What is Glamping? Exploring the Different Types

How to Glamp

Before you know how to glamp, let’s answer this question: What is glamping? It is a trendy camping phrase that implies “luxury camping.” This sort of camping is becoming increasingly popular, attracting many people. Check out our article and read 34 Interesting Facts About Camping.

Even if you have glamping sites with few amenities, camping in a sleeping bag on the freezing ground is nearly always preferable. However, if you’re planning a family camping vacation and want to do it in style, a glamping trip might be the way to go.

Glamping House and Volcano

What is Glamping?

So, what is the definition of glamping? Glamping is a kind of camping that marries the beauty of nature with the comforts of modern living. It’s a chance to see the world’s most wild and entirely distinct places without sacrificing creature comforts.

Our travel habits have evolved. We don’t want a one-size-fits-all vacation any longer. Instead, we want to go on our own time and immerse ourselves in the local culture; we don’t want to see nature; we want to live in it. Glamping is a blend of elegance and camping that allows you to immerse yourself in some of the world’s most breathtaking locations.

It’s more than just a gorgeous tent. The luxury glamping trend is gaining traction and shows no signs of slowing down. There are great glamping locations worldwide, each with its own set of benefits. You can wake up in a mountaintop yurt.

In a treehouse, you can live in the forest canopy. In an eco-lodge, take in the panoramic views. And these are only a few examples.

Glamping Vs. Camping-The Difference

  • The fundamental distinction between camping and glamping is the size of the shelter and the amenities for guests. Camping tents are traditional tents that allow you to enjoy nature fully. They offer rudimentary amenities such as a small tent, a bed, and a fire pit, and they isolate campers from worldly pleasures.
  • On the other hand, glamping is a beautiful camping experience that includes an innovative tent in the heart of nature with all of the creature comforts. Glamping provides guests with the pleasures of both nature and the world. It contains all of the conveniences that one would find at home.
  • Glamping tents are lockable, secure, and comfy, unlike camping tents which do not protect animals or noisy neighbors. Glamping costs vary depending on guests’ location and amenities, whereas camping tents are inexpensive.
  • A camper must bring all necessary equipment to stay safe, clean, and entertained, whereas glampers only require little packing to enjoy a wonderful time.
  • Glamping tents eliminate the drawbacks of camping, such as leaky tents, canned food, animal fear, and noisy neighbors.
  • Camping tents are not appropriate for family trips since they lack the necessary amenities. Still, glamping tents are suitable for any vacation or excursion because you can find a glamping tent with a bathroom.
  • Camping tents allow people to interact with our neighbors, whereas glamping tents are more like hotels, with no one knowing who is next to whom.

The Different Types of Glamping Explained

Camping Cabin Glamping

This type of glamping is for you if you want a regular roof over your head. A bed is available, as well as a wall on all sides. This glamping eliminates the need to bring a tent or any sleeping pad. Electricity, water, and various additional amenities are available to make you feel as at ease as if you were at home.

Deluxe Cabin Glamping

Glamping in a deluxe cabin combines the convenience of a functional bathroom with the luxury of a camping cabin—other facilities, such as bed linens, kitchenettes, and more, maybe in some premium cabins. Expect to pay more if you want to stay in one of the cabins, as they design them with luxury in mind.

Safari Tents

These appear in a variety of films that depict an opulent lifestyle. They come with furniture, fully functional kitchens, power, and some form of storage.


These little tents, sometimes called “Tipis,” which North American Indians who dwell in the Plains and Great Lakes regions utilized. They are similar to conventional tents, except they are in the shape of an upside-down cone with a stretched-out buffalo skin and usually include a smoke flag at the top.

TreeHouse Glamping

This form of glamping appeals to both children and adults. These are typically modern treehouses with all of the amenities to keep you pleased. A treehouse camp is a great place to take the whole family on vacation. 

These retreats will appeal to anyone who desires to remember their earlier days, just as they did when they were all youngsters and liked having tree houses.

glamping holiday in wales

What to Expect in a Glamping Tent

Glamping tents include a bathroom for your convenience. This eliminates sprinting across the field and searching for a restroom. 

What will I require for glamping?

Fortunately, you must complete most glamping vacations with just a modest backpack containing your items rather than a fully-loaded vehicle. However, some glamping resorts may not have all the conveniences you require.

When organizing your glamping trip, you should first research what your glamping site offers. This will help you figure out what you’ll need to make your stay more enjoyable. Here are some things you should pack if you’re going glamping:

Things to help with packing

  • Backpack
  • Storage boxes
  • Handbags (All types)
  • Tent bag

Things you need for bedding

  • Pillows 
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sheets
  • Pump for Air (If you have an Air Mattress)

Pieces of furniture (If Possible)

  • Folding Tables and Chairs
  • Mats for the doorway

Lighting Items

  • Lantern
  • Lighter or Matches
  • Candles

Food and drink

  • Butter, pepper, salt, and sugar
  • Oil for cooking
  • Milk
  • Juice
  • Bread
  • Fruit

Items of a Personal and Hygienic Nature

  • Toilet Paper Towels
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Razor and Shaving Cream
  • Toothpaste and a Toothbrush
  • Soap

Tools to carry

  • Maps for directions
  • GPS
  • Ax/Saw
  • Scissors
  • Gloves for work
  • Self-Defense Knife or Swiss Army Knife
  • A fire extinguisher 

Other essential goods to bring

  • Clock for Traveling
  • Sunscreen
  • First aid kit
  • Rope
  • Repellant for insects

How to Turn Camping into Glamping

There are times when you want to elevate your experience and add a touch of luxury to your life. Then there’s glamping. So, what is the meaning of glamping? You’ve probably heard this word before and perhaps rolled your eyes. But, unfortunately, the outdoors isn’t the first location that comes to mind when you think of glam.

We’re here to dispel the glamping myths by demonstrating how you can elevate your camping experience to the next level, leaving you persuaded that glamping is the way to go. Here are several options for transitioning from camping to glamping:

Use a Tent that is Elevated

Yes, some resorts offer glamping experiences that are so extravagant that you won’t believe your eyes. Glamping, on the other hand, does not necessitate this. In reality, you can use a conventional tent to glamp.

All you should do is think of ways to make it more glitzy. Here are a handful of options for doing so:

Get a tent that allows you to stand up

Simply by purchasing a tent that allows you to stand up, you may elevate your camping experience and turn it into glamping.

Increase the size by double

Typically, you buy a tent for the number of people sleeping in it. The difference between glamping is that you’ll need a tent twice as big for glamping. Get a 4-person tent if you’re camping with two people. This will allow you more room to move around and appreciate your surroundings.

Bring home comforts with you

Glamping is so enjoyable that it feels like you’re sleeping in your own house, but with the benefit of being surrounded by nature. Those familiar comforts come in a variety of shapes and sizes:


Camping entails sleeping in a sleeping bag with possibly a sleeping mat. However, this is not the way to glamp. Instead, you should get a portable cot or a fluffy mattress.

Then you’ll require sheets. Yes, you do have bedding in your tent. Treat this cot or mattress as if it were your bed, and bring the appropriate bedding: supple sheets, pillows, and a comforter.


When you walk out of your sleeping bag onto the cold tent floor, that is a reminder that you’re camping. Of course, you don’t want to be in such a situation when glamping. But, you also don’t have to. Bring a rug from home to place beneath your bed, and you’ll be shocked at how much of a difference stepping onto a soft rug makes.

Side table

Bring a side table to place some candles and a book on if you want to complete the experience and make it feel like you’re at home. Candles are an excellent way to glam up your environment — but use caution!

Light it up

Bringing some cafe lights, twinkle lights, and candles will make your glamping experience feel fantastic. Solar-powered lamps are also an excellent choice: the more lights, the better. Nature is pretty dark; therefore, illuminating it with dazzling lights will make you feel glamorous.

Sit well

While fold-up chairs around the campfire are fantastic for camping, you’ll need to step it up for glamping. You can use a hammock or inflatable lounge chairs, which are far more comfortable than a standard camping chair.

Cook Luxurious meals

The food you eat is an essential part of glamping. So instead of grabbing hot dogs and potato chips, try smoked salmon and artisanal salads, which will make you feel like you’re dining at a fine restaurant.

To make this happen, you’ll need a large refrigerator to keep everything cold and a cast-iron skillet, and potentially a stove with multiple burners so you can cook various dishes simultaneously. If you’re looking for some recipes, take a look at our collection of glamping-friendly meals.

Al Fresco Dining - Glamping

Activities to do While Glamping

While the rivers, mountains, and trails around your glampsite give limitless chances for enjoyment, making sure your kids don’t miss their smartphones, electrical devices can take some effort. You can help your children develop a love for nature and the outdoors by choosing the perfect activities for your family glamping trip. 

Here is a list of our top ten glamping activities for the whole family to enjoy:

White water rafting

Rafting is enjoyable for adrenaline seekers and families since you can spend your days rafting and visiting the sights and your nights relaxing at a luxury glampsite.


The majority of glamping sites are near lovely natural areas. A family hike is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to appreciate the forest. You will be able to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature, but you’ll also get an excellent workout, which will help everyone sleep better at night.

Mountain Biking

Try mountain bike routes near your glampsite if you and your family are looking for a little more adventure. Even if you don’t possess a mountain bike, there are usually locations to rent them near excellent bicycling areas.

Be on the lookout for animals

One of the fascinating aspects of being outdoors is spotting wildlife. You get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe animals in their native habitat. You can use binoculars for birdwatching in the mornings. 

Gaze of the stars

On a clear night in the mountains, you may gaze up at a sky packed with glittering starlight. Take out a blanket, lie down on the lawn, and try to see as many constellations as possible.

Glamping Equals Sexy Camping

The pleasure of glamping is that you don’t have to give up any modern luxuries. Instead, it allows you to relax and experience nature in its most natural state. Glamping is extremely popular these days, and it would be a shame to miss out on one of the many options available. The magnificent outdoors awaits you; take advantage of it.

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