Our Top RV Bedroom Remodel Ideas

RV Bedroom Remodeling

Are you looking for RV bedroom remodel ideas? You are not alone! RV camping can be super enjoyable only if you love the small space you’ll spend your time in, right?

Here is the thing; many people assume that you must spend a fortune to get a nice interior. Well, their assumption is wrong! If you want to renovate your RV, you can do it at a reasonable cost.

In this one-of-a-kind piece, you will discover some RV bedroom remodel ideas you can use to give your RV a complete makeover! Let’s dig in.

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Our Top RV Bedroom Remodel Tips

Even if the rest of your camper is stunning, it could be a spoiler if your bedroom is not up to speed with your taste. Fortunately, with some creativity and the tips shared here, you can change that.

You can uniquely design your RV bedroom with colors, textures, and patterns that allow you to create a relaxed environment. These tips will make your sleeping area cozy and personal to fit your style and enable you to have a good night’s sleep.

It is also critical to note that different RV bedroom designs suit different camping environments. Therefore, you should consider all factors before starting your RV remodels. Here are the top tips to remember:

Check the RV Bedroom Mattress

A great place to start is to check your RV mattress. RV mattresses are usually thin and offer very minimal padding. You can solve this issue by replacing the mattress. Alternatively, you can just add a reasonably priced foam topper.

It is also critical to note that if you add too much weight to the bed, you will have to reinforce the bed lifts. Additionally, you can install universal lift gas struts, which allow the lifted bed to maintain its position until you close it. This installation is excellent because it allows you to access the storage area beneath the bed.

Create a Hibernation Station

If you love bear décor, this tip is for you! Your RV bedroom wall probably lacks color, and you feel like you could remodel it with some RV wallpaper ideas.

To solve this, simply remove the existing headboard from the wall. After that, reupholster it with a fabric that suits your style. Next, consider using a heavy-duty staple gun or upholstery tacks to fit the material.

The standard wallpaper is usually untidy and can be challenging to change once you want to get rid of it. Therefore, consider a stunning peel and stick wallpaper instead of using wallpaper that requires glue.

If you love using wallpaper, go for the distressed wood wallpaper. It is repositionable and washable; when you decide to remove it, it will not leave a horrible residue on your RV walls.   

Work on The Walls

After that, prepare your RV walls before installing the peel and stick wallpaper. One of the best ways to treat your RV walls is by treating them with a waterproof coating to keep the surface clean and make it effortless to clean.

If you don’t wash the walls properly, the paper will not stick on the walls nicely. Therefore, it would help to clean the walls first.

Next, start applying the sticky wallpaper. Ensure you smooth each section as you go. In this sense, consider using a plastic putty scraper to help remove tiny air bubbles which may form. Continue adding the sticky wallpaper and ensure that the design lines match. You will also need a utility knife to cut out outlets and around the shelving area carefully.      

Please read the directions on the wallpaper packaging before you start this process. For example, most require that you prep the wall first. If you don’t follow this instruction, the paper will peel off.

At this point, your RV remodel exercise should be going on well. If you add the headboard, you will be amazed at what the finished hibernation station will look like. Suppose you match the headboard fabric and wallpaper nicely; it can look amazing.

After papering the back of the wall:

  • Center the headboard and screw it into its position by screwing it against the wall.
  • Before doing the finishing touches, pause for a moment and check how everything looks.
  • If you love what you see, continue with the process.

The final step is to add some finishing touches. For example, you can include themed wall decorations of your choice. Additionally, if you have any leftover materials from the headboard, you can use them to make accent pillows for the RV bed.

Do you see? Your DIY RV bedroom remodel exercise doesn’t have to cost you much. With these tips in mind, it’s time to explore some RV bedroom remodeling ideas in the next section.

Other RV Remodeling Tips

  • It helps to know what you want your RV bedroom to look like. You can draw this inspiration from your taste. For example, if you’re going to make it feel like a luxury home on wheels, consider RV bedroom remodel ideas to help you achieve that.
  • You can also go for gorgeous, all-natural RV remodels to make the bedroom feel more relaxed and artistic. This move would be an excellent remodel for full-time RVers in Texas.
  • If you love art, you can go for a 3D peel and stick wallpaper with a theme you like to help add texture and comfort to your RV bedroom. You can also use lighting that syncs your bedding pattern to give it a personal touch.
  • Do you enjoy spending your time in nice hotels? You can also make your RV bedroom look like a gorgeous hotel room. Every time you are on the road, you will feel like you are sleeping in your favorite hotel room. Fortunately, you can draw inspiration from your favorite hotel room design.
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RV Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

When remodeling your RV bedroom remodel, there are numerous ways you can maximize function and style. In this section, you will discover some great camper remodel ideas for any budget. Fortunately, you can do most of these remodeling yourself.

Start with the Bed(s) Design and Bedding

During RV remodeling, it is essential to focus on the purpose of all the areas and center your designs on the function. In this sense, your RV bedroom is a critical part of your RV. This is the space where you rest, relax and recharge. Therefore, you must take your time to plan the bed design and type. Below are some great choices to consider as per your situation:

Single Sleeper

If you want a single sleeper, there are numerous ideas you can consider. For instance, you can go for folding RV beds that can effortlessly fit into the wall. This allows you to free up more floor space.

You will also come across some models that have a sofa beneath. Double duty is an excellent choice when it comes to RV furniture.

Are you Traveling with a Crew?

If traveling with your kids or other roadies, you will need stacked bunk beds and overhead bunks. These will make it effortless for you to accommodate multiple sleepers. You can also install curtains to add a touch of privacy and light blocking.

Are you a Traditionalist?

One thing you ought to remember, your RV bed is not similar to your bed at home. For example, RV mattresses are shorter than standard ones, and some come with rounded corners. These mattresses are usually made for smaller spaces, and their designs consider that.

Therefore, if you prefer a full or queen mattress, you must ensure you have room for its size, height, and weight. As a result, it would help to measure your sleep space to find your best fit as you consider your RV bedding ideas.

When it comes to RVs, space is premium. You could easily find yourself without extra room if you don’t consider space for other things. Therefore, you must select your bed style carefully.

Once you settle on your bed style, it’s time to go for new RV bedding. If you are using an RV-specific mattress, you might have to source your sheets from companies specializing in RV bedding.

However, you can also have freedom with your comforter and bedspread. Consider using a colorful patchwork coverlet to add a pop of color. You can also add some decorative throw pillows.    

Besides that, you need to incorporate creative bed frame décor. Most RV bed frames are simple boxes that raise the bed about 20 inches from the floor.  

While they are functional, their aesthetics are not the best. You can improve its look by nailing some wood slats to the bed’s front. It will help if the pattern matches those used to decorate other parts like the barn doors.

If you love your dog and take it on your trips, you need a dog step as part of your trailer renovation ideas. Your dog means a lot to you, and you probably sleep with it in your bed.

In this regard, you can demonstrate your love for your furry friend by giving it its space and allowing them to reach the floor from the bed effortlessly. Use several pieces of wood to build a platform next to the bed.

Additionally, you can also recycle old mattresses to create a soft bed for your dog. Besides that, you can add some hinges and a miniature door to provide extra storage space under the bed.

Lighting is Critical

If you love your lamps, it might be challenging for you to accommodate them in an RV. As a result, you are likely to deal with old light fixtures. A quick fix would be to remove the old-fashioned yellow bulbs and replace them with LED lights.

Depending on the RV ceiling ideas you have applied, remove old fixtures and replace them with geometric sconces or a miniature chandelier. Proper lighting will give you a more refined and stylish look without messing up your space.

Other RV lighting ideas include using a skylight on the roof to make your camper feel bigger. Skylights are available in different shapes and sizes, which offer an ideal way of incorporating more natural light into your RV’s interior.  

Additionally, you can also introduce pleated shades to your RV skylight to allow you to block out direct sunlight during peak hours. It will also enable you to close up the interior better to make you sleep better.

Consider All RV Corners

Because your RV bedroom is small, it is critical to consider its design, including storage possibilities. To make the most of the available space, ensure you make every square foot count.

Well, it might be unrealistic to fit your whole wardrobe in your RV bedroom’s closet. However, if you make clever storage choices, you can accommodate more clothing. Here are some ideas you should consider:

  • Go for a slim shoe cabinet: Don’t throw shoes on your RV bedroom floor. You can get several commercial off-the-shelf sleek, modern, and affordable options.
  • Include plastic drawers and bins beneath your bed: These will help store your clothing and personal items. You can also take your bed storage to the next level by installing lift supports underneath your mattress. This will allow you to raise and lower the mattress creating more room under the bed.
  • Utilize your wall space fully: If possible, install shelves or vertical storage areas in your RV. Your wall is also great for fixing your television and built-in speakers.
  • Be innovative with your bed’s headboard: You can upholster it, make it pretty and introduce built-in cubbies and shelves simultaneously. These storage areas will give room to store decorative items, books, and a tiny lamp.

Perhaps the most crucial tip to consider is that the design does not stop after the RV remodel. For instance, you can keep your RV bedroom looking fresh by decluttering regularly. Having excess stuff in your RV bedroom can cause all sorts of problems.

You can use reclaimed wood to make this exercise more successful. The wood is excellent for making countertops and flooring. Additionally, reclaimed wood gives your RV interior a more natural feel that imitates the outdoors.  

Transform Your RV’s Bedroom with a New Floor

If your RV bedroom floor shows signs of wear and tear, it is time to give it a new look. Your RV decorating ideas should include installing a new floor design.

In this regard, it would help to go for easy-to-install options. Examples include laminate, hardwood, tile, or vinyl. These materials will make your RV bedroom floor more durable as you take road trips to your preferred destinations. For example, if your RV has a mixture of linoleum tiles and carpet, you can replace it with vinyl plank flooring.

It’s Time to Go for New Windows!

Windows are a significant feature for any RV. Therefore, your RV makeover ideas should include improving the look of old windows. You can do this by replacing the archaic windows with new all-weather windows.

However, it would help to go for windows that are durable and protective against severe weather conditions. Moreover, they should have a nice tint to block out the sunlight.

Also, sleep is valuable for every RVer. Therefore, you must ensure that your RV bedroom makeover reflects comfort at night. In this sense, consider using a blackout material behind the curtains to ensure you can enjoy a night’s dark sleep regardless of where you are camping.

Besides that, ensure you seal the new windows well using caulk to keep snow, hail, sleet, and rain out of the RV. Finally, complete this part of the project by hanging up stylish window treatments to prevent your RV interior from overheating.   


In the previous section, you learned how you could redecorate your RV walls. Besides that, there are numerous RV interior paint ideas. If you want your RV to feel more like home, it will help to paint the interior.

It is also advisable to remove shadowy and dingy colors and replace them with lighter colors such as beige, white, gray, pale blue, and sage green. This will help to make your RV bedroom brighter. Moreover, painting with lighter colors allows your RV to reflect light better and make your RV feel bigger.   

But, before you paint the walls, ensure you remove everything attached to the wall, such as curtains, outlet covers, valences, and switches. After that, tape the ceilings and cover all the windows. Finally, use liquid sandpaper to sand the walls. This will help you save time and reduce the irritation from debris and dust.

Build a Laundry Chute

Dirty laundry is one of the most challenging things to deal with in your RV. Some people hang it in a mesh bag in the camper bathroom. However, this means you have to push it aside every time you use the bathroom.

Fortunately, you can solve this problem by installing a hidden laundry chute by your bed that opens up to storage bays’ outside. This straightforward task involves a little cutting and a few hinges. You can also do a paint job to make it fit the bedroom color theme.

Decorate the RV Barn Doors

Does your RV have barn doors? They are a great way to make the RV interior mimic a farmhouse. Most RVs usually use different methods to separate their rooms. If your RV has barn doors separating the bedroom from its bathroom, you can transform them into elegant and efficient doors.

You can decorate the barn doors using thin slats of wood to create a simple matching design that lines up when the doors slide together. After that, paint them with the same color as other accents in the RV. You can also build custom handles to match the look of the doors.

Install a Fan

Your remodeled RV bedroom is not complete if you have not thought about how you can keep it comfortable in all weather conditions. For example, airflow is critical if you plan to spend some of your time boondocking. Read our article and find out how to increase airflow in RV.

It would help to go for a fan that facilitates multi-speed and multi-directional airflow. Therefore, if you didn’t have a vent fan as one of your small RV bedroom ideas, consider adding it to your to-do list. Now!

RV Bedroom

Have Fun!

Well, there you have it; you can effortlessly give your RV bedroom a complete makeover without spending much. Based on the tips shared here above, there are certain areas that you must work on during the makeover. They include:

  • Floor
  • Bed and bedding
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Storage areas
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Pet-friendliness

Besides that, there are also certain factors you must consider, including:

  • Your personal taste
  • Budget
  • Areas you plan to visit
  • Number of travelers you plan to have onboard

Fortunately, there is no one-style-fits-all solution when it comes to RV remodels. This allows you to incorporate your personal touch into the RV to ensure it is your personal space. Moreover, you can get inspiration from other RVers and what they have done to their RVs.

Finally, you can do all the remodeling yourself at a reasonable price. Once your RV bedroom is ready, it’s time to have fun!

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