which RV best suits your needs might be challenging. From enormous motorhomes to small camper vans, some vehicles are suitable for couples and lone travelers who are always on the move.

Others are best for families and large groups wishing to camp outdoors. You may choose the ideal RV for your upcoming road trip by following these simple steps:

  1. Decide how many people will be traveling: Some RVs are excellent for a family of 4 to 5, while others have limited capacity and can only accommodate 2 to 3 people.
  2. Plan: Once you’ve decided to travel by RV, you’ll need to choose the model, the destinations, and the activities you’ll do while there.
  3. Once you’ve chosen, you may utilize the information to organize your budget, any particular activities, and meal preparation. Making the most of your RV rental requires meticulous planning of your entire trip.
  4. A destination: If you are traveling to a place with severe weather, you should consider elements like integrated heating and cooling.
  5. Gas mileage: When you rent an RV, the gas mileage is horrible, and there isn’t much you can do about it. It is even worse when traveling in the summer. Be ready as gas prices across North America soar during the summer.
  6. However, there are some methods to increase your gas mileage. When planning your journey, you can also look up places where you can stop for less expensive petrol. The most expensive gas stations are usually around busy highway sections.
  7. Pet-friendly: Make sure the RV you hire is pet-friendly if your four-legged traveling companions are coming along.
  8. Take into account the type of road trip experience you desire: if you are a first-time camper or RV renter, you will want to include as many comforts as possible to guarantee a comfortable stay outside.
  9. Other RV Fees: You should be aware of a few additional charges in addition to the regular rental fee for an RV. A down payment is required upfront, you must get travel insurance, and there may be additional costs associated with out-of-state or longer trips.
  10. Many RV rental companies charge extra for bedding, kitchenware, generators, propane, and other items. However, purchasing some of the items above in advance is more affordable than at an RV park.


Enjoy the journey in a Colorado camper rental wherever you go and whatever you do. There is always something to do in Colorado Springs, whether you enjoy fishing, golf, horseback riding, river rafting, or winter sports.

If you prefer inside activities to outdoor ones, Colorado RV rentals will take you to a wide range of dining, entertainment, and cultural events to keep you occupied at all hours of the day. Popular places like Denver, Pueblo, and Boulder are close once you start driving. Why not get Co RV rentals and enjoy your trip?

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