Intel on the Top 10 RV Rentals in Jacksonville, Florida, USA

RV Rental in Jacksonville, FL 

Are you planning a vacation in Florida? If yes, you must have considered RV rental in Jacksonville, FL. There’s no better way to spend your holiday in Florida. So, where is the best place to rent an RV? 

This article discusses the top 10 RV rentals in Jacksonville, FL. We highlight everything you need to know, from luxury motorhomes to cheap/affordable Florida RV rentals. Let’s get started.

Vacation with a RV near lake

Our Top RV Rental Picks in Jacksonville, USA

 If you want to rent a camper in Florida, check out our top 10 RV rentals in Jacksonville, FL:

10. 2018 Coachmen Clipper 17′

This 2018 Coachmen Clipper proves that pop-up campers can be roomy, enjoyable, and inexpensive! Towing and setting up this tent camper are simple.

You’ll have more space than you may imagine, with mattresses on either side of the pop-up and a dinette table. In this pop-up, you may also prepare meals and do the dishes.

9. 2007 Skyline Aljo 15′

For a budget-friendly romantic getaway, this 2007 Skyline Aljo is ideal! The RV owner favors drop-off and set-up trips, but if you don’t have a car that can tow, that can be amazing.

The owner added special touches to the interior of this unique travel trailer rental to make it distinctive and cool. Skyline Aljo goes for about $49 per night, can accommodate three people, and is pet-friendly.

8. 2014 Itasca Spirit 23′

Speaking of RV rentals in Jacksonville, FL, weekend getaways are perfect with this 2014 Itasca Spirit. All you need to carry along with you is your luggage and some foodstuff. Mark, the RV owner, will take care of the rest.

The “C”-shaped dinette couch is one of the features of this motor home that most people adore. It’s distinctive and adds some personality to this RV! Mark also provides a pick-up and drop-off service. Oh, and the mattress top comprises memory foam.

Itasca Spirit, made by one of the best one-way RV rental companies, is quite expensive. It will cost you about $180 to sleep in this camper for one night. It accommodates five people. And if you are a pet lover, you can bring your pet.

7. 2018 Forest River Avenger 32′

It is one of the best travel trailer rentals in Florida. This one-slide camper is a friggin’ beauty. 

The travel trailer’s owner, Kristy, made it appear like a house. You feel like a part of her family when you go through her images; it’s almost as if the pictures welcome you!

You’ll be happy to learn that this RV has a bunk room that can accommodate up to four youngsters—ideal for sleepovers—if you have kids. It costs roughly $139 per night for eight people. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your pet with you.

Also, Kristy wants you to be aware of this, “Every camping luxury you can imagine is available to you at no additional charge, including a DVD library, board games, and lamps for campfires. You even get marshmallow-roasting camp forks in the package!”

What a fantastic offer, yes?

6. 2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 25′

With this 2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie, you and your family can easily travel and forget your worries. It feels roomy even without the slides!

This motorhome rental will immediately become a favorite thanks to its three TVs, one of which is outdoors, outside table and chairs, and a bike rack (if you ask for it, of course). Each time someone rents Mark’s RV, they get fresh bed sheets. A night here will cost you approximately $190 for six people, and it’s pet friendly.

5. 2014 Forest River Salem Hemisphere 31′

It is perfect for families or couples seeking a long weekend getaway. It has enough space to serve as your mobile base station. There is a queen bed in the front, a dinette that you can convert into a bed, a bathroom with a complete shower, and a nice-sized kitchen/living area inside.

A night in the 2014 Forest River Salem Hemisphere costs about $100. With its two slides, it can accommodate up to nine people. It’s not a pet-friendly camper.

4. 2015 Forest River Salem Hemisphere 31′

Like its previous 2014 model, it is a fantastic rental travel trailer designed to create memories. Talk about fancy—it has an outside kitchen and can accommodate nine guests.

It is also the ideal size. Most 31-foot (9.4 meters) RVs can stay at RV parks without any problems, and (if you ask nicely) you can even spend the night at your neighborhood Walmart. 

3. 2018 Heartland Pioneer 27′

It is a lovely trailer for camping. What more could you need from a place that can sleep six people, is affordable, and allows pets? When you rent their home away from home, Anthony and Kim, the owners of this RV rental, are incredibly accommodating and make sure you have all you need. It costs about $90 per night and is pet friendly too.

2. 2010 Keystone Sprinter 26′

It is a fantastic rental awaiting your departure on the open road. This RV rental owner is always accessible to assist guests with their inquiries. He even offers these unlimited rental miles to travel to your heart’s content! Get it at roughly $110 per night for eight people.

1. 2017 Crossroads Sunset Trail Super Lite 29′

This 2017 Crossroads Sunset RV is gorgeous. Out of all the available trailer rentals, this floor plan is our favorite because it is sleek and contemporary!

Additionally, the gracious owners of this RV have included several fantastic amenities, including pots/pans, utensils for cooking, camp furniture, and carpet matting. It is pet friendly. It costs approximately $125 per night for eight people.

RV Park

Things to do in Jacksonville, FL


This Jacksonville District is eclectic, bohemian, historic, and hip. The Riverside/Avondale region, recognized as one of the nation’s Top 10 Great Neighborhoods and included in the National Registry of Historic Places, is a special fusion of culture, history, charm, and contemporary architecture.

The district’s “Five Points” sector is a bohemian neighborhood with funky coffee shops, outdoor cafés, fantastic local cuisine, unique shopping, nightclubs, antique stores, and more. It is a short distance from the St. Johns River.

Another attraction of this area is The Shoppes of Avondale, which features a diverse array of locally owned eateries, clothing stores, and streets lined with oak trees coated with Spanish moss.

In Avondale/Riverside, magnificent old homes and expansive city parks are the norm. Sign up for a bike tour or take a self-guided tour that takes you past the most noteworthy buildings in the region.

Castaway Island Preserve

Castaway Island Preserve is an undiscovered treasure off the Intracoastal Waterway, tucked away in a neighborhood. The interactive trail is the park’s most famous attraction for children. 

Visitors to the simple one-mile (1.6 kilometers) route can follow animal footprints on educational boards, offering kids an opportunity to have fun while also pleasing their parents since they are learning! Since the park is dog friendly, bring your four-legged companions for the trip.

Plenty of space for parking at the preserve makes it simple. When you get there, go to the dock’s end and enjoy the stunning scenery. This is the best place to view the local wetland animals. It is one of the best photo chances, especially at sunrise, so don’t forget your camera.

Catty Shack Ranch

Visit the Catty Shack Ranch if you’ve never seen a pack of tigers tearing at a dead animal. This wildlife sanctuary, situated in northeast Jacksonville, commits to protecting big cats of all species, including lions, leopards, tigers, pumas, and lynxes.

After the rescue from hazardous circumstances, they are sent to “permanent homes” on the ranch. There are daytime and evening tours available. You can look at the animals, inquire about them, watch them eat, and discover interesting information about their species.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch them in a playful, energetic mood and watch how the wild creatures interact! If you’re seeking cool locations to visit in Jacksonville, have a peek at the Catty Shack Ranch. It will give you a one-of-a-kind Florida travel experience and create a fantastic tale to tell when you come home.

Diamond D. Ranch

Get on a horse—fish from the pier. Go on a field trip to Jacksonville’s countryside. If you’re adventurous, Diamond D. Ranch will get you outside in the great outdoors with your sleeves rolled up because there are so many opportunities.

The most popular activity at the property is horseback riding. Age and skill are no limitations here. So, even if you’ve never mounted a horse, you can still take a stroll along a grassy nature route. This ranch is home to a variety of animals.

Being a working ranch, there are a variety of barnyard animals, as well as wild animals, on the boundaries of the forest. You can see many mammal and bird species. Make plans to visit Diamond D. Ranch if you want to enjoy some outdoor recreation in Jacksonville. It’s beneficial to escape the city, especially when horses are occasionally involved!

Dolphin Watching and Sightseeing by Catamaran at Cocoa Beach

Take a memorable sightseeing boat ride from Cocoa Beach through the renowned Intracoastal Waterway and the serene Indian River Lagoon. With stops along the route, you can take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe dolphins, manatees, and seabirds in their natural habitat.

Learn about one of North America’s most diverse ecosystems, the Indian River Lagoon Estuary, with your skipper. Along with dolphins, keep an eye out for splashing fish, soaring ospreys, stunning bald eagles, and massive manatees. 

Bring your entire family along for this fun and educational exercise. Control the helm, raise the mainsail, or lower the jib to indulge your sailing fancies. The children will enjoy coloring a small book of surrounding attractions that they can keep in the meantime. While on vacation in Cocoa Beach, take a break from the sand and dive deep into the water.

Fort Caroline National Memorial

This is a historically significant reconstruction of the fort built in Jacksonville by French colonists in 1564. The Spanish raided and destroyed the French colony in 1565. With cannons and flags, the reproduction fort portrays what the old Fort Caroline might have looked like. 

The St. Johns River mouth is visible from the fort’s upper levels. The park has a 1.3-mile (2.1 kilometers) nature trail. It is a circular trail that travels through hardwood and maritime hammocks. A museum devoted to the history of the region is also present.

You’ll find a recreation of a Timucua hut outside the fort, replete with a canoe still built. The National Parks Service is responsible for looking after this historic site.

Friendship Fountain

Located on the west of Main Street, on the south bank of the river, is where you’ll find Friendship Fountain in St. Johns River Park (also known as Friendship Park). The Fountain of Friendliness, acquired the name since one of the Rotary Club’s guiding principles is friendship, was the tallest and largest fountain in the world when the park opened in 1965.

It could shoot 17,000 gallons (64,352 liters) of water per minute up to a 120-foot (36.57 meters) height. It quickly gained popularity as a tourist attraction and community entertainment area because of the colored lights added at night. The fountain is presently under renovation. This location offers fantastic skyline views and photo opportunities for Jacksonville.

Friendship Fountain in Jacksonville Florida

Huguenot Memorial Park

Huguenot Memorial Park, accessible every day of the week, offers a relaxing respite from Jacksonville’s bustle and lights. It is a park by the sea where the water seems unending and is just far enough away to be quiet, pristine, and private.

You’ll get toasty in the sun. The beach will embrace you. For adults who want to spend some time alone together without the kids, peace will be especially welcome. Of course, it isn’t monotonous.

There are paths for bicycling and strolling, and you may hike to a designated viewing area for endangered nesting birds in Florida. There is a nature center where you can learn more about the local flora and wildlife.

Enough said; Huguenot Memorial Park is a place to unwind. It’s a beach where you may disconnect from life and live for a bit rather than a beach for crazy activities. It is a place to go if you want to revitalize yourself while on your Jacksonville vacation.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The zoo is a true family adventure with over 2,000 unique and exotic animals and 1,000 different plant species. We invite you to interact with people, animals, and the environment at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, whether you are a visitor to Florida’s First Coast or a lifelong resident.

On a breathtaking riverside backdrop, the Jacksonville Zoo has promoted wildlife conservation since 1914. Children, teens, and adults will enjoy seeing the otters swim in the Wild Florida exhibit and feeding the giraffes at the African Overlook.

The zoo also has an Australian Adventure with lorikeets, which are vibrant birds. Jaguars steal the show in its award-winning exhibit as tigers wander above in the Land of the Tiger. Join us on the picturesque Trout River pier at the zoo.

Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park

Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park is one of those Jacksonville attractions you’ll want to keep in your back pocket because it is open every day of the year. The park will always be available, whether other businesses are off for maintenance or over the holidays.

You can choose various recreational activities, such as horseback riding, kayaking, tubing, hiking, and camping. While snorkeling or paddleboarding, you can splash in the sea; while geocaching or birdwatching, you can stomp through the ferns.

Are you a fan of astronomy? Go stargazing on a hill away from light pollution by bringing your telescope. Do you enjoy hearing live music? Check out the bands playing or the festivals at the park’s amphitheater. You should check out Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park if you want to discover Jacksonville’s natural beauty.

With its wide range of amenities and entertainment options, you’ll have fun, and since it’s open constantly, you won’t have to schedule your vacation around it.

Private Sunset Airplane Tour Over Miami

Meet your friendly pilot at Miami Executive Airport and then take off on a sightseeing trip high above Miami. Admire the light of the sunset as it alters the sky and the surroundings during the tour. 

Fly above the opulent homes in Pinecrest and Coconut Grove and then take in the expansive vistas of Fisher Island and the tranquil Key Biscayne. Then, as you pass over South Miami Beach, take in the breathtaking splendor of Miami’s coastline from this unusual position. 

Before turning around and returning via the Intracoastal Waterway, pass by Surfside and Bal Harbor. Admire the magnificent Palm, Hibiscus, and Star Islands before taking in breath-blowing vistas of Brickell, Downtown, and Miami Port. Visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens before returning to the airport through South Miami. Read our article and find out 10 Of The Best Camper And RV Rentals In Miami, Florida.

Veterans Memorial Wall

There is no greater location to remember the sacrifices made by our service members than Jacksonville’s Veterans Memorial Wall. The first thing to realize is that anyone from the Jacksonville region who died on duty is on this wall.

It’s a unique memorial since it honors service members from every branch of the armed forces and every American war. In terms of size, it is second to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

Visits to pay respects are also free. Any time of the year is fine to go. There won’t be any conflicts with other appointments during your vacation. To honor and remember American veterans, visit the Veterans Memorial Wall. Jacksonville may not have a showy, cutting-edge attraction like the wall, but it is still worthwhile to see.

Windward Sailing

Do you enjoy the sensation of sea spray on your face and the wind in your hair? You can embark on a memorable adventure with Windward Sailing, a company that offers sailing tours out of Jacksonville.

They include short catamaran trips and overnight yacht trips in tour packages. You can take in the sights, tour the bays, search for dolphins, and unwind on the deck while enjoying some beverages and finger delicacies.

Since the trips are private, just the crew and your group will be aboard the boat. However, if you’d prefer even more privacy, you can hire the boat for yourself and use it for cruising without a crew.

If you want a different experience in Jacksonville, get in touch with Windward Sailing. As early as this evening, you might be toasting with champagne on a lavish yacht!

Parting Words

RV or camper rental in Jacksonville, FL, has never been this easier. With the numerous available options and plenty of places to visit, your vacation is perfectly taken care of. These RV parks frequently provide fantastic amenities like a pet space, swimming pool, laundry facilities, full hookups, and more!

That is all we have for you right now. Want to share some fun things to do in Jacksonville or your camper van or RV rental? Also questions? Post a comment down below!

Happy camping, folks!

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