A Guide on RV Couch Replacement

 RV couch replacement is an effective solution and promotes a safe and fun journey. Here is our guide on RV couch replacement. 

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This statement nailed by Neale Donald Walsch is true, and there’s a whole world out there, right outside your window. The world is best explored by traveling in recreational vehicles.

Recreational vehicles make vacations enjoyable, especially if they have comfortable furniture such as couches. These couches are what seasonal campers, week-long vacationers, and full-timers need in their vehicles.

A comfortable couch will make you enjoy the whole journey with the way it saves your back from aches and frequent visits to the doctor. However, recreational vehicle couches do, get worn out, become uncomfortable, and need replacement after long periods of use. 

Let’s replace your old, rugged RV couch!

RV Camper couch

Replacing Your RV Couch

RV couch replacement is essential since it provides travelers with hours of comfort and refreshes the look of your space. It also saves and prevents you from going to the bank for backache funding.

Nonetheless, replacing the couches does not require you to buy from the original brand; you can use regular household furniture that is not RV specific, as long as the measurements are the same.

With this in mind, check out these types of RV sofas and couches.

Types of RV Sofas and Couches

RV couches and sofas come in different types and styles. They also exhibit different features and properties. So, in case you are planning to throw out your lumpy couches or sofas, check out these products.

RV Jackknife Sofa

Topping the list is RV Jackknife Sofa, which resembles an upholstered bench when placed in a standing position. The best part is that it can be laid back to a flat position to create a bed.

Although RV sofas and coaches pull out into a flat form, they don’t come with a mattress. You can add a mattress to increase comfort. Also, the RV jackknife sofa is portable, and you can move it from one point to another without using a lot of your energy.

Some Jackknife sofas have storage space for your items. If you are a person who puts price first, opt for a jackknife- it is affordable! As much as you’ll save some coins, you’ll still enjoy the comfort.

RV Tri-Fold Sofa

Our second option is RV Tri-Fold. Compared to jackknife, they are large and heavy yet have adequate space. On the contrary, moving it around is not easy, and the installation process is long and requires professional assistance. In addition, it is essential to use an RV mattress topper to increase comfort.

RV Traditional Hide a Bed Sofa

This type has a heavy mattress under the couch and is hard to move during installation. Additionally, it folds into an ordinary couch and takes up more space when it is in the bed position. The RV traditional Hide-a-Bed Sofa could be a great choice since it contains an actual mattress for maximum support and comfort.

RV Ottoman

If you are looking for a good storage area and a couch, opt for RV Ottoman. This convertible RV couch does not take up a lot of space, giving your RV room for other furniture. 

RV Air Mattress Hide a Bed Sofa

Ending the list of awesome RV couches and sofas is RV Air Mattress Hide-a-Bed Sofa. Being an air mattress, this RV sofa is increasing in popularity, and it functions just like the traditional RV hide-a-bed but includes an air mattress.

The soft air mattress also enhances movement since you can inflate it to your preference. However, while enjoying a good nap, conduct regular checks because it can develop holes.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of RV couches, you’d probably want to know what to look out for when shopping for your RV couch replacement. Here’s what to consider:

RV sofa

Tips on RV Couch Replacement Considerations to Take

Doesn’t it feel good to have a home wherever you go? Well, this can only be possible with a recreational vehicle. Do you want a more comfortable place while enjoying the cool breeze? You might want to look at replacing your RV furniture. 

Replacing your RV couch is not possible without the following considerations:


This is the first and most crucial factor to put in mind. Many might say that the very first product that you come by might be the one, but the truth is that you should give yourself a chance to check out different prices because they vary.

So, it is essential to know your budget and stick to it, as you’ll not miss something out there to suit your price range. That way, you’ll have a chance to check on different types, and once you settle on your best, you can go ahead and compare prices in dealers or online platforms such as Amazon.


The second tip is looking at the size. Again, it is imperative to check on the length, height, depth, couches you are looking for. Additionally, measure the space available in the room to see if it will fit. Secondly, check the size of your RV door.

If it can’t pass through the door? What’s the point of buying it? The proper measurements will help limit your choices, as there is an array of couches on the market. 


There’s no point in having an RV couch that will get worn out after replacement. Durability is essential since your RV couch works as a bed and a sofa. For that reason, invest in a long-lasting couch.


Weight is another vital factor to put in mind. All RVs have a weight limit, as it is unsafe to exceed the required one. Too much weight can cause damage to the slide mechanism. Before replacing, ensure that the new couch doesn’t weigh more than the old one.

Ease of Cleaning

Another factor is looking for a replacement that is easy to clean. For example, RV couches can become dirty as you spend more time on them. Additionally, you don’t want something that will get dirty or stained. 

For great results, check customer reviews to save you from backaches.

Replacing RV Furniture with Residential Furniture

To replace your RV furniture with your residential ones: Check the furniture’s size, fit, weight, and functionality. For size, measure both the space available and the actual furniture. You also need to measure the width and height of your RV door. 

After getting the right size, ensure that the furniture fits well. Lastly, ensure that it does not weigh too much to hinder you from moving it around. If possible, select lightweight residential furniture.

Benefits of RV Coach Replacement

Saves Space and Money

Replacing is better than repairing an RV coach. This option is essential because it saves on money, whereby you’ll not be required to buy different parts to complete the whole system. However, it will also cost you a fortune to pay for labor. Therefore, it’s better to replace it since there are affordable options.

A better Choice for Visitors

RV coaches are vital since they are made with thick materials that provide a comfortable zone for your guests. Furthermore, they’ll get to sleep when they are tired of sitting.

Extra Storage Area

Some RV coaches are an excellent deal to include in your journey because they contain enough storage. Apart from providing you with comfort, you can store items beneath the seat. The better part is that some contain an extra space to put your pets. Read our article and find out more RV Basement Storage Ideas.

RV Couch Makeover Ideas

Now that you have your RV couch, you might need to conduct a few touches here and there. If so, check out the following RV coach replacement Ideas to bring more life to your motor-home;

  • Create a Sleeper couch with drawers.
  • Built-in sofa.
  • Daybed with drawers.
  • Wooden pullout sofa bed
  • Couch with hidden storage
  • Bench with storage
  • Daybed with storage
  • Couch with inbuilt wine glass holder
  • Couch-bed
  • Daybed with pet crates underneath

How to Build Your Own DIY RV Sofa Couch

Now that you have the couch makeover ideas, why don’t you build your own DIY RV sofa couch? If you are up for the task, follow these steps:


  • Drill driver
  • Circular or table saw
  • Level
  • Clamps
  • Pocket hole jig
  • Paintbrushes


  • Construct a wooden frame.
  • Cover the RV sofa frame with plywood.
  • Install hinges for storage.
  • Paint the sofa
  • Cut and sew the cushions and upholstery.
assembling bed furniture

Potential Tips to Cut Cost While Making a DIY Couch

As much as you want a stylish and comfortable RV, buying the materials can cost you a fortune. If you are on a tight budget, take a look at ways of cutting the cost dramatically.

Recycle Wood

While making your couch, you’ll need to frame, and this cannot be possible without wood. Therefore, look for free wood in your yard. If you can’t find it find, ask for help from friends and relatives.

Find an Alternative to New Foam Padding

The second thing that will leave your bank account empty is cushions. Foam padding comes at a high price, especially if you want more to enhance thickness. However, second-hand cushions will save you from bankruptcy since they cost less.

You should spray used cushions with a disinfectant and put them in sunlight to get rid of germs and bad smells. Also, you can buy a twin-size memory foam mattress to fit the sofa.

The last good option is to select several large throw pillows to use as your back-support cushions. This way you’ll save time and money.

Get Fabric

The last requirement is fabric. It is essential because it is the final couch cover. So, find one with a dense weave and thicker material to withstand pressure. While doing this, you’ll find the affordable one that is affordable.

Moreover, save a bundle by avoiding the ones with zippers but fabric ties or button closures. Still, in fabric, use covers that have an envelope-style in throw pillows or cushions.

How Difficult is it to Replace?

Replacing an RV couch is not a walk in the park. It requires you to follow essential tips such as looking at the height, weight, and depth. You’ll need to check on the dimensions of the couch acting as a replacement to come up with a perfect finish.

On top of that, ensure that you measure the height and width of the door to help you compare with the replacement. This way, you’ll be able to have an easy time getting the couch in the motor home.

Securing Your new RV 

After you have replaced your RV couch, you’re left with one more thing; securing your new RV. This brings us down to installation. Some RV furniture retailers offer free installation services.

The free services will enable you to reduce the risks of poor installation. If you can’t afford to take advantage and do it. Then, you’ll yourself, as long as you are doing it in the right way, there’s nothing wrong with installing yourself.

FAQs on RV Furniture Replacement

Q: What can I do if I can’t afford to replace my RV furniture?

A: Replacing an RV couch is essential, but if you can’t afford it, don’t fret! Buy slipcovers to save you from the headache of getting new ones.

Q: Should I replace or repair my old RV couch?

A: Replacing your RV couch is better than repairing it. This is because you can just look for what matches the old couch and install it. On the flip side, repairing might require a lot of work, such as buying new tools, which is expensive.

The Final Say

RV couches are essential in every trip because they enhance a good chill time and offer an extra place to nap. Unfortunately, the couches can get worn out or old. What will you do if this happens? Our solution is to replace the whole system, to have a perfect place for your loved ones.

Replacing an RV couch comes down to getting suitable materials, checking on the price and the dimension (among other important factors). As a result, you’ll end up with a perfect couch for the trip.

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